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what did you hate about godzilla that everyone seems to like?

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Chuck Norris

MemberMothra LarvaeAug-04-2013 6:13 AM
what i liked that everyone hated: (SORT OFF) the Zilla design, i didn't like his head, the way he acted or his size (too small) but i liked the realistic dinosaur posture, even though my Favorite Godzilla design was the GMK one what i hated that everyone liked: Final wars, it focused too much on the characters, which would be fine, but the characters were cheesy and irritating, the space battles which I like in other movies, but should be in some space movie, not Godzilla, and minya who looks like a mutated balloon made out of inflated rubber dog turd chunks tied together with a strand of zilla's intestines, WHY couldn't they bring back Godzilla Jr? he was adorable! and how it focused too much on these three things, instead of the things i wanted, Godzilla making big explosions, other things making big explosions, and Godzilla fighting other monsters while they both make big explosions! I also hate king Ceaser, he needs a face lift. What i liked that no one noticed: Godzilla GMK, my favourite monster movie of all time (narrowly beats Pacific Rim) but no one has noticed it
10 Replies

G fan 84

MemberMothra LarvaeAug-04-2013 7:40 AM
Yes zilla was a very cool relaestic monster but not GODZILLA;how could u hate FINAL WARS it was a great homage to the showa era of godzilla films and yes the could have done without minilla/minya;GMK was awsome loved it you'd be surprised how many other pplk liked it.


MemberMothra LarvaeAug-04-2013 10:04 AM
I didn't really like final wars either, it focuses way too much on the cheesy characters. It seems like there aren't any big fights until an hour in, and the fights aren't that long. They also gave us a few obscure monsters, instead of ones we might have wanted, basically talking about Ebirah. I guess it was a good homage to showa, but it was too floppy for me. BUT the ultimate thing I hate that everyone else likes is the design of final wars godzilla. The snout is too long, they need to have bigger dorsal plates, really prominent ears, and he was just too slim for me. I know they were trying to make him slimmer for all the fighting he'd be doing, but they could have done it better, IMO.


MemberMothra LarvaeAug-05-2013 8:30 AM
Aside from GMK being ok. The Millennium series sucked as a whole.


MemberMothra LarvaeAug-05-2013 4:06 PM
It seemed like King Ghidorah and Mothra were down-sized for GMK. Baragon was just Bantha fodder.


MemberMothra LarvaeAug-05-2013 9:31 PM
/ The person who made that movie wanted to use weaker monsters | (anguirus, varan, baragon) to make his godzilla look a lot stronger than the other incarnates, but Toho wanted more popular monsters (mothra, and king ghidorah). He agreed as long as he could weaken the monsters powers. I didn't really like that either.


MemberMothra LarvaeSep-20-2013 4:55 PM
that he sometimes saved humanity


MemberMothra LarvaeSep-25-2013 7:35 PM
what I liked but everyone hated: zilla, ok, it's not Godzilla I accept that, but why so much un needed hate for the DESIGN!? it was a bad movie! but I don't see anything wrong with zilla. what I hated but everyone liked: come back later, I have nothing to say about that.


MemberBaragonSep-28-2013 11:28 AM
What I liked that every1 hated: Um I'm not sure about this I had no real problem with the 1998 movie as a monster movie but wasn't too big on that being a godzilla movie but i think that's somewhat of a general consensus. What I hated that every1 likes: Either Mothra or GMK. I just really don't like the character of mothra and how toho has this thing that she can never lose. GMK I just wasn't a fan of. Godzilla being the souls of dead soldiers was just dumb to me and they used ghidorah and mothra instead of the original monsters they had in mind and just didn't work well with them. It was basically Godzilla is super powerful and his strongest enemies are extremely weak so he just runs through them, then a human drills out his neck and he blows himself up. I could really go on and on about all the things I don't like. What i liked that no1 noticed: this is more to the general populace rather than godzilla fans but the whole heisei era. I think when people think of godzilla they think of the showa era 1, which isn't bad necessarily but it just gives it a more campy look than what there is. Personally the heisei era is my favorite and i can't do enough to praise it overall as the best godzilla era in my opinion. I think if people pictured the heisei era when they thought of godzilla it wouldn't be thought of as so campy.

Gojira 2014

MemberMothra LarvaeSep-28-2013 5:06 PM
Sorry if this is off topic but the only thing I can think that I hated and everyone else liked was godzilla's size. I kind of wish they made him bigger like about 500 meters or at least 300 meters. But everyone says that the size that I want godzilla to be is way to big. But Im not asking for him to be at the point where his head is above the clouds I just think he should show more of his gigantic size to the next level. GMK is my all-time favourite godzilla because I liked the way how he absorbed a bunch of air in his mouth and made the atomic breath look super powerful, and I love his design, brings back memories of godzilla 1954. Godzilla 2014 might be my next favorite but I cant say yet until the movie comes out. And the godzilla in final wars was to skinny to me. Just sharing my thoughts.
I have become death.......the casher at the donut shop.......


MemberMothra LarvaeFeb-14-2014 9:54 AM

I hate how people think that Godzilla just fights monsters and saves the world from alien invaders. In reality he fights monsters and aliens because of his instincts, and he actually hates humans because of the environmental damage we've done to the planet, and how we've mutated him. 

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