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Godzilla vs. Kong officially beats Godzilla 2: KOTM at the Box Office with over $390 million!

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We had a suspicion this would happen and indeed, it has! Godzilla vs. Kong has officially surpassed Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters in global box office earnings today! The fourth Monsterverse movie has officially reached $390.2 million in box office returns, setting it ahead of Godzilla 2 by $3.6 so far (King of the Monsters only earned $386.6 million globally during its theatrical run).

This officially places Godzilla vs. Kong in third place, behind Godzilla 2014 at $529 million and the Monsterverse's leading film, Kong Skull Island which earned $566.7 million!

Godzilla vs. Kong's theatrical run hasn't even concluded yet and already having surpassed KOTM while releasing in a pandemic to limited theater screenings and sharing revenue with streaming platforms, is an enormous victory!

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Written by ChrisPublished on 2021-04-18 09:49:20

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MemberGiganApr-18-2021 9:55 AM

Hopefully it beats g'14 and ksi...


MemberBaragonApr-18-2021 10:00 AM

kotm:gets around 360million bucks in the box office during not a pandemic

gvk:gets more than kotm in about a 3rd of its box office run during a pandemic




G. H. (Gman)

AdminGodzillaApr-18-2021 11:05 AM


Very doubtful it will hit G'14 and Skull Island, given how many theaters are still closed around the country and its box office intake is slowing to a crawl. It still has 5 more countries it has to open in, including Japan. Those 5 should bring another $35-40 million.


MemberAnguirusApr-18-2021 11:28 AM

Great news for Godzilla vs Kong and The MonsterVerse!



Sad news for Godzilla: King of the Monsters though...


MemberGiganApr-18-2021 2:43 PM



MemberMothra LarvaeApr-18-2021 7:45 PM

Ayyeee glad a movie can still succeed even during a pandemic. 


KoTM is still gonna be my number one movie though, GvK following after.


AdminSpaceGodzillaApr-19-2021 7:53 AM

Yeah I think KOTM overall is the better film of the two, but the fact GvK has done so well with so many negative factors playing against its release, it's kind of disappointing to think KOTM couldn't have pulled off better numbers.


MemberGiganApr-19-2021 7:58 AM


I agree


MemberGiganApr-19-2021 8:18 AM

You guys can't be serious.  GVK was WAY WAY better.


MemberGiganApr-19-2021 8:20 AM


what makes it better?


MemberGiganApr-19-2021 8:21 AM

GVK had a coherent story, great action, fluid visual effects for once, no tonal issues.

But it's human characters are far worse than KOTM.


MemberGiganApr-19-2021 8:22 AM

To me the story in KoTm was better


MemberGiganApr-19-2021 8:23 AM

Eh, it was mediocre at best.

But the visuals were good, the humans were mostly decent besides all the comedic characters and Emma Russell.


MemberGiganApr-19-2021 8:25 AM


imma not explain my reasoning for thinking Emma was the best character. Mark was a bit annoying for knowing everything. The story overall should have focused more on Madison not mark. Mark had an arc which was great but, the movie really set up to focus on her at the beginning. It would have been more compelling to see her struggle between her moms and dad’s sides of the conflict.


MemberGiganApr-19-2021 8:28 AM

They really should've focused on Madison.  She ended up being the one to save the world, and WB pushed Millie Bobby Brown's character to the front of the marketing to the point she was the face of KOTM's marketing.  I was so ticked off when I saw how her character was handled in GVK...


MemberGiganApr-19-2021 8:30 AM


Now seeing some reasons I don’t like GVK as much?


MemberGiganApr-19-2021 8:31 AM

Yeah, Madison's mishandling.

I'd like to see your thoughts on her character in GVK before I share mine.


MemberGiganApr-19-2021 8:32 AM

What I thought, she started out okay in the movie, and did nothing to stop MechaG, and stood there being useless. 
They could have pursued the tensions between her and her dad but didn’t 


MemberGiganApr-19-2021 8:38 AM

Yeah, those thoughts string closely to mine.  But to extend your point....if I had written the movie, I would've nixed Josh and Bernie and focused on her tension between Mark.  THEN I would have her go alone to find out APEX's intentions and have her get a self-reflection journey and figure out if she's right to support Big G.  And anyways, WB and Legendary kept the character in GVK for one reason (probably), because Millie Bobby Brown is an insanely popular actress.

My thoughts on Madison Russell in GVK in a nutshell.

Super Godzilla

MemberMothra LarvaeApr-19-2021 5:16 PM

So glad to see this. Movie was so fun and it's success will no doubt bring us more Godzilla in the future.

Trash panda

MemberAnguirusApr-19-2021 5:18 PM



MemberAnguirusApr-19-2021 5:54 PM


All Hail our new Prophet Monster_Zero!!!


MemberAnguirusApr-20-2021 3:52 PM

Honestly,hes not really a prophet since it was basicly it was set in stone that gvk would get more money than kotm becase its FRIGIN GODZILLA VS KONG!!!!! how would it fail at the box office?

Trash panda

MemberAnguirusApr-20-2021 4:10 PM

Still, I predicted it.


MemberAnguirusApr-29-2021 7:13 AM

I mean, yeah, it's a movie about two giant monsters, big monke and big lizard, having basically a death battle. AND it was a battle that happened way back in the 60s, and we wanted a rematch. People love that stuff.

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