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Facts Vs. Speculation

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Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPNov-07-2013 3:49 PMFact: Godzilla will be the "tallest Godzilla ever." Speculation: His height will be between 120-150 meters. The Problem: People are basing this height off of two common "sources": The height of some of Godzilla's Heisei enemies being between 120 and 150, or "estimating" his height based on concept artwork and/or the teaser that was leaked. This does nothing to tell us his real height though. In the SDCC 2012 teaser that was leaked, Godzilla was quite tall compared to numerous buildings around him, but how tall were those buildings? Were they two stories tall? five stories tall? Ten stories tall? We have no way of knowing for sure because we never saw the bottom of any of them. The teaser is a poor "source" for an estimate, as is the concept artwork that's ben released because it is what it is: "concept" art. Fact: Godzilla will battle creatures which are temporarily dubbed "Mutos." Speculation: One of them is spider-like in appearance. The Problem: The "spider" appearance is based off of the SDCC 2013 teaser that was shown at the Godzilla encounter, but because that teaser was never leaked, nor the Muto properly recreated or thoroughly explained, we have no way of knowing exactly what it looked like. Saying it's a mix of the Cloverfield monster and a spider doesn't tell us very much at all because of how many different permeations of those creature's features could have been used. The fan recreations and drawings of it from the encounter are poor sources for information. None of these people are artists, that much is clear. Taking their descriptions and drawings with a grain of salt is common sense. Fact: We know nothing of Godzilla's enemies thus far save for the temporary name "mutos." Speculation: One of the monsters will be an old Toho monster, the favorite idea being Kumonga. The Problem: This is a Legendary Pictures production, not a Toho production. Toho is tagging along, and Legendary never mentioned buying the rights to other Toho monsters. There'd be no point in doing that anyway as this is supposed to be a new franchise made (primarily) for American audiences. It's a reboot, not a recreation or a remake. There will be no Toho monsters in this movie save for Godzilla himself. Fact: Godzilla, according to one of the head shots that was leaked a while back, has gills on his neck. Speculation: They are scales that look like gills. The Problem: In order for Godzilla to be "realistic" he needs to have gills to breath underwater. He's not a dinosaur or a reptile, he's an amphibian. The word amphibian means "twin lives" referencing an animal's ability to survive in both aquatic and land based environments. Godzilla, having the capacity to breath underwater, is scientifically (and most accurately) classified as an amphibian. Reptilian in appearance, yes, but an amphibian none the less. Even Toho's Godzilla must have had some kind of internal gill structure or water/oxygen filtration system in place to prevent his lungs from filling with water and drowning him. Toho never designed the original with gills, but you have to remember that the original Godzilla was made in 1954. Realism wasn't the goal. Making Godzilla a personification of the horrors brought by the atomic bomb was the goal. And also, remember again that this is a Legendary production and not the old Toho franchise. This Godzilla has gills. Deal with it. Fact: Godzilla will fight multiple opponents. Speculation: 2 monsters. The Problem: "Multiple" can mean any number greater than 1. Godzilla could fight 2 monsters, or he could fight 2,000 monsters. We don't know the exact number of enemies he'll be facing yet, but people continue to insist it's only two. When David Goyer worked on the script, there were two monsters [u]at that time[/u]. Since then, any number of things could have changed. We know that there was a spider-like Muto in the 2013 teaser, and a silkworm like Muto in the 2012 teaser. But what of the "winged" Muto that we haven't seen yet? If those previous two are in the film, as well as a winged one, that's 3 so far. We don't know the final number of enemies yet. Fact: All the monsters will be CG. Speculation: There will be minor suitmation. The Problem: This is a Legendary Production, not a Toho production. The art of suitmation was abandoned in American movies a long time ago. Legendary confirmed several times that it was going to produce CGI monsters. There will be zero monster suits in this movie. Fact: The cast has been fully realized, and IMDB is a horrible source for information regarding it. Speculation: Dr. Serizawa will be in the film. The Problem: This is a Legendary Pictures production and a [u]reboot[/u] to the franchise here in America. This is not a remake of the original 1954 film. Taking Dr. Serizawa from the original film would be nothing short of contrived and irresponsible of Legendary Pictures, and it wouldn't go over well with G-fans if they did that.
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6 Responses to Facts Vs. Speculation

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Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPNov-07-2013 5:34 PMOverall I agree with your Facts vs Speculations, it's good to have someone make sure to "get the facts straight". My theories on the monsters I try to base on as much fact as possible. To that end... 1: The fan-made images of the Muto (for example) could be used as a source material to give one an idea for the monster... as long as the creator of said image had seen or talked to those that had actually seen the Muto in the 2013 SDCC trailer. Fact: The Licencse Expo leaked 2014 Godzilla head and neck is the official look (for those areas). Fact: Gojira, like you pointed out, has always been amphibious in nature. Trying to put gills on a suit (and making it believable) would have been to difficult to do back in 1954. Fact: Since reptiles never had a need for gills, even in the dino times when they ruled the seas they never had gills. Fact: Amphibions do not have gills. One member species look like segmented worms, but these aren't scales either. Fact: Fish-type life has those gills seen on the Licensing Expo Godzilla head and neck.

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GiganAdmin4213 XPNov-08-2013 12:45 AMTeam Ghidorah@SpartanWarrior Do you even know how tall those are? Those heights are so tall it's stupid. 800 feet would make Godzilla well over 200 meters tall and 40,000,000 feet is over 12 million meters tall. The final layer of the Earth's atmosphere is only 580,000 meters from the ground. So you can understand better, that means if Godzilla was 40,000,000 feet tall, over half of his body would be in outer space. @Kyero I don't have an issue with the gills one way or another, but the fact and speculation about them needs to be switched. We have a head shot that [i]looks like[/i] Godzilla has gills. Fans have therefore [u]speculated[/u] that he will indeed have gills. But there has been no official comment, do***entation or press release from Legendary, the cast or crew to conclude that theory as fact. So until then Godzilla having gills is only speculation.
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Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPNov-08-2013 7:29 AMI thought in the Toho films godzilla had the ability to hold its breath for prolonged periods, you know like whales and dolfins


TitanosaurusMember729 XPNov-08-2013 7:32 AMPersonally,a Godzilla that actually needs to breath is kind of ridiculous. A creature that size would never be able to get enough air in his system to power his lungs,regardless of whether or not it was through gills or the nasal cavities,which is why I always refer people to this article which clears things up: Also,considering the size of the creatures we've seen so far,I think it's safe to assume that one variant will have a swarm-based mentality and have the numbers to back it up,whilst the other will probably rival Godzilla in terms of nuclear-reconstructed mass.

G. H. (Gman)

GiganAdmin4213 XPNov-08-2013 1:42 PMTeam Ghidorah^I highly doubt the movie will be [i]that[/i] in depth. I also think it doesn't matter because Godzilla's a fictional character that can never exist no matter which way you rationalize it.
"None of this makes any sense, it doesn't really matter. We just needed an excuse for them to do something and they had to go somewhere." - Adam Wingard

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GodzillaMember6270 XPNov-24-2013 7:22 PMI could see 300-400 feet as reasonable. It might just be that I haven't seen any Godzilla movies before (I want to though).

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