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Kong Shows Off His New Weapon for Godzilla vs. Kong (2021)

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Kong has showcased his brand new weapon in a newly revealed Godzilla vs. Kong figure by Playmates Toys. The new 6" Kong with Battle-Axe was just discovered via official listings on Walmart's website.

Kong's new Titan-hunting weapon appears to possibly feature one of Godzilla's own dorsal plates. Perhaps Kong took a broken plate from an earlier battle and then fashioned it into his new personal weapon.

Also included with the figure is a new "battle damage reveal" gimmick. Between this and the possible fractured dorsal plate, it's safe to say that the Titan's meet up in 2021 will be a truly gruesome affair.

Thumbnail art by Victor Antonio.

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Written by JacobPublished on 2020-07-18 04:56:29

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MemberTitanosaurusJul-18-2020 5:45 AM

And so at last, Kong's Mighty Axe has been revealed to the world.

It's beautiful.


MemberBaragonJul-18-2020 7:38 AM

Ain't no way anything can break Godzilla's plate or wound him. Recent films they make it popular to have his plates be his weakness after 60 years and now Legendary is jumping on that trend? Seriously? Why so Grewsome? Very upsetting. Killed Ghidorah and now this crap. The ax better be a rock and a tree and it better break. Feels like Game of Thrones ****ting the bed. Should have gotten me to direct this epic showdown. Anyway Godzilla better win.  


AdminSpaceGodzillaJul-18-2020 7:47 AM

That is definitely a Godzilla dorsal spike, no rock is blue. Unreal! Although we've known about the dorsal plate axe for a while it's nice to see some official images!

Also notice the hand that holds the axe is the same one with the battle damage - telling me that Godzilla or MechaGodzilla force Kong to lose his weapon and mess up his arm in the process.

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