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Fixing Cokra

Fixing Cokra

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AnguirusMember1443 XPJun-06-2021 1:46 PMTeam Mothra

new topic!! yaaay!


So y'know Cokra the ****roach kaiju from 'Godzilla Discovers America'? yeah me neither lol

But really, yeah, she is a sight to behold.

i hate her.

So, uh, let's fix this mess!


1: remove the human features. period.

She doesn't need them, has never needed them, and now I'm confiscating them.

One thing she can keep: with her eyes, maybe give her faint pupils, because even if they ARE an atrocity, they are part of her character, so keeping SOME human-like emotion is fine without making it vomit inducing, if you want to make her expressive so bad.

2: drop the Godzilla romance.

what else is there to say?

3: give her mites. Hissing ****roaches are the biggest ****roaches and are surprisingly the cleanest and most docile roaches (which makes them good roach pets) and HOW they are so clean is because of helpful mites! Maybe it's similar to Cloverfield, but instead of them being murder animals make them always clinging to her and even if they fall off, not aggressive and try to find their way back to her

which is a segway into...

4: not aggressive. She wasn't aggressive in the book at all. I'm just saying (which could be a tie-in with being a more docile sorta roach). She doesn't need to be Mothra levels of benevolent, but just make her like, just kinda walkin' around.

5: similar to Zilla: US kaiju. Because the book is called 'Godzilla Discovers America'.




and that is all i must say.


b y e :)

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4 Responses to Fixing Cokra


AnguirusMember1443 XPJun-06-2021 1:49 PMTeam Mothra

It censors C. Roach lol

uuuhh...what the heck is this book even

Godzilla becomes the Senate with his roach gf. Yes. Very nice.



Mothra LarvaeMember31 XPJun-07-2021 2:00 AMTeam Rodan

Oh no I totally forgot about her why does she exist were you out of your minds Toho why does a ****roach have a human face


BaragonMember352 XPJun-07-2021 8:12 AMTeam Ghidorah

Imagine a monsterverse version of her. Might as well make her look like the raid commercial roach.

"I have already won"


AnguirusMember1443 XPJun-07-2021 9:16 AMTeam Mothra


make her look like an actual roach

cuz Hissing roaches get a bad rap

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