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Kong: Skull Island - Isle of the Damned game Kickstarter announcement!

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Get ready for an epic adventure to Skull Island! Set a few years after the events of Kong: Skull Island, this new journey sees Mason Weaver and James Conrad teaming up with your heroes to investigate government cover-ups and bring the truth to light. With Monarch's covert support, the team sets out to document their findings, but they soon discover that danger lurks around every corner.

General Ward has his own agenda for Skull Island, seeking revenge against Kong for the lies that have been told about his Sky Devils squadron. He preps his own group of mercenaries for an attack. To fulfill their mission, your heroes are forced to navigate an increasingly treacherous island filled with danger and mystery.

As the heroes explore the island, they will discover clues and meet a tribe of bat-worshiping humans who have lived beneath Skull Island for untold centuries. Within the withering darkness below the island, the heroes discover a prophecy of doom if Kong ever falls. He must be protected at all costs!

With heart-pumping action and breathtaking scenery, Kong: Skull Island – Isle of the Damned delivers an unforgettable adventure that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Join Weaver, Conrad, and their team as they fight to save Kong and uncover the truth about Skull Island.

The Isle of the Damned Skull Island game will kick off May 9th, 2023 on Kickstarter, you can learn more about the campaign, its perks and offerings here!

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