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why is zilla 1998 so bad?

why is zilla 1998 so bad?

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BaragonMember349 XPNov-22-2013 4:16 PMi am getting kinda of sick people talking about ZILLA 1998 so badly so it wasn't godzilla but it was not that bad i mean its a giant monster in a city causing destruction and some people not most are saying that the creature was horrible personally i loved the design the only thing wrong with it to me that it is called godzilla it could have called it a remake of the beast from 20000 fathoms but to godzilla other than that i really do not give a single **** so stop complaining

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69 Responses to why is zilla 1998 so bad?


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPNov-22-2013 4:47 PMI think that the main reason people hated it is that Tristar didn't really manage to capture Godzilla's overall impression. As for the design I really enjoy it too.


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPNov-22-2013 5:02 PMIt had uninspired acting, random plots that don't fit, unnecessary use of rain, inconsistent size of the monster, shoddy special effects, and stole scenes from Jurrasic Park, and copied them frame by frame. Sony basically removed the "god" from Godzilla, and made him a powerless weakling. Also wouldn't the offspring look like iguanas, becuase Zilla is a mutated iguana, instead of looking just like the monster itself? And also, how could a 200 ton monster, skate on the top of a taxi? Also, swearing is unneeded on this website.


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Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPNov-22-2013 7:48 PMKAIJUFALL3@ Whoah! calm your **** bro. We all have diffrent opinions about the movie, but I think we can all agree that it was a horrible godzilla remake and a horrible monster movie because it sounded more like a rip off of Jurrasic Park. Lets just all calm down before we end up having a Mexican stand-off here.
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Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPNov-22-2013 8:08 PMi liked that movie, everyone says "It is ****", "Stolen scenes from Jurassic Park", "Cliches", "bad story/screenplay/argument" its all true, but c´mon, is an Emmerich film, we cant hope more from him, all of his movies, 10,000 bC, 2012, independence day, They all have one thing in common: they are visual movies, just special effects, nothing more, thats what emmerich does and thats what he did with 98´s godzilla.

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Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPNov-22-2013 8:28 PMI personally loved the movie. Despite not being Godzilla, the overall movie is fun and entertaining. The creature is still a cool monster design and the 1st attempt at a "realistic" Godzilla. Now why people dislike the 1998 Zilla is (in my opinion)... 1: Zilla's behavior is opposite to Gojira's. It only really went after the humans with a vengeance was when her nest had been bombed. 2: Physically it's also an opposite to Gojira. It's not physically powerful as compared to Gojira (even a similarly sized Gojira to Zilla). 3: The breath weapon of Zilla was more of a heat ray that ignited flammable stuff that being Nuclear. I'm glad to see that, in a way, Zilla got to give a few things to her replacement... 1: Cool design that's not seen in the classic/traditional Gojira. Even the bottom jaw of the 2014 Godzilla seems similar to the 1998 Zilla bottom jaw design (which offered a more 'powerful' set of jaws when you look at it). 2: Prove that one's spirit must be strong to really be a powerful and long lasting monster (unlike the 1998 Zilla's spirit). 3: Give America a real monster in the "American Godzilla vs Japanese Gojira" battle [Would really change the outcome of Final Wars ;) ]

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Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPNov-23-2013 2:16 AM



Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPNov-23-2013 4:48 AMThere is a lot of good reasons; 1: Godzilla didnt appear in this movie. 2: Instead there that iguana godzooky creature. I mean, Zilla/godzooky are there any difference? They cant fight for ****. 3: Maria Pittilo. At this point need i say more?


