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Godzilla and Gaming: Top Godzilla Games to Play

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Since smashing onto the scene in 1954, Godzilla has become a cultural phenomenon in movies, comics and of course, video games. It has also become a household name with the slots. Check out some cool Godzilla-themed online pokies by this link for bonuses.

Speaking of slots, playing Godzilla-themed online pokies will be a roaring good time if you're craving thrilling gameplay, nostalgic elements, and the chance to relive epic monster battles while potentially winning big rewards. On this page, we celebrate the rich history of Godzilla and suggest a few exciting games to check out.

What is the First Godzilla Game

If you're a Godzilla fan, you must have at least at one point been itching to know the history of Godzilla. If that is the case, you may have wanted to ask; what is the first Godzilla game?

The first Godzilla game was simply titled "Godzilla." Released in 1983, it is a strategy game where you command the military to stop Godzilla from destroying Tokyo. The game map is a 5x5 grid that represents Japan and its nearby waters. Godzilla randomly starts in one of the 25 spaces, except Tokyo.

When playing, you can choose between attacking Godzilla and moving troops. Attack options include land, sea, air, missiles, and the powerful atomic bomb. Troops, boats, and jets must be strategically positioned so, each attack type requires careful planning.

As you play, you get damage reports following each attack. Each report details losses and the effectiveness against Godzilla. Godzilla must not reach Tokyo. If it does, the game ends. Also, if an atomic bomb destroys the city, the game is over.

Top Ten Godzilla Games to Play

Here are ten other top Godzilla games to play, but first a quick summary:



Godzilla: Save the Earth

Fan favourite arena brawler with a large roster of Kaiju and fun party modes.

Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee

Control one of eleven monsters, engaging in strategic battles inspired by classic Kaiju mechanics.

Godzilla Domination!

Arena-based combat with colourful graphics, a spiritual successor to the King of the Monsters series.

Godzilla: Monster War

It is a Street Fighter-esque title with refined mechanics and a variety of playable monsters.

Super Godzilla

Experimental game with two phases: environment exploration and turn-based combat.

City Shrouded In Shadow

Narrative-based survival game featuring Godzilla, Ultraman, Gamera, and Evangelion characters.

Godzilla: Monster of Monsters

Grid-based strategy game with side-scrolling levels and varied environments.

Godzilla: Unleashed

Features over 20 Kaiju and Mechas with dynamic combat and extensive content.

Godzilla 2014

Realistic Godzilla simulator focusing on destruction and power, despite slow movements.

Godzilla: Battle Legends

1v1 fighter with colourful graphics and changing Godzilla appearances per boss battle.

Godzilla Domination

Godzilla's Arcadey Gem is a spiritual successor to the King of the Monsters series. With its evolution bearing some similarities to that of the iPhone camera as seen on this page, the game offers grappling-heavy, arena-based combat with colourful graphics reminiscent of its arcade predecessors.

We have to mention that even though the roster is limited, the game is a must-own for avid Godzilla fans looking for engaging and nostalgic gameplay. The vibrant visuals and fast-paced action provide a satisfying and enjoyable experience for players of all ages.

Godzilla: Save the Earth

Save the Earth is a fan favourite for good reason. This game is packed with content that features a giant roster of Kaiju and a variety of party modes.

It’s a 4-player arena brawler where densely packed cities act as your battlefield. The focus on fun over realism makes it a fantastic party game even years after its release.

What's more, the game combines a great deal of engaging gameplay and extensive content to keep you coming back for more. You can hardly go wrong with this title if you're looking for an immersive fun pastime game.

Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee

This is a classic Godzilla game that lets you control one of eleven monsters. These include fan favorites like Gigan, Godzilla 90s, Orga, and Mechagodzilla.

The Vortaak have invaded Earth, and you must use basic attacks, powerup orbs, and airstrikes to defeat them. With its inspiration from Alfa System and Toho’s Monster War, Melee's mechanics are a fan's favourite.

