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Godzilla 2 Monsters: King Ghidorah origins teased in latest MONARCH viral video!

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A fresh viral video references the origins of one of Godzilla 2 King of the Monsters' primary antagonist monsters! Legendary recently shared a marketing video outlining timeline events throughout government organization MONARCH's inception. Each specific date correlates to a unique discovery or significant event. This latest viral video has many of us anxious, as it directly references the infamous Monster Zero, King Ghidorah!

The official Kong Skull Island Facebook page shared the video with this accompanying text:

2016: An extraordinary superspecies is discovered beneath the Antarctic ice. #KongSkullIsland

So we now know in 2016, Ghidorah was discovered frozen in ice. 

The marketing for Godzilla 2 remains subtle but is ramping up as we approach Comic-Con which suggests to us that Legendary and Warner Brothers will likely have something prepared for presentation. A short teaser clip or poster are expected as well as an official title logo reveal. Considering Legendary teased Godzilla 2 back in 2014 at SDCC, it's very likely they will utilize this year's convention to hype up the sequel as well.

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Written by ChrisPublished on 2017-07-12 13:27:28

Jose Peralta

MemberMothra LarvaeJul-12-2017 1:45 PM

Interesting. It looks like ghidorah is gonna be woken up from the ice. I wonder if it'll be a result of the mutos, or a result of big G himself! The other thing that's been on my mind is if he'll be an alien or a freak or nature like the other monsters? Lets hope comic con brings about something awesome! 

Jose Peralta

MemberMothra LarvaeJul-12-2017 1:46 PM

Interesting. It looks like ghidorah is gonna be woken up from the ice. I wonder if it'll be a result of the mutos, or a result of big G himself! The other thing that's been on my mind is if he'll be an alien or a freak or nature like the other monsters? Lets hope comic con brings about something awesome! 

The Jurassic Bootleg

MemberBaragonJul-12-2017 1:58 PM

He's probably going to be a freak of nature.


MemberTitanosaurusJul-12-2017 2:10 PM

That is awesome!

The Jurassic Bootleg

MemberBaragonJul-12-2017 2:16 PM

"The devil has three heads"

That line sends chills down my spines!


MemberBaragonJul-12-2017 3:05 PM

So... unbelievably... awesome.


Fingers crossed for Mothra and Rodan timeline entries soon!

Gethin entertainment

MemberMothra LarvaeJul-12-2017 4:01 PM

In more excited for this than monster planet


MemberMothra LarvaeJul-12-2017 4:37 PM

Danzilla93....There was another timeline detail revealed along with the Ghidorah one, stating that in 1991 a containment facility was put around the mouth of a dormant volcano on Isla de Mona. I'm thinking a hint at Rodan?  There was also another one bypassed that people have gotten a screenshot of, stating a temple was found in China, containing a huge cocoon, with a "quickening heartbeat" inside.  

G. H. (Gman)

AdminGodzillaJul-12-2017 8:39 PM

This is an excellent opportunity for King Ghidorah to be a space monster frozen away for millions of years. The "Monster Zero" title for the timeline point really gets my hopes up for that possibility.

The Jurassic Bootleg

MemberBaragonJul-12-2017 9:32 PM


It could have been a nod to Monster Zero movie, I doubt he's going to be a space monster, he's probably going to be a ancient dragon like creature that was born with 3 heads.

G. H. (Gman)

AdminGodzillaJul-12-2017 11:07 PM

Hopefully not. That would pretty much be King Ghidorah's most boring origin by default.


MemberAnguirusJul-13-2017 4:42 AM

This could mean that the cave paintings seen in Skull Island were prophecies. Perhaps each of these sites were discovered by thousands of years ago and they predicted what they believed would happen (ie Ghidorah breaking out of the ice and fighting Godzilla)

Kaiju Kong

MemberMothra LarvaeJul-13-2017 5:21 AM

So excited for the "Monsterverse",I am still hoping they get the rights to Gamera. It would make it perfect

The Jurassic Bootleg

MemberBaragonJul-13-2017 6:32 AM

Ghidorah being a space monster is just unconvincing, we all know that MonsterVerse is aiming for naturalistic tone to their movies so I doubt Legendary is going to make him a space monster. I think Legendary would likely keep Ghidorah's origin unknown in the movie.

