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The mystery of the winged Godzilla from the GVK artbook finally solved?

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MemberBaragonJun-08-2022 6:38 AM

A few months ago, I presented a theory that the creature shown fighting Godzilla and Kong’s ancestors on a mural from the GVK artbook is supposed to be Space Godzilla, and was meant to setup a Destroy All Monsters-like film where Godzilla and Kong would team up to fight this creature when it returns to Earth. But after having a discussion with user @TheGMan-123 over on the MonsterVerse subreddit, I think we may have solved the mystery of this creature.

According to their theory, the mural is supposed to be a rendition of the first time Godzilla’s ancestors discovered their symbiotic relationship with Mothra’s species. The reason why this “charged” gojira is shown flying above the two Titan armies is because it’s a symbolic representation of him “ascending” to god-level power. Because the two armies were unaware that the Godzilla species had the ability to enter a symbiotic state with the help of Mothra’s species, they were scared of this empowered gojira and fought it.

This theory makes a ton of sense when you consider that Godzilla’s burning form allowed him to release a nuclear pulse that was shaped like Mothra’s wings. Perhaps that’s what naturally occurs when a gojira enters a symbiosis state with a mosura.

However, it does raise a question of why the charged gojira in the mural is blue. But I think there’s a simple answer to that: the symbiosis state is naturally blue, but the reason why Godzilla’s was red in KOTM was because he was releasing all of the built up radiation he attained from the nuke that was detonated by Dr. Serizawa. Basically, he had already attained a power surge from the nuke, and Mothra’s powers only made him more powerful by allowing him to release all that built up radiation.

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MemberBaragonJun-11-2022 2:18 PM

So you have been studying kaijus and titans?

"The King of the Monsters is inside us all"
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