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Godzilla: Origins [chapter 3] part 2

Godzilla: Origins [chapter 3] part 2

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G theorist

BaragonMember195 XPMar-16-2021 4:52 PMTeam Godzilla

read part 1 if you havent!

Fanart by LordofNightmaresPast

..... The green monster charged at newborn. Its long hooked claws now crackled with light blue electricity. Its hands were outstretched hungrily, grasping for the newborn. The young monster had turned its back and was getting ready to run when suddenly an excruciating pain coursed through its body. 

    The green monster had grabbed the poor newborns head. Its hooked claws pierced the younglings hide and sent 1000 volts of electricity coursing through its body. The newborn convulsed violently as the electricity entered through it's head and exited through his foot into the ground. The process gave the newborn several lichtenbergs and burn marks, making its previously smooth grey skin dark and course. The marks penetrated down to its muscle, meaning that these would stay with the yoingling for the rest of its life. This went on for about 10 seconds before the green monster ran out of energy. The green monster then used its other hand to hit the newborn in the face, knocking it down. The green monster gave another laughing roar in triumph and advanced on the newborn.


     The newborn lay unconscious, oblivious to the world. It awoke to the sound of fighting. It opened its eyes and saw that the green creature was fighting with one of the sloth like monsters. The mammalian creature was the biggest of his heard, with two large tusks that ended in several jagged spikes. The green monster was hit with blow after blow from the tusk until eventually a purplish blood came from its wounds. The green creature gave a weak cackle and retreated. The sloth creature turned to the newborn and left. The newborn closed his eyes again. 


    The youngling was laying for a few minutes when it felt and sharp nudge In its side. The newborns eyes snapped open and it saw the large tusked behemoth there again, it had dragged back a green and scaly corspe. The little monster got up to have a free meal.



    Some more references to the shots era in this chapter, see if you can spot them ;) 

"Well of course gay men dress well, we don't spend all that time in the closet for nothing"
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5 Responses to Godzilla: Origins [chapter 3] part 2


GiganMember2653 XPMar-16-2021 9:25 PMTeam Mothra

first comment


GiganMember2653 XPMar-16-2021 9:27 PMTeam Mothra

also this is set during the Permian right? Why is there a mammal attacking Godzilla? I mean if its a therapsid I would understand since they were around during the Permian but mammals don't appear until the Late Triassic.

Cool story so far


GiganMember2347 XPMar-16-2021 10:33 PMTeam Ghidorah



G theorist

BaragonMember195 XPMar-17-2021 6:07 AMTeam Godzilla

Xenotaris, mammal attacking godzilla? Do you mean Gabra or the behemoths?

If you're talking about the behemoths, iput "mammalian" to imply that these are ancestors of Behemoth, who is a mammal. So yes, these "behemoths" would be therapsids who are close to being full on mammals(i think Kaiju would evolve differently due to their extended life spans?).

If you're talking about gabara(the green monster), then, no, Gabara isn't a mammal.

Glad to clarify :) 



"Well of course gay men dress well, we don't spend all that time in the closet for nothing"


GiganMember2653 XPMar-17-2021 10:38 AMTeam Mothra

ah okay

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