In fact, for many fans, this is one of the few games worthy of a remaster. The game’s unique blend of strategy and action makes it a standout in the Godzilla game lineup.

Godzilla: Monster War

This successor to Super Godzilla never made it to North America. However, it was a huge hit in Japan. In this game, players can choose from Godzilla, Anguirus, King Ghidorah, Gigan, Megalon, Mechagodzilla, Biollante, or Mothra. Unlock Gotengo in hard mode for a treat.

This Street Fighter-esque title captures the essence of monster battles with refined mechanics, visuals, and move sets. With the game’s focus being on intense one-on-one combat and character variety it made a name for itself as one of the most beloved entries among fans.

Super Godzilla

Super Godzilla is an experimental title that features two phases of play. Phase one is guiding Godzilla through environments and the next one is engaging in turn-based combat with kaiju rivals.

This 16-bit game is incredibly cinematic with giant, beautiful sprites. For many lovers of Godzilla, its unique approach and stunning visuals make it a fascinating entry in the Godzilla game lineup. The game also boasts innovative mechanics and a captivating storyline guaranteed to provide a memorable experience for players.

City Shrouded In Shadow

In Japan, this game is widely known as Kyoei Toshi. It is essentially a narrative-based survival game that has you escaping a city in chaos while monsters, robots, and heroes clash.

Godzilla, Ultraman, Gamera, and Evangelion characters feature in this cult classic. Despite its dated graphics, the game's eerie atmosphere and fan service make it memorable and beloved. The game features a unique blend of survival and narrative elements which offer a fresh take on the Godzilla gaming experience.

Godzilla: Monster of Monsters

This game gets it right by having Godzilla travel across a grid to battle rival kaiju on different planets. It combines side-scrolling levels and rudimentary fighting game mechanics to create an outstanding gaming experience.

You control both Godzilla and Mothra, each with distinct play styles. This is a plus for players who love to work with a strategy as you will discover that some monsters are best handled by a single troop over the other.

Many Godzilla fans agree that it is the game’s strategy and classic feel that make it a standout title for fans. What's more, the varied environments and strategic gameplay provide a deep and engaging experience for players.

Godzilla: Unleashed

This noughties title, despite its poor graphics, offers gameplay that fans love. Up to four monsters can battle simultaneously.

And the best part is that the game boasts over 20 Kaiju and Mechas from various eras. The extensive content, including unlocking monsters and maps, makes it one of the best fighters on the Wii console. But it doesn't end there. The game comes with an expansive roster and dynamic combat system to provide endless entertainment for players of all ages.

Godzilla 2014 - PlayStation 4

This game often gets a lot of stick for Godzilla's slow and cumbersome movements. Nonetheless, it excels in making you feel like Godzilla.

Smashing buildings and crisping foes with breath attacks feels right. We have to admit nonetheless that the game has its flaws.

However, provided that you understand it as a Godzilla Simulator, it allows for a roaring good time. The game’s realistic portrayal of Godzilla’s size and power provides an immersive and satisfying experience for many fans.

Godzilla: Battle Legends

This Japanese release pits Godzilla against iconic adversaries like King Ghidorah (the Three-Headed Dragon) and Megalon. The game features colourful, detailed graphics and changes Godzilla's appearance with each boss battle.

Its SNES sequel, Godzilla: Monster War, is also noteworthy, but Battle Legends' 1v1 battles and journey through time make it a higher-ranked entry. The game’s nostalgic appeal and engaging combat make it a must-play for fans of the series.

Final Thoughts on Top Godzilla Games to Play

Godzilla's impact on gaming is as enormous as the monster itself. From classic strategy games to modern fighting titles, Godzilla's presence in the gaming world has offered fans numerous ways to experience the thrill of battling epic foes and causing destruction.

Whether you're a seasoned gamer or a new fan, these Godzilla games capture the spirit of the legendary kaiju and provide endless entertainment. Don't forget to check out some cool Godzilla-themed online pokies for a chance to combine nostalgia with the excitement of winning big.

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