Im Durp

MemberBaragonJul-13-2017 7:39 AM

^ In a movie series with giant nuclear monsters that can survive millennias, a space origin Ghidorah would be anything but unconvincing.

The Jurassic Bootleg

MemberBaragonJul-13-2017 7:53 AM

Alright, but I still don't see them making Ghidorah a space monster.

Im Durp

MemberBaragonJul-13-2017 8:31 AM

I fully expect a space origin Ghidorah.

Granted I'm just grasping at that little line from Kong and his past origins, but there needs to be something that differentiates Ghidorah, who is arguably THE villain of the Godzilla universe, from every other monster that will show up.

The Jurassic Bootleg

MemberBaragonJul-13-2017 9:02 AM


I wouldn't expect that if I were you, because there is a high chance that Ghidorah is just going an ancient super species, Godzilla 2 synopsis pretty much suggested that.

Im Durp

MemberBaragonJul-13-2017 9:16 AM

I think "high chance" is going a little far. Ancient just means old, a space monster can still be ancient.

The Jurassic Bootleg

MemberBaragonJul-13-2017 9:21 AM


Still not convince.

Im Durp

MemberBaragonJul-13-2017 9:28 AM

That's fine, just defending the idea that Ghidorah could be from space

The Jurassic Bootleg

MemberBaragonJul-13-2017 9:39 AM


Well the movie is coming out in 2 years so I guess we'll wait and see.

G. H. (Gman)

AdminGodzillaJul-13-2017 10:20 AM

I think some are taking this naturalism thing a bit far. "Naturalism" seems to be the word MonsterVerse fans are using in place of "realism" just to defend said realism and not sound too redundant. There's still "naturalism" in established fantasy and there's many ways that it can be applied to King Ghidorah's extraterrestrial origin.

For example, the MonsterVerse is now using the Hollow Earth theory--A concept that has been debunked since the 1700s and laughed about in the scientific community in the same way that aliens from Mars are. Quite simply, monsters coming from the Hollow Earth concept is equally as ridiculous as monsters from another planet.

Case and point: Will Farrell's Journey to the Center of the Earth movie is based on Hollow Earth theory.  It's a comedic concept in same way that little green men from Mars was in Mars Attacks! But Skull Island still approached it with this supposed realism or "naturalism" and everyone here seems to buy it. They can do the same for King Ghidorah's extraterrestrial origins.


MemberTitanosaurusJul-13-2017 10:45 AM

Really awesome, from the monster zero nod to the line "the devil has three heads". I cannot wait to see what's gonna happen at comic-con.

The King of the Monsters

MemberBaragonJul-13-2017 11:00 AM

Not to mention there are countless science-fiction films that manage to, in my opinion, treat extraterrestrial life completely seriously and believably, and I could easily see the same being done for King Ghidorah. I've said it before, but I point to John Carpenter's The Thing as the perfect example. The film revolves around the discovery of an alien (which arrived on Earth in a flying saucer no less), frozen in the Antarctic ice for millions of years. The characters don't have time to discuss the plausibility or scientific ramifications of the discovery, because they're too busy fighting for their own survival. All that matters in that film is that an alien organism exists, and it can wipe out humanity if it isn't stopped. When one character is asked about how the alien is capable of the bizarre abilities it possesses, he simply replies "because it's not like us. Because it's from outer space."

My point is, if Godzilla: King of the Monsters chooses to make King Ghidorah an extraterrestrial, it could be handled in much the same way. An alien organism is discovered frozen in ancient ice. We don't really know how it got here, where it came from, or what it really is, but the point is it exists and is a threat to the planet. This is exactly how the MonsterVerse has treated its monsters in the past. We don't know exactly how these superspecies came about or how they can exist and defy every law of physics, but the point is they exist and the characters have to deal with them. King Ghidorah being an alien is not as far out of the realm of possibility as people are assuming.


