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How to Create a Website Dedicated to Science Fiction Films

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The online science fiction community has emerged at a frenetic pace over the past few years. Not only is this great for those who are fans of classic films such as Godzilla and Aliens, but it also opens up an opportunity in terms of connecting with others and even earning a side income.

So, what does it actually take to create a fully functional website that will be devoted to streaming sci-fi films? While we will not focus upon issues such as copyrighting and EULA agreements, other concerns including site design are just as relevant. Let us examine a handful of interesting suggestions. 

Put Your Site on the (Digital) Map

There is perhaps no more important concern than choosing a catchy URL for your site. Quality domain names and address suffixes (such as .com and .net) can be used to attract fans and to rank higher within a search engine results page (more on this a bit later). Furthermore, it is important to know whether a specific name has already been taken. Be sure to perform a good deal of preliminary research and to work with a third-party domain hosting service. 

Popular Genres or Niche Films?

This next variable will depend on your personal tastes and yet, it is also important to mention. If you are hoping to monetise your website, it is generally better to provide well-received films that tend to attract a wider audience base such as Justice League by DC Comics or the ever-popular Star Wars franchise.

You could otherwise focus upon a niche sector (such as indies or silent films). In this case, it will be essential to properly market the website so that it receives the exposure that it deserves. This also leads us into the next section. 

The Role of SEO

Otherwise known as search engine optimisation, adopting the latest search engine optimisation techniques will often determine whether or not your website is viewed by the general public. Here are some crucial elements within any SEO strategy:


  • Using relevant keywords and key phrases.


  • Ensuring that HTML coding is correct.


  • Regularly updating the content within your site.


  • Linking to other reputable film-related portals.


As SEO can represent a slightly complicated subject to those who do not have a great deal of experience, it could be better to work with a professional marketing agency. 

More than a Standalone Site

We will now imagine that your site is up and running. As opposed to sitting back and waiting for the visitors to roll in, you will need to take a more proactive approach. One effective approach is to make your presence known across numerous social media portals. Social media marketing will allow you to reach a truly massive audience and this strategy is also a great way to appreciate how your site is being received.

Whether for fun or to turn a profit, creating a film dedicated to science fiction will be a memorable experience. The suggestions outlined above can help to ensure that your visitors keep coming back for more. 

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