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A Mystery Titan from the GVK Art Book

A Mystery Titan from the GVK Art Book

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BaragonMember333 XPNov-26-2021 11:25 AMTeam Godzilla

Who do you think the flying monster depicted on the mural is supposed to be? 

NOTE: I don’t know the name of the artist who created this piece of concept art.

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15 Responses to A Mystery Titan from the GVK Art Book


BaragonMember333 XPNov-26-2021 4:33 PMTeam Godzilla

In my opinion, I believe it’s either Space Godzilla or an original monster that’s based off of Space Godzilla. Regardless of who it is, I find it very interesting that both the Kong and Godzilla armies appear to be waging war with this creature.

Maybe this mural is depicting a time when the Godzilla and Kong species were allies. At some point during Humanity’s prehistory, they teamed to defend the Earth from another extraterrestrial Titan like Ghidorah. They eventually drove this Titan off of Earth, but this Titan will eventually return in the future, which will force the two last surviving members of the Godzilla and Kong species to team up again after they ended their rivalry at the end of GVK. 

Maybe this monster will be the big baddie of a Destroy All Monsters film in the future. 


GiganMember3193 XPNov-26-2021 9:11 PMTeam Ghidorah

Jack Capellini 

what about shinomura

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst


BaragonMember333 XPNov-27-2021 6:49 AMTeam Godzilla

@HinikunaGoji: While a Shinomura sounds like a good candidate, I have a few issues with this theory.

If this monster were a Shinomura, why would only one be shown on the mural? Since the Shinomuras are supposed to be a parasitic Titan species, wouldn’t the mural show a whole bunch of them waging war with the Godzilla and Kong armies? The fact that it depicts one battling both armies shows that the artists were likely trying to draw attention to this. While it certainly does resemble a Shinomura, the way this monster is depicted is too peculiar for it to simply be one. Something else that sticks out about the way this monster is depicted is that it is shown surrounded by stars and a galaxy. Unless it’s supposed to be the night sky, I can’t think of a reason for why the artists would depict a Shinomura coming from space. Once again, I feel the way this monster is shown on the mural is too specific for it to be a Shinomura. 

Another question I have, is why are both the Kongs and Godzillas attacking it when the Shinomuras were parasites to the Godzilla species? It seems rather odd for the Kongs to help out the Godzillas when, as far was we know, the Shinomuras didn’t prey on their species during Earth’s prehistory.

A third question I have is that if this monster is supposed to be a Shinomura, why is it shown breathing fire? As far as I know, the Shinomuras don’t have this ability. This monster breathing fire leads me to believe it was more dragon-like than insect-like. 

So overall, I’m going to say that this monster isn’t a Shinomura. What I personally think this mural is depicting is a time when the Godzilla and Kong species weren’t enemies, but allies. At some point during Humanity’s prehistory, they teamed to defend the Earth from another extraterrestrial Titan like Ghidorah. They eventually drove this Titan off of Earth, but this Titan will eventually return in the future, which will force the two last surviving members of the Godzilla and Kong species to team up again after they ended their rivalry at the end of GVK. 


AnguirusMember1332 XPNov-27-2021 7:50 AM

It kind of looks like a Godzilla with wings...







A Godzilla with wings...




oh no...




"Neither beast nor man. Something monstrous."


AnguirusMember1332 XPNov-27-2021 8:00 AM

In all seriousness though, it kind of looks like the early "Astrogodzilla" concept art for SpaceGodzilla.

"Neither beast nor man. Something monstrous."


BaragonMember333 XPNov-27-2021 8:18 AMTeam Godzilla

@SasquaDash: If the monster on the mural is meant to be Space Godzilla, how do you think he would work in the MonsterVerse exactly? 


