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100 Territories Distributing Godzilla Resurgence, Toho Sets Sights on North America

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Written by G. H. (Gman)10,879 Reads9 Comments2016-07-19 17:40:27

Toho recently held a press conference about the quickly approaching Godzilla Resurgence. Present was director Hideaki Anno, producer Akihiro Yamauchi and stars Hiromi Hasegawa, Satomi Ishihara and Yutaka Takenouchi. Eiji Tsuburaya: Master of Monsters author, August Ragone broke the news that said conference revealed Toho had sold Godzilla Resurgence to 100 distributors all over the world. It's safe to say Toho is back in the international market.

Ragone reports,

"RESURGENCE has been sold to 100 territories across the globe as of July 19th, with more pending. Conversely, 12 years ago, GODZILLA FINAL WARS was sold to 67 territories, worldwide."

Both North American and European Godzilla fans will be pleased to know that both territories were explicitly mentioned for distribution. No information in regards to who is distributing the film or how at this time. (Though it doesn't seem likely to be New World Cinemas at the moment.)

For more information and territories listed for Godzilla Resurgence, check out August Ragone's blog, The Good, The Bad and The Godzilla.

Yahoo Japan has also confirmed Godzilla Resurgence's reach to North America and a map has been released revealing locations of the film's distribution marked by images of ShinGoji:

Additionally, footage of the press conference was shown that included previously unseen shots from the film. Of particular interest to fans, some of these shots include Godzilla making landfall. A particularly impressive shot is Godzilla's footstep shaking roof tiles loose from a home:

Another video with lesser quality includes more press material, while showing even more footage of Godzilla's landfall and the military's strategy of bombarding him in the face and legs:

Thanks to Scified member Huge-Ben for tipping us at the videos.

Godzilla Resurgence releases Friday, July 29th in Japan as Shin-Gojira. We'll keep up-to-date on the hype leading up to it. Stay tuned as more pours in.
August Ragone - The Good, The Bad and The Godzilla
Yahoo Japan

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AdminSpaceGodzillaJul-19-2016 7:37 PM

So Shin-Gojira is coming to North America after all! This is very good news! Thanks for the update GMan.


MemberMothra LarvaeJul-19-2016 9:03 PM

I would be happy with a theatrical run similar to that of Attack On Titan.

G. H. (Gman)

AdminGodzillaJul-19-2016 9:17 PM

^As would I at this point.


MemberBaragonJul-19-2016 10:36 PM

THISSS is the kind of Interception I always wanted to see btwn the Evangelions & ANGELz in the Director's original Series Neon Genesis! If ever a live action of that comes out after Maelstrom & the next two Godzillas; the footage shown so far proves that he would definitely have the chops for it!


MemberMothra LarvaeJul-19-2016 11:27 PM

I would also like to see Godzilla Resurgence (I love this title) shown at screenings like those hosted by American Cinematheque at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood in the early to mid 2000's. One of the reasons for this-and I know, because I've been to a few of them-is that audience-wise, it's all geeks, wall-to-wall otaku. There's nothing that can beat this atmosphere. I attended the screenings of Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla and Godzilla, Mothra, Mechagodzilla: Tokyo S.O.S., with Director Masaaki Tezuka attending and speaking between films, and it was pure electricity. Especially in a venue like the Egyptian. So, along with theatrical runs in the malls and cineplexes, I'd like to see Godzilla Resurgence in a theater filled with fans. 

But, of course, I'll take whatever we can get.


MemberMothra LarvaeJul-20-2016 12:59 PM

Hopefully it will reach to the US and Canada


MemberTitanosaurusJul-20-2016 2:21 PM

WOOHOO! I might be able to see it in theaters!


MemberBaragonJul-21-2016 6:08 AM

Hope we get something sometime this year, but not holding my breath.


MemberMothra LarvaeSep-04-2016 7:08 AM

What Does Red Mean and Green and Purple?


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