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What If The MonsterVerse Was Made In The 70s & 80s?

What If The MonsterVerse Was Made In The 70s & 80s?

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AnguirusMember1051 XPJan-18-2022 9:15 AMTeam Godzilla

I was recently re-watching Godzilla 1984 and King Kong 1976, during which I started to wonder what the MonsterVerse could have been like if it had been made in the 70s, 80s and maybe even early 90s. Obviously the special effects would be different, but what would the rest of the series be like? How would it differ from the MonsterVerse we have now? How would the movies play out? How would the monsters be portrayed? How would they introduce the concepts present in the actual MonsterVerse?

So I was wondering, how would you present a 70s/80s MonsterVerse series?

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7 Responses to What If The MonsterVerse Was Made In The 70s & 80s?


RodanMember1968 XPJan-18-2022 12:03 PMTeam Godzilla

Nothing beats the 2010s.

But everything should stay the same including the kaiju roars.

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GiganMember3164 XPJan-18-2022 1:11 PMTeam Ghidorah

I would expect the film to be American made based on the fact Toho wasn’t making films, so I would expect it to be played like a serious movie, like the American version of King Kong vs Godzilla 62’. And I think marvel Godzilla would behave like the marvel Godzilla, not Hanna barbers, because king is sympathetic and I think it would be hard to have a nice Goji fight a Kong.


But marvel Godzilla happened in the 70s, that crossover didn’t happen in 2010s.




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RodanMember1968 XPJan-18-2022 1:30 PMTeam Godzilla

Also Godzilla needs to keep his Legendary roar

"If You Expect Disappointment, Then You Can Never Really Get Disappointed."


AnguirusMember1051 XPJan-18-2022 1:36 PMTeam Godzilla


Here's how I think a 70s/80s MonsterVerse would play out. I kept the stories relatively similar to the actual MonsterVerse, while connecting it to the 1976 King Kong and taking inspiration Godzilla 1984. I also took into account how the films would be made and the budget they would have, so certain elements from the MonsterVerse have been toned down a bit.


The first film would be an alternate version of King Kong (1976). It would follow the events of that film for the most part, although certain things would be changed. Skull Island would have a lot of other creatures on the island (not just a giant snake like in the actual 76 film) and there would be more hints about Kong’s species. The film would end the same way, with Kong being captured and taken to New York where he escapes, climbs the World Trade Center and is eventually shot down by helicopters and is presumably killed.

The second film would be an introduction to Godzilla and would have a similar plot to the 1954 and 1984 films. Godzilla would be around 260ft tall (similar to his early Heisei size). He is awakened by a nuclear explosion in the North Pacific and begins attacking various fishing and military ships. The military attempts to kill Godzilla, however they only provoke him, leading him to attack Tokyo. Realizing that modern weapons have little to no effect on him, a group of scientists would come up with a plan to lure Godzilla to an active volcano and cause him to fall into it (much like the 1984 film). The film would end with the characters unsure if Godzilla survived or not.

The third film would be a sequel to King Kong's story, revealing that he wasn't killed after being shot down (similar to King Kong Lives) and was taken to a secret containment facility where the military begins to study him and perform various experiments on him. A group of scientists and soldiers (the beginning of Monarch) who were formed after Godzilla's attack on Tokyo, are sent on an expedition to Skull Island to study the other creatures that live there. The team discovers that in Kong’s absence the creatures on the island have gotten out of control, with some growing much larger and fiercer. The team realizes that Kong kept the island’s creatures in check and taking him off the island caused its ecosystem to become unbalanced and decide to return him. However, Kong manages to break free from the military’s containment facility, with the military pursuing him across the US. Throughout the film Kong begins to grow larger (thought to be caused by the military’s experiments on him), starting around 55ft (his size in the first film) to eventually being around 125ft tall by the end of the film. After the military’s failed attempts to kill him, the movie would end with Kong being sedated and brought back to Skull Island, where Monarch would set up an outpost to monitor Kong and the other creatures on the island.