AnguirusMember1332 XPNov-27-2021 3:12 PM

Jack Capellini

A MonsterVerse version of SpaceGodzilla could be another member of the Godzilla/Titanus Gojira species that gets mutated by some type of alien energy. It ends up gaining new powers, and turns against the other Earth Titans, attempting to destroy all life on Earth. It ends up eventually being chased away by the rest of The Gojira species and exiled into space (which could be what these cave paintings are depicting). 

"Neither beast nor man. Something monstrous."


BaragonMember333 XPNov-27-2021 4:35 PMTeam Godzilla

@SasquaDash: That’s probably the best way Space Godzilla can be brought into the MonsterVerse. But what I’m wondering about this mural is why it didn’t make the final cut of GVK. Why do you think it didn’t make it into the film?


AnguirusMember1332 XPNov-27-2021 4:39 PM

Jack Capellini

It was possibly meant to be a set of for a future film, but since, at the time, they weren't sure if GvK would be successful (or if more movies could be made), they probably cut it so that the film wouldn't end on a potential cliffhanger.

"Neither beast nor man. Something monstrous."


BaragonMember333 XPNov-28-2021 4:02 AMTeam Godzilla

@SasquaDash: That makes a lot of sense! Something else from the artbook that should be brought to attention is a segment towards the very end that talks about how Legendary has plans for tons of future content going forward, including films that further explore the concept of space-related threats. The monster shown on the mural could be the big baddie for a Destroy All Monsters film, or maybe it’ll be another Ghidorah since the KOTM novel teased that there may more of Ghidorah’s kind out there. There’s a segment from Dr. Chen’s notes which speculates that Ghidorah is a “younger son” who “would not inherit territory” and thus came to Earth “to find his own.” This could be a setup for Keizer Ghidorah showing up in the future. 

Either way, regardless of whether it’ll be the monster on the mural or Keizer Ghidorah, I’m betting that the final boss of the MonsterVerse will be another extraterrestrial threat. A lot of fans are hoping for Destroyah to be the big baddie, but I’m starting to doubt it since isn’t much of a setup for him to show up. Some point to the the appearance of the Oxygen Destroyer in KOTM as a setup, but I believe it was simply meant to be a little callback to Gojira 1954, a way for Godzilla to be taken out of the story for a little bit, and a way to show that humanity will find ways to disrupt the natural order. Plus, the Oxygen Destroyer has shown up several Toho Godzilla films that didn’t include Destroyah. So just because the OD was shown in KOTM, doesn’t mean it was setting up Destroyah. On top of that, if it was meant to be a setup for Destroyah, I feel that it’s a pretty weak foundation since it felt kind of shoehorned in. I doubt that Legendary  would want their bid baddie to introduced from a shoehorned in piece of fan service. They’d want it to already be established in the MonsterVerse, which is what the concept of extraterrestrial Titans is. 

Not only is no setup for Destroyah to appear, but he isn’t a popular monster outside the Godzilla fandom. General audiences wouldn’t recognize him if he were to be the big bad in a Destroy All Monsters film. You can argue the same could be said for Space Godzilla and Keizer Ghidorah, but at least they’re different versions of already popular monsters. So I don’t think they’d be as risky to bring in.

Do you think the big baddie will be another space-related threat or Destroyah? 


BaragonMember137 XPNov-30-2021 9:52 AMTeam Godzilla

Why is there a tie fighter


BaragonMember137 XPNov-30-2021 9:54 AMTeam Godzilla

well looks like the Kong species & the Godzilla species are attacking that flying Godzilla, could be AstroGodzilla, SpaceGodzilla, or Godzooki


AnguirusMember1447 XPNov-30-2021 11:01 AMTeam Mothra

sidenote, i wish AstroGodzilla was made

i've officially left. thanks for the memories!


GiganMember4251 XPNov-30-2021 2:23 PMTeam Mothra

maybe its BAGAN!



Mothra LarvaeMember16 XPDec-05-2021 9:32 AMTeam Ghidorah

hmmm... I go with @SasquaDash idea. The concept seems more likely to be an early version of Astrogodzilla.

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