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Ghidorah’s origins, aliens, and why I think Keizer Ghidorah could be the “final boss” of the MonsterVerse.

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MemberBaragonOct-01-2022 9:20 AM

One of the most common theories I’ve written about on these subs is that we’ll learn about Ghidorah’s origin in the future.

According to my theory, we will eventually learn that Ghidorah belonged to an entire species of dragon-like Titans, and was either banished to, sent to, or travelled to Earth. This backstory is even supported by an ancient myth from Dr. Ilene Chen’s notes from the KOTM novelization, where it describes Ghidorah as a “younger son” who “would not inherit territory” and “came to Earth to find his own.” Whether this story is simply a myth created by ancient humans to explain why Ghidorah came to Earth or not is unknown. Nonetheless its inclusion in the book is very intriguing, and could’ve been added to tease something for the future.

The thing that the story could be teasing is the existence of Ghidorah’s species. What if there are other space dragons inhabiting another planet? What if Titans aren’t just native to Earth, but are really galaxy traversing organisms? If Ghidorah was a member of another species of Titans, he could’ve come to Earth for one of three reasons…

1. Ghidorah was ostracized by his species for being too aggressive. Maybe Ghidorah belonged to a peaceful species of space dragons that were not destructive. After he tried to take over his homeworld, he was exiled into the wilderness of space, and he decided to venture out into the universe searching for his own territory. Eventually, Ghidorah came across Earth and decided to claim it for himself.

2. Ghidorah was banished to Earth for being too weak. Maybe Ghidorah was the smallest and weakest member of his family, and his older brother got to rule over the other Titans on their homeworld. Once his older brother became king, he chased Ghidorah off their home planet, and Ghidorah went to Earth to make it his territory.

3. Ghidorah was sent to Earth by a race of intelligent aliens to terraform the planet and take control of its Titan inhabitants. Maybe these aliens coexisted with Titans on Planet X, but eventually started playing God and using Ghidorah’s species to conquer other planets. They might’ve also experimented on some of the Titans on their homeworld, creating cybernetic monsters like Gigan and (possibly) Megalon. Once the aliens set their eyes on Earth, they sent Ghidorah to the planet to terraform it. But they quickly found out that some of the Titans (Godzilla and presumably Mothra) would not surrender, and fought and defeated Ghidorah. Their hopes of Earth being dominated were diminished for the second and third time after Ghidorah was killed by Godzilla in Boston, and Mechagodzilla was defeated by Godzilla and Kong in Hong Kong.

4. Ghidorah was sent to Earth by the aliens to retrieve the blue energy from the Hollow Earth. Even though I haven’t read the GVK novelization, there’s a moment during the Antarctica scene where Nathan Lind notices that the area where Ghidorah was frozen is located near the Hollow Earth entry point, and wonders why that’s the case. If this is how the scene plays out, it suggests that Ghidorah was trying to make his way into the Hollow Earth. Why would he want to do that? Maybe to gain access to the Titan energy?

If the third and fourth reasons have some merit to them, then there’s a pretty good chance we’ll see more space monsters like Keizer Ghidorah and Gigan in the future.

If Legendary ever decides to adapt Keizer Ghidorah into the MonsterVerse, I imagine he’ll be a bigger and powerful member of Ghidorah’s species that’ll be used by aliens to take over Earth. He’ll look more otherworldly than the Ghidorah we saw in KOTM, with more than three heads, multiple eyes, and scales made of a different element than gold. Could you imagine how badass it would be to see an 800 foot Ghidorah with five heads, six eyes, horns on each head, straggly manes, scales made out of copper and ruby (giving the monster a devilish look), four tails, and some cybernetic enhancements from the aliens?!?

Think of Destroyah being combined with Instagram user godzilla_fan_art’s red Ghidorah design, and you’ll get an idea where I’m coming from…


So when you take the reasons I listed above into account, along with these other factors…

1. Gareth Edwards said that he always wanted his Godzilla sequel to be a Destroy All Monsters-type of film.

2. The MonsterVerse has continually teased aliens in KSI, KOTM, and GVK.

3. Each MonsterVerse movie except G14 and KSI has taken inspiration from Showa Era Toho movies like Ghidorah the Three-Headed Monster, King Kong vs. Godzilla, and King Kong Escapes.