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPNov-23-2013 6:24 AMThe 1998 G.I.N.O was a disgrace to the Godzilla franchise, There was nothing similar or remotely related to the original. But I will say this the story was good and the creation was of the Kaiju was meh. I honestly think that if the movie wasn't named Godzilla and they threw another Kaiju in there then the movie would have been a success


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPNov-23-2013 11:55 PMMost of you cannot properly critique the film since you're obviously too biased towards Japanese Godzilla films. This movie came out when I was 4 years old and I absolutely LOVED the design and the storyline. It was then when I wasn't able to realize the films faults (same with the Japanese versions as I already at that time had a huge Goji film collection). Now that I am 19 and have seen all of these films as I've gotten older time and time again,, they both (American and Japanese versions) have incredible amounts of obvious and laughable faults. I still to this day enjoy ZILLA more than some of these Godzilla films. Most of you complain that this ZILLA strays too far from the roots of Godzilla yet in many versions of godzilla we see him dancing, flying, jumping up and down etc.. ZILLA has heart, it's funny, it's stupid, it's tear jerking (yes I cried like a baby the first hundred times I saw it) and just an overall fun movie to watch. It's not class, but then again half of the Godzilla films are even worse! I honestly feel bad for you if you can't sit down and actually enjoy ZILLA.


BaragonMember425 XPNov-24-2013 4:35 AMIt's not the best Godzilla film, but it surely isn't the worst. It's just a summer blockbuster. I love how people can point out things like bad effects, characters, and storyline, but is that not a big problem with a HUGE amount of Godzilla movies in general? Looking at it unbiased it's a good monster film and a decent Godzilla movie, definitely not the best, but not the worst either.


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPNov-24-2013 11:27 PMZilla wasn't a bad story at all and I've been following Godzilla since i was 4 and im almost 30 now, again the design of ZIlla was good for your average Kaiju style movie, But Godzilla he was not. Im not against him beause i own the movie, the sequle tv series and have his collectables becuz i LOVE Kaiju. ZIlla will always be a great Kaiju film but it does not belong in the Godzilla movie franchise, Its Like making a King Kong movie and replacing the giant gorrilla with a giant chimpanzee and calling him King Kong when obviously its not. They made a Godzilla movie, took out Godzilla and replaced him with a giant iguanna named Zilla, and called him Godzilla.


Mothra LarvaeMember1 XPNov-24-2013 11:31 PMto be fair i liked the movie but most people didn't like it when they called it godzilla

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GodzillaAdmin5112 XPNov-25-2013 12:11 AMTeam GhidorahGINO is a terrible movie, even by typical blockbuster standards, but that's hardly its greatest sin. The fact is it's just not a Godzilla movie, nor will I include it in lists and cannon. At best it's a dark foot note in the franchise's history and an example of Hollywood at its most crude during the 1990s.
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Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPNov-25-2013 3:48 AM

"Thats alot of fish!"

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Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPNov-25-2013 5:16 AM

"i am getting kinda sick of people talking about ZILLA 98 so badly"


Well get used to it because fans and the public in general have been laying **** on that film ever since it came out. If anything I am surprised there are so called G-fans who actually defend that piece of ****. Fine if you liked it, but that doesn't change the universal opinion amongst G-fans that the film is and always will be absolute garbage.


BaragonMember349 XPDec-04-2013 4:18 PM

so are you i am not a gfan cause you do not want to down that road b!tch


"i dont know what weapons will be used in world war 3 but i know what wil be in world war 4...sticks and stones"Albert Eienstien


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPDec-04-2013 5:48 PM

So we're all just gonne ignore the fact that Toho made it very clear that Zilla is it's own monster for the sake of having something to complain about?  Cool.  


That being said, I liked Zilla's design.

Hardrisour Hero

Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPDec-11-2013 4:12 PM

What i like about it. They called it gojira and then the stupid reporter named it godzilla.



Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPDec-11-2013 4:57 PM

I thought the storyline was good. They shouldn't have called it Godzilla though- because THAT was not Godzilla for all the reasons above. 


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPDec-15-2013 5:05 PM

It's a piece of **** because Godzilla gets killed by the military. The military can't do **** to Godzilla.


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPDec-16-2013 10:05 PM

To me, this movie is about a monster being mistaken for Godzilla and the Xiliens took the baby zilla from the ending and other monsters in Godzilla Final Wars.

This is the story I'm stickin' to and you cannot change my mind!!

I like him as Zilla, BUT I HATE HIM AS GODZILLA 1998!!!!!!!!


