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The Destroyer. Part-3

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A simple kaiju

MemberMothra LarvaeFeb-25-2022 11:18 PM




        The boy was warned to stay away from the water. His parents didn't trust the soldiers who told them everything was safe, the subsequent attacks cemented their fears. The boy was there during the attacks. He remembers seeing something or some things coming out of the water. He only got a glimpse before being pulled away by his parents. It was that glimpse that had convinced him to stay away. The glimpse showed him all of the crimson red scales, spikes, and teeth of the creature. It was also the resulting carnage that scared him. He had, later that same day, seen the bodies of the sheep and goat that were slain as they were carted off from their pens near the beach. They no longer had the shape of recognizable animals. The livestock had been reduced to chunks of meat and bone or as one of his friends said, “They had been turned inside out.”


        While these things quelled him for a while. The overwhelming curiosity of 13 year olds overtook him and he went back to the beach. It was dark, the ocean was a deep black that reflected moonlight. The sand seemed to stretch forever as the boy stepped across them. The cool breeze of the night had cooled the beach enough so the boy didn't require his sandals. Walking the wide stretch of sand, he slowed as he approached the beckoning waves. His eyes widened as he saw something in the water. Two pinpricks of a bright orange. The longer he stared at them, the brighter they seemed to become and they suddenly seemed to be impossibly far away.

        As cameras that Monarch laced around that area watched, the boy started slowly stepping into the water before gradually speeding up to(as best as he could in 4ft of water) a full sprint. The young native kept running until his head disappeared beneath the waves, where it never came back up.



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G theorist

MemberBaragonFeb-27-2022 9:46 AM

had to release this on another account lmao, part 4 coming out tomorrow, then regular schedule will be back next Friday.

"Well of course gay men dress well, we don't spend all that time in the closet for nothing"
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