4. The back of the GVK artbook states that Legendary has had talks about further exploring the concept of Titans coming from space.

…I can see the MonsterVerse ending with a big, Destroy All Monsters-type of movie where aliens use Keizer Ghidorah and Gigan to invade Earth. I can see this movie ending in a very similar fashion to the original Destroy All Monsters, where after Godzilla, Kong, Mothra (either in her larva form or fully grown), and Rodan defeat Gigan, the aliens send Keizer Ghidorah to Earth, and it takes the four monsters and all the other Titans from KOTM to defeat him.

An all-out monster brawl ensues, with every monster using their own unique abilities to defeat the evil invader. Mothra uses her silk, Rodan dive bombs, Scylla uses her durability and shoots liquid nitrogen, Behemoth uses his strength and tusks, Methuselah uses his strength and durability, Tiamat creates cyclones and shoots toxic vapor, the Queen MUTO uses her claws and EMP powers, skullcrawlers attack from below, Kong uses his speed, strength, and axe, and Godzilla uses his brute strength, atomic breath, and some other new ability he requires prior to the battle or film. Just like in the original film, it takes brute force to bring down Keizer Ghidorah, but Earth’s Titans eventually emerge victorious after Godzilla performs a big sacrificial act to defeat Keizer.

*Whoo.* That was another big mouthful. Lol.

TLDR: Based on the fact that the MonsterVerse has continually teased aliens, and the fact that Ghidorah’s origins have barely been explored, I think there’s a good chance Legendary will adapt Keizer Ghidorah to be the MonsterVerse’s final boss.

6 Replies


MemberBaragonOct-01-2022 9:22 AM

Click on the link above to see godzilla_fan_art’s drawing.


MemberAnguirusOct-01-2022 12:58 PM

I don't know how well Keizer Ghidorah would do with general audiences and critics though. Since he's not really well know to the general public, he might unfortunately be disregarded as just a retread of King Ghidorah (same thing would probably happen with Desghidorah). That's also my main concern if SpaceGodzilla is ever introduced to the series, I'm worried that he would be mocked for being "unoriginal and uncreative". Plus, Legendary could easily bring back Ghidorah in a prequel showing how he came to Earth and his first encounter with Godzilla, so introducing Keizer Ghidorah would feel unnecessary. If they introduce other alien creatures into the MonsterVerse, I think they should stick to the more unique ones, like Gigan.

"Neither beast nor man. Something monstrous."


MemberBaragonOct-01-2022 2:17 PM

@SasquaDash: Good points. To add to what you said, I’ve argued that while Mothra, Rodan, and Ghidorah may not have hurt KOTM’s box office performance, they didn’t seem to really help it either. If that’s the case, then maybe Legendary thinks it’s not worth bringing another Ghidorah in from Toho.

However, I could always be wrong. Maybe general audiences thought Ghidorah was cool, but were burnt out from him being over featured in the film’s marketing. Plus, if Keizer Ghidorah is put in a movie with Godzilla and Kong in leading roles, I think general audiences will see it anyway being how they seemed to love them teaming up at the end of GVK.

Cool Godzilla

MemberGiganOct-02-2022 4:33 AM

The third point is very familiar to the game "Godzilla 2000: Save The Earth", I would think Ghidorah wanted to take Godzilla's throne and use his power to be the Alpha titan and destroy all life on earth and be the destroyer of the universe.  ( Not probably but my theory)

As long as we set a goal and we are determined to achieve our passions and goals, our determination is limitless.


MemberBaragonOct-02-2022 9:31 AM

Hey everyone! Here’s the video that actually inspired me to write my theory above. I think it’s very compelling…



MemberAnguirusOct-09-2022 1:32 PM

remeber that guy named god of death? he just came on, made 3 post about how he was a ghidrah stan and up and left.

honestly, I kinda miss him.

"Do you love it that much? That... monster graveyard?"
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