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPDec-16-2013 10:07 PM

GODZILLA 1998 MOVIE SHOULD BE RENAMED ZILLA 1998 SO PEOPLE WILL STOP BABBLING ABOUT THE ZILLA NAME CHANGE BEING A MYTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

King Godzilla24.7

Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPDec-22-2013 1:43 AM

Fuck The tristar film, we shouldn't even talk about that piece of ****! film it's a disgrace to the King Of Monsters....what a joke!


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Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPDec-26-2013 8:28 AM

The movie in my opinion wasn't bad it's just that it was called Godzilla for key value....I mean it's not a Hollywood masterpiece but it has its own appeal....I like the monster itself especially in the cartoon because it has its own nature and it's not like Godzilla but I originally hated this movie ....I gave it a chance again and enjoyed it for what it was.


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPApr-22-2014 10:27 AM

I think the origin of zilla wasnt that realistic. I enjoyed the movie though, and just watching him destroy stuff. I think the problem in the movie was that there wasnt a real conflict. The army was just trying to kill a giant monster. I think this move couldve worked if it was called something else, because it wasnt godzilla.

Murph Dog

Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPApr-22-2014 11:27 AM

please don't kill me for this, i liked the 1998 movie, sure it wasn't godzilla but i enjoyed it because it's a monster flick


Mothra LarvaeMember10 XPMay-05-2014 4:52 AM

Except it's not just a bad Godzilla movie, it's a bad movie, period. Even if it wasn't called Godzilla, it would still be marred by all of the following:

1. Laughable characters (and yes, they DO matter, no pun intended).

2. Atrocious dialog. i.e: "That's a lot of fish," "we need bigger guns", "all stations report the stations are station-manned for battle, sir".

3. Terrible acting, seriously, it's some of the worst I've ever seen in any film.

4. Massive plot holes (it can burrow through buildings without getting trapped, but not the Brooklyn Bridge? And it can outrun freaking choppers, but not a damn taxi cab? And fit in a freaking tunnel? And "magically disappear" in a city of 8 million people? Just to name a few).

5. Retarded ending (it gets killed by a few missiles?)

6. Incompetently retarded military (if you though the Transformer movies made the military look like complete morons, you should see the armed forces in this movie!)

7. Stupid romantic sub plot, and even worse, monster (or rather, military cause they're the ones causing most of the damage) destruction being pushed aside for it...umm, are they completely oblivious to the fact that there was just a giant monster roaming around?!

8. Boring action scenes, yes, the action scenes in this movie were boring, I don't care what anybody says, it was just him running like a ***** from the military while these morons keep missing him, despite him being 200 feet tall. Now how the f__k is that possible?

And yes, King of Zombies, we know Emmerich's films are all obnoxious "ka-booms" with retarded characters and obnoxious acting, that's why all of his movies suck, he's like Michael Bay: all he knows how to do is blow **** up, he doesn't know jack about what actually makes a good film. 


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPMay-10-2014 2:56 PM

I don't really hate Zilla i mean the design is good(although he's an iguana) and the fact that it might have scene rip offs from Jurrasic Park doesen't bother me BUT i think the acting is quite bad and it has some things that don't fit in the plot but HOWEVER i think that zilla deserves respect. And Godzilla 1998 wasn't really a bad movie if you count out the bad things


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPMay-14-2014 7:16 PM

I love all these people saying "You people are biased because you're G-fans, now, I've loved this movie since I was four..." Apparently, they don't realize that having loved a movie as a little kid makes them biased. Look, I first saw this movie as a toddler, it was what introduced me to Godzilla and monster movies in general, and I did indeed love it as a kid, but I hate it today, and I recognize that it is crappy even if you ignore that it's called Godzilla.

Also, to the people saying "half the Japanese Godzillas are worse, or at least as bad" that may be true (which is debatable; the bad Godzilla films may have had phoned in acting, but at least it was almost never annoying acting), but at least the campy Godzilla films had fun monster fights, heart, and, most importantly, were not a huge middle finger to millions of fans and the film makers who poured their hearts and souls into making the classic films.

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