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Is there a game about Godzilla vs Kong?

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Mothra LarvaeMember14 XPJul-12-2022 2:24 AM

Is there a game about Godzilla vs Kong?

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AnguirusMember1329 XPJul-12-2022 6:59 AM

There's currently a MonsterVerse game for console and PC in development, although not much is known about it at the moment. 

There was a Call of Duty event called "Operation Monarch" that featured both Godzilla and Kong (although they weren't playable), however, I think that event is over now.

The MonsterVerse versions of Godzilla and Kong also appear in the app game "Godzilla Battle Line".

So far those are the only games that tie in to Godzilla vs Kong as of now.

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Mothra LarvaeMember52 XPFeb-20-2023 12:15 PM

I hope that one day we will have a Godzilla against Kong game, it can be interesting


Cool Godzilla

GiganMember2107 XPFeb-21-2023 12:40 AMTeam Godzilla

damiendada Agreed

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AnguirusMember1149 XPFeb-21-2023 12:37 PMTeam Rodan

theres a mobile game called ¨go BIG!¨ which features godzilla, kong, mechagodzilla and the warbats. its marketing heavily features the gvk evidence, the games  gull* title is ¨go BIG! featuring godzilla vs. kong¨. you could  say its a godzilla vs. kong game, but the games relation to gvk is more similar to the relation between final wars and save the earth.

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AnguirusMember1149 XPFeb-21-2023 12:37 PMTeam Rodan


"Do you love it that much? That... monster graveyard?"
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