AdminSpaceGodzillaJul-13-2017 12:48 PM

I'm with the majority here, I want Ghidorag to have a space origin. Much like THE THING, an ancient creature which crashed to Earth and was frozen in ice for millions of years. That's more believable than having 5 or more different superspecies all hybernating under the Earth's surface in my opinion.

The Jurassic Bootleg

MemberBaragonJul-13-2017 1:31 PM

They should just keep it unknown, I think it works better, well for me anyways.


MemberMothra LarvaeJul-13-2017 9:22 PM

Hi guys, I joined this site years ago but I hardly ever posted anything... so I guess you could say I'm a longtime reader/follower, but I thought I'd jump in here :)

Anyway I like the idea of King Ghidorah being found frozen in ice, if this is true and they're really going to roll with it for the film. It reminds me a lot of The Thing. But I wanted to add, and anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong here, but this "found frozen in the ice" idea, wasn't this originally going to be used for Godzilla himself in the 2014 movie? But I believe as I heard, when they found out a similar idea was going to be used for Man of Steel, they decided to drop it. So in a way, if this is the idea for King Ghidorah in the finished film, it's kind of revisiting an old idea, right?

The Hooded Figure

MemberTitanosaurusJul-13-2017 9:29 PM

^I believe the "found frozen in the ice idea" for Godzilla 2014 was going to be used in the after credits scene of Kong: Skull Island, but than instead was changed to what we got in the movie. At least that's what I think it is, but I could be wrong as well.

Nice to have you posting here. Were always welcoming and kind to other members here. :)

The Jurassic Bootleg

MemberBaragonJul-13-2017 10:21 PM



The King of the Monsters

MemberBaragonJul-13-2017 11:02 PM

The alternate post-credit scene for Kong: Skull Island is not the same as the proposed discovery of Godzilla and M.U.T.O.s in ice from Godzilla 2014. In an early draft of G14, the M.U.T.O.s and a Godzilla carcass would have been discovered frozen in ice rather than under that mine in the Philippines, but this was changed to avoid similarities to Man of Steel.

The alternate post-credits scene for Kong involved the characters witnessing Godzilla surfacing in the Arctic. This was changed for continuity purposes, as Monarch had not seen Godzilla since 1954 by 2014, so it wouldn't make much sense for them to have seen him in the 1970's.

The Hooded Figure

MemberTitanosaurusJul-13-2017 11:09 PM

^Oh, my mistake than.


MemberTitanosaurusJul-14-2017 6:10 AM

You know, a fellow user from another forum pointed this out to me, but King Ghidorah's design could be linked to Satan.

In Dante's Inferno, Satan is described like King Ghidorah plenty of times. So, mythological origins that have King Ghidorah as the origin of Satan in the Judeo-Christian faiths? I'd be down with it!

Hecl, another user on the same forum had the idea that he could be further linked by way of Lucifer, being a fallen angel a.k.a. descending from the Heavens a.k.a. SPACE DRAGON!


MemberBaragonJul-14-2017 7:42 AM

The idea of Ghidorah being a space monster who is found frozen makes sense in this universe. It also makes sense for someone to classify it as "Monster 0" if they analyze it and find out that it is far older than any other monster they have come across so far, thus giving it the number 0.


With Godzilla, in this universe, working as a protector it makes even more sense to have Ghidorah have outer space origins as then it will make it simple why they fight.


MemberBaragonJul-14-2017 8:46 AM

I'm gonna say.. space origins for Ghidorah. The monster Zero reference in a huge indicator. A meteor crashes on earth in the past.. a life form with in the meteor begins to grow.. it is Ghidorah.. and as time passes.. he gets real huge.. fights an ancient Godzilla.. gets wounded.. flies away.. crashes in the Antarctic... goes to sleep.. gets frozen and covered by ice over time.. and government scientists.. in the future want to get a sample of it's DNA.. and somehow manage to wake him up. And it's Ghidorah :the three headed monster.. remake.. complete with all the original players. And I'm totally good with that. At least.. that's my theory.

