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Zilla (2004) is 1 of 10 contenders to be made into an official Movie Monster series figure!

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Written by Chris12,014 Reads5 Comments2023-01-28 10:46:37

The official Toho Godzilla Store is currently hosting a survey to see which iconic Toho Monster should be made into the next limited edition Movie Monster series figure and Zilla from 2004's Godzilla: Final Wars is currently one of the contenders! Zilla is currently 1 of 10 contenders available to vote on! The Monster with the most votes will be made into a figure sometime later this year!

Other Monsters currently in the running include Anguirus (1955), Moguera (1957), King Ghidorah (1964), Gabara (1969), Titanosaurus (1975), Biollante (1989), Death Ghidorah (1996), Kamacuras (2004) and Gigan Miles (2022):

Cast your vote here now for which Monster you would like to see made into a figure next!

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G. H. (Gman)

AdminGodzillaJan-29-2023 1:06 AM


Unlikely, but it gets my vote.


MemberAnguirusJan-29-2023 7:20 AM

I would go with either Zilla or Titanosaurus.


MemberAnguirusJan-29-2023 11:01 AM

i would go with desghidorah. or "death ghidorah" that hilarious.

speaking of ghidorah...

MonsterZero11,s weird ghidorah phrasings legend

showa-heisei ghidorah = gidrah

mecha king ghidorah = mecha-gidrah

desghidorah = desghidorah

cretaceous king ghidorah, grand king ghidorah = prince ghidrah and grand king gidrah

gmk ghidorah = dragon gidrah

kaizer ghidorah = kaizer ghidorah

polygon ghidorah = the planet eater

shin king ghidorah = shin ghidorah

mv ghidorah = ghidorah

gve pachinko ghidorah = "angel king" ghidrah

ghidorah (generic term) = ghidorah

hopefully that clears up the weird way I pronounce ghidorah names.


MemberBaragonJan-29-2023 12:00 PM

Noodle Ghidorah


MemberAnguirusJan-29-2023 1:15 PM

we dont need mms zillo,

we need more of THIS GUY!

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