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Godzilla vs. Kong 2020 game reportedly in development to coincide with movie release date!

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With less than a year to go before Godzilla stomps back onto the big screen in Godzilla vs. Kong, we now receive word that a Godzilla vs. Kong game is reportedly currently in development and will release in the fourth quarter of 2020 to coincide with the movie's release date!

The fighting game will apparently be available for Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC and will include a pretty hefty roster of available Monsters to choose from with the possibility of added Monsters via DLC. The report comes to us from Reddit, with suggestion that a full reveal will take place at the next E3 conference.

Although an official announcement has yet to be made, leaks of this nature are fairly commo  leading up to E3. We'll keep you posted as we learn more!

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Written by ChrisPublished on 2019-06-05 19:05:23

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Godzilla fan#1

MemberMothra LarvaeJun-05-2019 7:36 PM

I'm excited for this game already


MemberTitanosaurusJun-05-2019 7:37 PM

Sweet! But screw 2014, Give me 2019 Godzilla!

G. H. (Gman)

AdminGodzillaJun-05-2019 7:39 PM

MechaniKong and Zilla?

Eh... I'll believe it when I see it.

Godzilla fan#1

MemberMothra LarvaeJun-05-2019 7:48 PM

I agree with you dude I don't understand why Gojira is in the game unless their trying to represent the movie Godzilla VS King Kong in the showa series. And why godzilla 2014 they should have Godzilla 2019.

Godzilla fan#1

MemberMothra LarvaeJun-05-2019 7:50 PM

 And also why can't it be a 3d game


Godzilla fan#1

MemberMothra LarvaeJun-05-2019 8:00 PM

 If they can make 3d godzilla games well nevermind the time is kinda short to make the game now so I guess that's one reason to make it a 2d game.

Gomi: Ninja Monster

MemberBaragonJun-05-2019 8:05 PM

I am cautiously excited, but this sounds a little too good for me to believe it yet. Guess we won't have to wait long to find out.


MemberBaragonJun-05-2019 8:06 PM

Freaking sweet! Glad it's not another crappy tablet game. Base it off of Zelda ocarina of time or Drakan ancient gates style gameplay but let us roam the earth and befriend or battle other kaiju. Unleashed powerful were cool and that game rocks but the barriers always urk me. Give us an open world like GTA style but with Kaiju. Please no ****ty barriers like in KOTM from SNK. Best game besides KOTM2 but ever since Godzilla games are plagued with barriers. Look at the b&w tutorial for the first ps4 G game. It looks like you get to thrash Tokyo hard but we are let down fast to find we are stuck on a path to the Tokyo tower. Greatest game but the barriers really piss me off. I want a Godzilla game where I can literally be Godzilla WOW style. Make it an rpg please


MemberBaragonJun-05-2019 8:07 PM

Unleashed powerups I meant. Autocorrect blows


MemberRodanJun-05-2019 8:50 PM



MemberRodanJun-05-2019 8:50 PM


Godzilla fan#1

MemberMothra LarvaeJun-05-2019 8:55 PM

This game seems good but we got to find out to if the graphics are great.


MemberBaragonJun-05-2019 10:21 PM

Hmmm, 2d... it might be like a Mortal Kombat style game.

I hope this is real! I have never wanted to buy Godzilla PS4 due to the horrible reviews, but I would pick this up!


MemberTitanosaurusJun-06-2019 5:18 AM

This IS Arcs System Works, who do good work in fighting games, with titles like Dragon Ball FighterZ under their belt.

If they're behind this, it could be pretty good.


MemberMothra LarvaeJun-06-2019 9:46 AM

I just hope it will be good.

Tony SAV

MemberMothra LarvaeJun-06-2019 12:42 PM

This would be awesome since it is time for a new Godzilla game to top all the previous ones, and what better way to do it with a tie in to the current MonsterVerse timeline.

J. Robert

MemberMothra LarvaeJun-06-2019 1:10 PM

Wow! a new game! And with Godzilla's cousin included (Zilla)! Andpersonally I like more the Godzilla from 2014
I hope that Ghidorah, Mothra and Rodan come in their Legendary version. :D


MemberMothra LarvaeJun-07-2019 4:02 AM

If this is real, I just hope they're in their Monsterverse designs.

Happy Enterprises

MemberMothra LarvaeJun-07-2019 6:47 AM

 As Ken Wantanbe would say, “Beautiful”


MemberBaragonJun-07-2019 7:22 PM



MemberBaragonJun-07-2019 7:26 PM

 Wait 2D and my hype just found a nice hole and died in it

Gomi: Ninja Monster

MemberBaragonJun-07-2019 7:49 PM


Much as I would have liked something more like Destroy All Monsters, should this rumor prove true Arc System Works is the same company behind stuff like BlazBlue and Dragon Ball FighterZ, which at the very least look really good. I'd personally be willing to try a well-polished fighting game if I get to play as kaiju, so don't lose all hope yet.


MemberTitanosaurusJun-07-2019 8:03 PM

I have Dragon Ball FighterZ. It's a 2D fighter game that uses 3D models and graphics. If this rumor is true then we are in for a real treat.

The Realist

MemberMothra LarvaeJun-10-2019 11:21 AM

Looks like this was fake. Very unfortunate. Either that, or it was pulled from E3 because of the rumored delay of GvK.

Gomi: Ninja Monster

MemberBaragonJun-10-2019 7:32 PM

I'm deeply hoping for the latter option, as if everyone here wasn't as well.


MemberBaragonJun-11-2019 7:27 AM

Some things sound fishy like Gman said Mechanikong and Zilla sound a tad bit strange.


MemberBaragonJun-12-2019 9:50 AM

Despite the bad reviews, the Godzilla PS4 Game was actually pretty good in my opinion.


MemberBaragonJun-26-2019 4:48 AM

There needs to be an open world Godzilla game.


MemberBaragonJun-29-2019 9:10 AM

G. H. (Gman) Maybe Zilla Jr? Idk

Rodan: The Fire Demon

MemberMothra LarvaeOct-03-2019 5:40 AM

Hmmm why use the 2014 godzilla? I hope they use the 2019 Godzilla



MemberRodanOct-03-2019 9:03 AM

... Sounds too good to be true if it has Mechanikong.


MemberRodanOct-03-2019 10:45 AM

Mechanikong be like


MemberTitanosaurusOct-04-2019 2:20 PM

I really hope that it improves on the roster that was given to us in the other Godzilla game that came out for the PS4 in 2014/2015.

Also, which version of King Ghidorah are they using?

Also also, I hope that we can play as all versions of the MUTO (MUTO 1 and MUTO 2 from 2014, MUTO Prime from Godzilla: Aftershock, and MUTO 3 from 2019).

XEN0 VEN0M 2.0

MemberMothra LarvaeApr-21-2021 9:58 PM

Is This Like All Real Or Is This Just Another Hoax Just To Think Others Into Believing It's Real?

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