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Mothra LarvaeMember19 XPAug-29-2022 12:35 PM

I have a question for all of you do you play kaiju universe on roblox cause if you do send your roblox name and then I can add you and 1v1 or play together 

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Cool Godzilla

AnguirusMember1413 XPAug-30-2022 10:13 PMTeam Godzilla

Umm, I have good news and bad news...the good news is yes, I think I knew that game before, the bad news is that my dad took away my tablet because of addiction, and I need to focus on my UPSR test and also I forgot my nickname cause it has been 9 months since I played video games.

Cool Godzilla

AnguirusMember1413 XPAug-30-2022 10:14 PMTeam Godzilla

Actually, yes I 100% have played this game before.

Cool Godzilla

AnguirusMember1413 XPAug-30-2022 10:15 PMTeam Godzilla

Sorry, but Hari Merdeka! 


BaragonMember112 XPAug-31-2022 4:41 AMTeam Rodan

Yep i do have it, my best is godzilla 2019 and 2014 BACK WHEN THEY WERE CHEAP 7500 AND 9000 G CELLS. I am saving up for 2021 Goji

                           I am.. the one who knocks 


Mothra LarvaeMember19 XPAug-31-2022 5:37 AM

Well nice here is my roblox username videogamer042 add me and then we can play it


Mothra LarvaeMember71 XPAug-31-2022 4:22 PM

Ive never played it

Cool Godzilla

AnguirusMember1413 XPSep-01-2022 1:39 AMTeam Godzilla

Ok let me copy this and we can play it in the future!


Mothra LarvaeMember18 XPSep-26-2022 12:14 PM

Hey, Godzilla 2019 is the best for me too.

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