The Jurassic Bootleg

MemberBaragonJul-14-2017 9:29 AM


I think its just a reference to Monster Zero movie. But the movie is coming out in 2 years so I guess we have to wait and see.


MemberBaragonJul-14-2017 3:24 PM


You do realize that they call King Ghidorah Monster Zero in the film right?

Here's a few quotes from the film.

"What is monster zero?"

"The demon of our galaxy. I will show you monster zero."

"Hey look. It's king ghidorah."

"Yes. On earth, you gave this terrifying monster the name of ghidorah. Everything here is numbered, the monster is zero."



MemberTitanosaurusJul-14-2017 5:20 PM

What Huge Ben said

I Meme Everything

MemberGiganJul-14-2017 5:22 PM

Please, make King Ghidorah terrifying. Please, make him powerful. Please, make him merciless.

The Jurassic Bootleg

MemberBaragonJul-15-2017 6:04 AM

Personally, the only way Ghidorah can work as a space monster(Sort of) in the MonsterVerse is to make him an earth monster that migrated to space millions of years ago and millions of years later he decided to return to earth to see what has changed in the planet but he crashes(dunno how) in Antarctica and remained frozen there for thousands of years.

That's the only way Ghidorah can work as a space monster(Sort of) in this grounded movie universe, I honestly couldn't think of any other way without making it too far-fetch.


MemberTitanosaurusJul-15-2017 6:43 AM

I can. He's from space and then came to Earth. End of story.

Im Durp

MemberBaragonJul-15-2017 9:04 AM

^ Yep, works for me

The Jurassic Bootleg

MemberBaragonJul-15-2017 9:38 AM


Alright whatever makes you guys happy but I'm not going to expect him to be a space monster until we get more information or a confirmation from Micheal Dougherty.


MemberTitanosaurusJul-15-2017 10:36 AM

That's fine. Just don't go in thinking that him being a pure space monster is any less worthy of suspension-of-disbelief than your own ideas.

The Jurassic Bootleg

MemberBaragonJul-15-2017 11:02 AM

So we're cool now? ok cool.


MemberMothra LarvaeJul-15-2017 1:11 PM

Thanks to those who helped clear up the "frozen in ice" thing :)

I guess I don't get what the hang up some seem to have about King Ghidorah being a space monster is. I'm guessing it just comes down to the usual, admittedly odd double-standard I see a lot in the Godzilla fandom about whether or not things are "realistic", which never really makes much sense to me, but I think part of this is a generational thing with younger fans.

It seems like no one ever gets caught up on the idea of these giant monsters being many hundreds of feet tall and supposedly weighing many tens of thousands of tons, thereby breaking and defying all known laws of physics and biology right from the get-go. Even no less an authority than Neil deGrasse Tyson called out how "unrealistic" this is, but it seems that all fans can accept this. But then they'll obsess over other aspects of the monsters, like their origins, and argue about whether or not they're "realistic". I don't get it, but again I think it's more of a generational thing.

I'm not trying to pick on anyone here, and we all have our opinions. And compared to so many G-fans nowadays, I'm an old lady. But I've just never been able to wrap my head around this aspect of the Godzilla fandom.

And it is worth noting of course that we're still just speculating if King Ghidorah will really be an extraterrestrial here. That was his classic origin in the Godzilla series of course, but even later movies such as Godzilla vs King Ghidorah and GMK changed Ghidorah's origin, so there's certainly precedent even from the Japanese films for KG having different origins and backgrounds.

G. H. (Gman)

AdminGodzillaJul-15-2017 2:34 PM

"I honestly couldn't think of any other way without making it too far-fetch."

