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After 8 years the King of the Monsters has returned to home-consoles, and this is what I personally think about his grand return.

The game begins with a small tutorial on how to move around the King of the Monsters, after this, a list of various game-modes to choose from appears as the main title screen, most of them however, you can not do because of a lack of monster cells which you collect later on by battling classic kaiju in mortal-combat.

The main story mode which is the one I always play first is called God of Destruction Mode! In the main selection of Level 1 you have 3 options, 1. Go Ashore as the King of the Monsters, 2. Invade the shore lines as an enemy Kaiju, And 3. Defend Humanity. Of course as any sane person would do I went Ashore as Godzilla!

In the first level as Godzilla, the great King of the Monsters was awoken in a sort of Navy docking area, from they're two military speaker's came online and spoke about the horror of the King of the Monsters. After this i was given free-reign of Godzilla, with a meter list of how tall I was, a photo deck, and Atomic Beam bar I pressed on.

The gameplay is very fun once you get passed the slowness and realize, you are playing as a 50 meter tall Kaiju! Godzilla begins the game with one Atomic Bar for his beam, a Nuclear Pulse, and a few melee moves. The goal of the first level was simple, "Eradicate the G force Generator and absorb all Energy."

And from there I pressed on loving this game. Now as you proceed further, in my case the second stage, I encountered the very first Monster and for me it was Mecha Godzilla. Now because of Godzilla's slowness it was very hard to inch close enough to even land a strike, I did defeat him but it was tough. I still do not have any complaints on Godzilla himself as he is awesome and I know exactly what the dev's were going for. I can however see why their have been a lot of reviews calling the game bad, in the heart of hearts it really is for the Fans, not the average gamer.

After pressing on for a few levels and having a blast, I encountered a 80 meter Space Godzilla. I was only 70 meters and feared the worst, yet I took him on, like a man!! As expected I died many times, the design of SpaceGodzilla is just fantastic, really they captured everything about the character his move-set even to the way he looks at you it really is incredible. Eventually I did beat him by using a combination Atomic Breath, and run away technique.

Before I pressed on I used some points in the evolution room, here is how it works. When you enter the room you use points that you gain from defeating certain Monsters, like Godzilla 2014 to upgrade him you have to have beaten him a certain number of times. In my case I had unlocked a Spiral Ray and I equipped it, little did I know how fitting it was going to be.

In my next stage, things were going swell and I had reached 80 meters, and then Destoroyah showed up. Destoroyah was 85 meters so this was a pretty even fight.

I held up with all my strength using the Spiral Ray to the best of its abillities, thankfully I defeated him but it took a good 10 minutes.

So overall the single player mode is extremely fun and a blast for a single player Godzilla game, but their is still some more things in Destruction mode which I want to talk about.

So after I defeated Godzilla's solo game I went back and looked at the choice to play as either an Invader or a Defender, I chose Invader.

Now in Invader mode you have the choice to play as almost all of the different Kaiju from the Godzilla series.

I chose Godzilla 2014, now this is a really fun mode and a great addition to the game allowing you to play as all the characters you battle against and see how they fight. I am yet to finish playing as all these characters but from what I have seen it goes the same way as Godzilla's Destruction Mode.

So overall Destruction Mode is a blast, "no pun-intended" and a great single player mode, now besides Destruction Mode their is another Mode called Vs mode. Now in Vs Mode you can fight against online players just like you would expect, you can have 3 way melee's just like in Destruction mode, accept with people! So all the better.

That is pretty much it for the gameplay style, lets talk about the Diorama Mode, another mode inside this game. You can literally spend hours in this room setting up custom fights for your own amusement, I happened to create one with King Ghidorah stomping on Jet Jaguar while Godzilla 2014 looks in the sidelines, it was hillarious really.

The game overall is a fantastic treat for G-Fans, and certain gamers alike. That however is its only issue, the average gamer will find it boring most-likely and the controls awful. But not for us, for us this is a bad-ass game that you can spend hours battling on. It has been too long since we had an actual Godzilla game, and this is it.

Final Rating: 7.5/10 Wait for a Price-Drop


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Triple X

MemberMothra LarvaeJul-27-2015 3:14 PM

Nostalgia is no excuse for a horrible game with so much wasted potential. Dull graphics and environments for a PS4 game – copy and paste at its best, bad clipping, lag when destroing things, only 2 demolition animations – buildings breaking apart into the same chunks, bad controls – you turn your Kaiju by pressing the shoulder buttons (?!) and get attacked 10 times in the meantime, limited attacks … etc.

It might be a nice game for hardcore Godzilla fans, but i wouldn't invest in it! The King of Monsters deserves better than this.

Final Rating: 4/10

The King of the Monsters

MemberMothra LarvaeJul-27-2015 5:31 PM

No game has ever gone so far to emulate the beloved films it's based on than this one. The monsters all look, feel, move, and sound like their film counterparts. The amount of effort that went into each of the monsters is incredible. While I loved the Atari Godzilla games, I feel that this is by far the more authentic experience. While those games were more like fighting games based on the Godzilla series, this game feels like a Toho Godzilla film in video game form. It really is Godzilla: The Game. The environments are all based on areas from the films, and even the buildings seem like minatures that explode in a burst of sparks and debris. This game was clearly made by and for longtime fans for the series, something I greatly applaud it for.

Now, I realize that there's not much in this game to appeal to general consumers outside of the Godzilla fanbase. The gameplay is somewhat repetitive, the controls are unusual, and the game offers nothing really innovative to general gamers. The game was obviously done on a tight budget and sank most of its funds and effort into making the monsters as close to the films as possible, and as a result the game doesn't really utilize the full potential of a next-gen system. But this game was not shoved down the public's throat or heavily advertised at all, only aimed to Godzilla fans. This game knows what its targeted audience is, and caters to it very well. The ridicuously low reviews and public backlash this game gets is just uncalled for. It's been very well-received within the Godzilla fanbase, which is all one can ask for. Hopefully Bandai Namco isn't deterred by the poor reception this game got in the U.S. if and when they decide to release a new (and hopefully improved) Godzilla game in the future.

So, as a huge fan of the franchise and everything about it, I give this game an 8/10. It was well-worth the $60 I paid for it, though I wouldn't recommend to other people to spend that much money on it.


MemberMothra LarvaeJul-27-2015 11:48 PM


There's fan service, but that's all this game runs off of. Horrible and repetitive game play mechanics, no skill or intelligence required... just button mash and destroy the same generator over and over and over again. If you feel good spending $60 dollars on this... your wallet should be confiscated for a while. Maybe we'll just burn a few more of your twenties for good measure. This is a $10-$15 game at best. Save your money for a huge price drop. If you have PS+, it'll probably be free in the future. Even better.


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MemberMothra LarvaeJul-27-2015 11:54 PM

Moderated by **AL**


MemberGiganJul-28-2015 3:29 AM

Whilst constructive criticism is encouraged here Wolfguy, negative personal comments directed towards individual members are not!


ModeratorGiganJul-28-2015 6:48 AM

The game really is meant for the fans.

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