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MemberAnguirusMay-19-2021 1:28 PM

Note: This is a response to MilqueChocolate's topic: https://www.godzilla-movies.com/topic/50541&page=1 


(This trilogy is not connected to the other Godzilla series)





The first part would involve genetic scientists turned terrorists experimenting on Godzilla's DNA (collected after Godzilla's fight with another monster). The terrorists try to create a Godzilla clone by mixing his DNA with other reptiles, the final result being Zilla. The terrorists attempt to control Zilla, however he eventually escapes from containment.

Godzilla senses Zilla, initially believing him to be a rival member of his species and begins to hunt him down. Godzilla and Zilla meet and begin to fight for dominance eventually resulting in Zilla's retreat. One of the main scientist characters of the story, a herpetologist (an expert on reptiles), begins to notice strange patterns in Zilla’s behavior. The scientists follow Zilla to the Australian outback and discover that he is nesting. They conclude that Zilla is reproducing through parthenogenesis, similar to Komodo dragons (DNA from them were used in his creation).

The military conducts a plan to exterminate the infant Zillas (they are currently unaware of the terrorists’ plan and think that Zilla is a close relative to Godzilla’s species). Godzilla arrives and begins to fight Zilla again, during the battle the military attacks the nest. Godzilla eventually defeats Zilla (in a scene similar to the one from Godzilla vs Kong) however they are interrupted by the sound of explosions and the frightened wails of the baby Zillas. 

Zilla knocks Godzilla down and frantically rushes back to his nest only to find it destroyed and the infants killed. Enraged and heartbroken, Zilla attacks the military. However, due to his injuries inflicted by Godzilla, Zilla becomes overpowered by the army, in an emotional scene Zilla attempts to shelter his already dead brood while screaming in agony.

Godzilla arrives, witnessing this event. Upon seeing the slaughtered infants and hearing the pain and agony in Zilla’s screams, Godzilla suddenly has a change of heart. Godzilla then attacks the military, preventing them from killing Zilla. With the army destroyed, Godzilla turns to Zilla. Zilla backs away, thinking that Godzilla will attack, however Godzilla turns away, leaving Zilla to mourn his young.

Meanwhile in the remnants of their lab, the terrorists begin "phase 2" of their plan…



The second part takes place five months later, and would involve the terrorists mixing Godzilla's DNA with plant life and human DNA in order to make a bio-weapon resulting in Biollante. The terrorists unleash Biollante into California (Biollante starts out in her “rose” form, slowly mutating into her final form by the end of the story). As Biollante attacks she begins to spawn strange plant life as well as plant-based creatures who entangle humans and drain them of their lifeforce (these creatures would be based on unused concepts of Biollante).

Godzilla, sensing a threat to the natural order, awakens and begins to destroy the strange plant life spawned by Biollante. Godzilla eventually battles a Biollante spawn that resembles her rose form, however he becomes tangled in the spawn’s vines which try to drain him of his energy. Suddenly Zilla arrives (he also sensed Biollante) and attacks the spawn, freeing Godzilla and allowing him to defeat the spawn. It's revealed that Zilla is stronger and can now breathe green atomic fire (as opposed to the “power breath” he had in the previous story). Godzilla is surprised by Zilla’s appearance, and the two have a moment where they communicate with each other. They eventually decide to work together, and continue following Biollante’s path.

Eventually the military discovers the terrorists plan and break into their lab, discovering the horrific experiments created with Godzilla’s DNA (imagine a creepy scene featuring a cryogenic chamber filled with failed deformed Godzilla hybrids including a “Godzilla deer”, a reference to the humanoid Godzillas from the ending of Shin Godzilla and a winged Godzooky-like creature). The terrorists reveal that, like Zilla, they couldn’t control Biollante so they released it to cause chaos (a whatever happens, happens type of plan) The terrorists attempt to escape, however they are attacked by Biollante spawns being brutally and horrifically killed, with their lab being completely destroyed (whatever happens, happens…). 

Biollante continues to spread, eventually engulfing Los Angeles in carnivorous plant life. Godzilla and Zilla arrive and begin to fight Biollante. The surrounding plant life begins to attack Godzilla and Zilla and they’re forced to tear through walls of vines and carnivorous plants. The two tag-team Biollante, burning and tearing her apart. Eventually the two rip into Biollante’s heart and simultaneously blast it with their atomic breath attacks. Biollante explodes, sending a cloud of pollen into the air. With Biollante destroyed, its plant life and spawns die, rotting away into nothing. Godzilla and Zilla acknowledge each other before going their separate ways.

As the story ends, the “pollen” cloud left by Biollante drifts through the atmosphere and into space…



The third part takes place three years later. The government discovers a strange crystal meteor shower heading towards Earth, they attempt to intercept the meteors but fail. On Earth Godzilla senses the oncoming meteor shower. He calls on Zilla (who has now become a loyal ally to Godzilla, it’s also revealed that Zilla can no longer reproduce as a result of the injuries inflicted by Godzilla and the military in part one) and the two begin to investigate.