You mean as far-fetched as the Hollow Earth theory being the explanation for monsters in so-called "serious" and "naturalistic" movies made 200-250 years after its been laughed out of the scientific community?



MemberTitanosaurusJul-16-2017 6:48 AM

Heck, living animals being found frozen in ice and able to live after being thawed out is generally not an actual thing IRL as well. A select few organisms can do it, but it's definitely not the norm.

As always, it's the presentation of such unrealistic ideas that makes or breaks them. For the MonsterVerse, they've presented them in a relatively grounded manner, but they're working their way up to more outlandish themes and concepts bit by bit.


MemberTitanosaurusJul-16-2017 11:49 AM

Heavily agreed


MemberBaragonJul-18-2017 10:36 AM

realistic and Ghidorah = oxymoron. I wish that Edwards had not pinned the label of grounded and realistic.. to the Godzilla brand.. for the sake of making it believable. Lord of the Rings is total fantasy..as is Harry Potter.. and it made a ton of cash. The monsterverse.. IMO.. should follow in those footsteps. Keep it fantasy.. but make it so spectacular.. that people will want more of it. The second I heard the Hollow earth term in Kong... realism went out the window.. and fantasy took over completely and it seemed to work well for Kong. It was a huge change from Edwards approach. 

The Transformers movies don't seem to be effected by the lack of grounded and realistic thinking.. even though the movies themselves sucked (imo).. People love seeing big screen action in a fantasy setting. That is what Godzilla should be.. every time.. from here on out.


MemberTitanosaurusJul-18-2017 11:28 AM

RR44-Couldn't have said it better, yet again not realism Naturalism. Naturalism simply means basing the monsters off of nature, particularly in the way they look. It doesn't mean they can't come from space or shoot atomic rays. 


MemberBaragonJul-18-2017 3:42 PM

Shin Gojira at least delivered destruction on an epic scale.. where as Edwards version teased us. And when shin G was walking around.. you heard almost every footstep.. Edwards G.. too stealthy. The G movie should incorporate all the sounds that one would hear when monsters of that size a scale.. are battling. TOHO a least got that right.. in most of their G films. It's epic.. it's grand.. it makes money. Shin G showed what descent CGI can do. I have the video that breaks it down.. and it was pretty good. If we had seen more of that in Edwards film.. then the burden of carrying the G films in America.. would not have had to rely on Kong.


MemberBaragonJul-18-2017 5:06 PM


I actually agree with this. Shin Godzilla has better CGI than Kong Skull Island. After watching the dvd of Kong, I was a bit disappointed with how much green screen I could see with a lot of shots as opposed to the theatrical run. This is why I will always prefer practical effects over CGI. Practical effects are more of an art form and not a relic. And, Shin Godzilla, although CGI, actually looks like practical effects in terms of visuals. When CGI is done correctly, it can be great to look at. While Shin Godzilla does have very rough CGI effects in the early part of the film, it got better and better as the film progressed. 


MemberTitanosaurusAug-01-2017 8:37 AM

I loved Michael Dougherty's writing and directing. Krampus and Trick 'R Treat are some of my favorite movies featuring the way he use practical effects in them. so when I heard he is directing a Godzilla film I know this is going to be the amercian Godzilla film we all need. He Delivers In His Movies!


MemberTitanosaurusAug-01-2017 8:46 AM

as with King Ghidorah's origins, I think the outer space monster would really open up the possibility of a expanded MonsterVerse for Godzilla's future. This same concept of a movie back with Toho (Ghidorah, The Three Headed Monster) gave Toho a direction for Godzilla to head in. (yes one can argue after the 70's that direction may have not been the best direction according to producer Tomoyuki Tananka), but after 60 years it still paid off. so giving Ghidorah a space origin would not hurt its context or the audience. The audience already can associate the monster already with aliens. Aside with the Showa series, with all the video games and comic books Ghidorah always seems to be a space monster. im sure this is going to be fun and fair to all viewers.


MemberTitanosaurusFeb-07-2018 9:56 AM

Hello? Is anyone there?

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