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What if an A.I. wrote ultraman geed?

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MemberAnguirusJan-26-2023 1:29 PM

This here thingimajigi was created by an artificial intelligence called inferkit, 

heirs a link to it. as a prompt I put in the basic synopsis of ultraman geed off of google and wrote the basic plot, everything else is the A.I. 



After escaping from the raid of giant monster Skull Gomora, Riku Asakura and his partner Pega stumble upon a secret base 500 m underground. Given the Geed Riser and Ultra Capsules by operating system RE. M., he transforms into Ultraman Geed and becomes a hero named Ultraman Geed. next he decides to destroy skull gomora.
ultraman geed approaches skull gomoras vicinity.
this is going to be an epic battle.
ultraman geed kicks skull gomora in the face.
skull gomora retaliates by turning Ultraman Geed into two.

ultraman geed and ultraman geed fight their way to the skull gomora lair.

kicking and smashing skull gomora one by one.

ultraman geed returns to normal.

skull gomora is fully destroyed.

ultraman geed turns to the giants in the hall.

ultraman geed stands up in the presence of the giant earth monsters.

ultraman geed will win, especially when I get my Ultra Booster and Ultra Drive.

ultraman geed jumps through the door and delivers blow after blow.

ultraman geed manages to knock off the giants heads.

ultraman geed is able to fight them alone.

ultraman geed and Pega use rocket fists to take them out.

ultraman geed and Pega kick the giant into the chamber.

the giant begins to rot and disintegrate,

ultraman geed with ease delivers critical body blows.

ultraman geed falls unconscious.

when he comes to he is being transported by airlock.

ultraman geed is going to be revived at Dr. Heywood.

the airlock lowers.

ultraman geed's teammates aske if he is okay.

ultraman geed's regenerator begins to work.

a crane takes ultraman geed to Dr. Heywood's.

Ultra Drive and Ultraman Geed arrive at Dr. Heywood's.

ultraman geed has finally come back to life.

and now he must destroy all that have wronged him in the past.
ryoji kaji and kamen rider ryuuki.
he sets of to the lair of kamen rider ryuuki.
when he gets there, ultraman geed transforms into ultraman geed.

ultraman geed plunges into kamen rider ryuuki's base.

ultraman geed transforms into ultraman geed.

ultraman geed approaches kamen rider ryuuki.

ultraman geed starts to move with his foot, to throw kamen rider ryuuki away.

ultraman geed's foot slows him down.

ultraman geed drives in his foot to the base.

ultraman geed's foot flies off kamen rider ryuuki's leg.

ultraman geed dives at kamen rider ryuuki.

ultraman geed charges at kamen rider ryuuki.

ultraman geed is able to wrap kamen rider ryuuki in a hug, turning him into a big sand statue.

ultraman geed bites kamen rider ryuuki's left arm, making it inoperable.

ultraman geed reverts him back to a statue.

ultraman geed then destroys kamen rider ryuuki.

he then sets of to current vicinity of ryoji kaji.

he flys in and kicks ryoji kaji in the face.

ryoji kaji retaliates with his gunk gun.

ryoji kaji's weapon is good against ultraman geed, but not against normal nebulas.

ultraman geed again plays his part, and kicks ryoji kaji in the face.

ultraman geed is unable to reach ryoji kaji's chest.

ultraman geed's legs are too short, so he runs and uses kaki cannon to continue getting closer.

ryoji kaji shoots down ultraman geed with kaki cannon, making him inoperable.

ultraman geed shoots ryoji kaji with his gun.

thats right, the mystery killer of ryoji kaji in neon genesis evangelion was actually ultraman geed all along!!!!!!

big bombshell lore drop.

"Do you love it that much? That... monster graveyard?"
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