The fourth film would have a similar story to Godzilla 2014, with another monster (who would play a similar role to the MUTOs) being awakened. Godzilla would reawaken from being dormant inside the volcano and would begin to hunt the other monster down eventually resulting in them fighting (possibly in San Francisco). Godzilla would eventually kill the other monster (seemingly defending humanity in the process) and would peacefully return to the ocean. The idea of the Hollow Earth would also be introduced in this film.

The fifth film would have a similar story to King of the Monsters and Ghidorah: the Three-Headed Monsters with Ghidorah arriving and attacking Earth. Monarch would discover myths and artifacts that reveal Godzilla as an ancient protector of the Earth, and that Ghidorah had visited Earth in the past and had been chased away by Godzilla and Mothra (more information on the Hollow Earth would be uncovered). A new Mothra would also be discovered and she would eventually grow and aid Godzilla in battling Ghidorah. Ghidorah would eventually be killed by Godzilla and Mothra (Mothra wouldn’t die in this version), with the world now viewing Godzilla as a protector rather than a threat. (Rodan and the other Titans wouldn’t be included, I figured that, based on technical limitations and budget for a film made in the 80s, the film would only focus on Godzilla, Mothra, and Ghidorah).

The sixth film would basically have a similar plot to Godzilla vs Kong. Skull Island has become geologically unstable and has been sinking into the ocean, with the other Skull Island creatures and Native tribe being wiped out as a result. Kong has grown to about 200ft tall (it is revealed that his growth wasn’t a mutation caused by the military experiments, instead the experiments actually accelerated his natural growth). Monarch learns that Kong’s species originated from the Hollow Earth and they decide to bring him there. Taking him off of Skull Island eventually leads to his fight with Godzilla (with Godzilla potentially winning). Rather than having APEX and Mechagodzilla in this version, it would feature a group of rogue Monarch soldiers taking control of Monarch superweapons (maybe something similar to the Super X3) in an attempt to kill both Godzilla and Kong (potentially setting Mechagodzilla for a sequel). Godzilla and Kong are forced to team up in order to defend themselves from this new threat. The film would probably end the same way as GvK, with Godzilla and Kong going their separate ways, with Kong being relocated to the Hollow Earth. (Note: The Hollow Earth wouldn’t be as crazy as it’s portrayed in the actual MonsterVerse due to budget and technical limitations).

Kong would have the same design as he does in the 1976 film, Godzilla would look somewhat similar to the 1984 design, Mothra and Ghidorah would look like their Heisei counterparts. The special effects would be similar to the effects used in the 1976 King Kong and Heisei Godzilla films with suits, animatronics and miniatures.

"Neither beast nor man. Something monstrous."


GiganMember3298 XPJan-19-2022 1:55 AMTeam Mothra

I would watch a 70's/80's MonsterVerse, thats my favorite movie range late 70's to mid 90's


Umm the 70's and 80's had some of the best monsters movies to come out: JAWS, ALIEN, TERMINATOR, ALIENS, PREDATOR and GREMLINS



Mothra LarvaeMember11 XPApr-29-2022 1:54 AM

So, new information about the planned "World of Godzilla" universe is saying that it is a "a planned Japanese and American media franchise and shared universe that is slated to revolve around Godzilla and other Toho characters with the help of Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures."  So, with that in mind....if WB and Legendary are contributing to this new universe, will it connect to the events of the MonsterVerse or will the slate be wiped entirely clean? Maybe it would be fine to start fresh with a new slate of Japanese and American creators helming the next chapter of Toho's popular kaiju.  But there are loose ends that the MonsterVerse needs to cover that hasn't been yet.  What do you guys think?

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GiganMember3164 XPApr-29-2022 9:06 AMTeam Ghidorah

This bot is the weirdest bot ive ever seen,


expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst
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