The meteors crash land in Georgia and begin to form a crystal fortress. Godzilla and Zilla arrive and begin to attack the fortress. A strange quadrupedal crystalline creature emerges from the fortress (I based SpaceGodzilla on Shin Godzilla, this is his first form). Zilla rushes in to fight the creature, but is thrown aside and knocked unconscious. The crystalline creature turns its attention to Godzilla, it senses something inside of him, something it needs… Godzilla attacks the creature. The creature extends a strange lamprey-like appendage from its mouth, the appendage latches onto Godzilla’s neck and sends energy through Godzilla, temporarily paralyzing him. The creature begins to suck energy from Godzilla.


Suddenly Zilla awakens and pounces on the creature, dragging it away from Godzilla. Zilla violently attacks the creature, ripping chunks out of it and shattering some of the crystals on its back. Suddenly the creature turns to face Zilla and shoots a crystal-like dagger from its chest, impaling Zilla through the heart. Zilla screams in agony as the creature throws him to the side. The creature briefly turns to Godzilla, before retreating (it got what it needed). Godzilla recovers and rushes to Zilla’s side. In an emotional scene, Godzilla watches as Zilla slowly dies. Godzilla mourns the loss of his ally (it’s hinted that, due to their similarities, Godzilla had formed an almost “brotherly” kinship with Zilla). Enraged, Godzilla storms after the creature.


The creature arrives in New York City and begins to create another fortress, engulfing the city in crystals. As it does this it begins to contort and mutate, taking on a more Godzilla-like appearance (this second form is based on an early piece of concept art for SpaceGodzilla). The Earth Defense Force sends out a squadron of Super X aircraft to attack the crystal fortress. Some of the crystals break off from the fortress forming into ufo-like objects (that resemble SpaceGodzilla’s flying form) that begin to battle the Super X squadron.


Godzilla arrives in New York and confronts the creature, however before he is able to attack, the creature begins to contort and mutates further, finally transforming into SpaceGodzilla (I put a little bit of humour here as Godzilla has a “What the Hell?” reaction during this scene). Godzilla charges in and begins to battle SpaceGodzilla. As they battle the surrounding crystals send out an energy source that begins to create erratic storms. Down in the streets the military begin fighting a group 25 ft SpaceGodzilla spawns that resemble Krystalak. 


SpaceGodzilla’s chest opens up and unleashes more of the lamprey-like appendages that pierce through Godzilla’s chest sending electrical energy through Godzilla’s body while draining him of energy. Godzilla becomes weaker and weaker as SpaceGodzilla drains him of his lifeforce. As this happens the military bombs the crystal fortress. The fortress explodes and energy is released, being absorbed by Godzilla. Godzilla enters a super charged “Critical Mass” state and rips free of SpaceGodzilla’s grasp. Godzilla begins to emit blasts of energy from his body (the scene is slightly similar to the ending of King of the Monsters) SpaceGodzilla is vaporized by the energy and disintegrates into ash. With their creator defeated the SpaceGodzilla spawns crumble to ash (the same way the Biollante spawns did).


Exhausted, a badly injured Godzilla collapses. He turns to the remnants of the EDF forces who back down. After catching his breath Godzilla returns to the ocean, his foe defeated, his “brother” avenged…

"Neither beast nor man. Something monstrous."
4 Replies


MemberAnguirusMay-19-2021 1:30 PM



The scene where Zilla escapes would have the “Godzilla Arrives” and “Mayor’s Speech” score from 1998.






The scene where Zilla attempts to avenge his dead offspring would have the end of the “Big G goes to Monster Heaven” score from 1998.




The ending/credits song for part 1 would be the Wallflowers’ cover of “Heroes”.




The final battle in Part 2 would have Biollante’s theme from Godzilla: Unleashed.




Igor Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring” would play during various scenes in Part 2.




The ending/credits song for part 2 would be “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons




The scene where SpaceGodzilla’s first form arrives and kills Zilla would have the theme from Godzilla vs SpaceGodzilla.




The scenes where Godzilla hunts SpaceGodzilla down to avenge Zilla, and later when he confronts SpaceGodzilla, the “Godzilla’s Rage” score from GMK. 




The final battle between Godzilla and SpaceGodzilla would have SpaceGodzilla’s and Krystalak’s themes from Godzilla: Unleashed.






The ending/credits song for part 3 would be “Long Live The King” by NerdOut! 



"Neither beast nor man. Something monstrous."


MemberAnguirusMay-19-2021 1:32 PM


i've officially left. thanks for the memories!

Die-hard Spino Fan

MemberBaragonMay-19-2021 2:56 PM

This. Is. Amazing. 

That is one big pile of shit - Ian Malcom, 1993

Die-hard Spino Fan

MemberBaragonMay-19-2021 2:57 PM

Also, how was my Godzilla universe? I want some feedback to know what I need to improve on. 

That is one big pile of shit - Ian Malcom, 1993
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