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MonsterVerse or Millenium

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Mothra LarvaeMember33 XPMay-14-2021 11:26 AMTeam Mothra

Which are better? MonsterVerse movies or Millennium movies? I have watched only MonsterVerse movies so I don't know. But tell me, which are better in comments.

I know that MonsterVerse and Millennium look so different that it could be hard to think it, But I guess that you know which is better.

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8 Responses to MonsterVerse or Millenium


GiganMember2349 XPMay-14-2021 12:30 PMTeam Ghidorah

Well, Monsterverse is one connected story, while the millennium is a series of Stand alone films, (with one exception). But as for your preference, that’s for the individual to decide. I haven’t finished the millennium yet, so I don’t have any input.


BaragonMember441 XPMay-14-2021 1:18 PM

As much as I love the Millennium series (Godzilla 2000 and GMK are in my top 10 list), my main problem with it was the fact that it constantly reset the timeline and didn't have a continuity. Because of this, the movies weren't able to do any significant world building.

The MonsterVerse has a stronger continuity and is able to expand on certain ideas, having a full timeline and more world building. Because of this the films feel more connected and part of something bigger.

So while I love both, I would personally rank the MonsterVerse slightly higher than the Millennium series.  


BaragonMember343 XPMay-14-2021 1:55 PMTeam Ghidorah

The MonsterVerse by just a strand of hair. The millennium are pretty good too.

Godzilla VS. Kong is basically Donkey Kong VS. King K. Rool in live action.


RodanMember1538 XPMay-14-2021 3:31 PM

MonsterVerse is obviously better for me.

That was very cash money of you.


AnguirusMember1268 XPMay-14-2021 4:35 PMTeam Mothra



i havent seen the millennium yet, so i won't be choosy right now

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BaragonMember446 XPMay-14-2021 5:04 PMTeam Rodan

in my opinion the millenium films (aside from gmk) are MUCH worse than the monsterverse.          but then gmk existes and is better than the monsterverse as a whole.              

                            so i like millenium more (basicly just cuz gmk)


GiganMember2349 XPMay-14-2021 5:12 PMTeam Ghidorah

As much as I love millennium, it might be monsterverse. Not sure though, still have to finish the last two movies I have left in millennium 

G. H. (Gman)

GiganAdmin4173 XPMay-14-2021 11:27 PMTeam Ghidorah

As flawed as the Millennium series is, I have to go with it. I don't care about world building or continuity--Neither are prerequisites for making good movies and it didn't enhance the quality for either the Heisei series or Monsterverse. (In fact it worked against the former.)

I think the Millennium series probably did more interesting things and the division of continuity helped create a specific feel and mood that didn't have to carry over into the next movie. It gave the filmmakers more freedom to do whatever they wanted and what they wanted was pretty interesting: Movies with with their own backstories - movies with crazy ideas like black hole canons and the spirits of war dead - movies with heavy risks like outside studio talent for GMK and Final Wars and the score for Godzilla x MechaGodzilla being recorded by the Moscow Symphonic International Orchestra, etc.

The quality wasn't always there, but it at least always felt fresh and uncertain--which I had a lot of appreciation for.

"None of this makes any sense, it doesn't really matter. We just needed an excuse for them to do something and they had to go somewhere." - Adam Wingard
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