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Top 10 Toughest Enemies Godzilla faced

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MemberMothra LarvaeNov-27-2013 10:29 PM

Top 10 Most toughest Enemy,s Godzilla had too face here is the top 10


10 Hedorah

9 Megagirus

8 MechaGodzilla 1

7 MechaGodzilla 2

6 Mechagodzilla 3

5 Spacegodzilla

4 Biollante

3 Gigan from Godzilla vs gigan

2 Destroyah

1 Kaizer Ghidorah 


so there,s the top 10 and if you dont think the list is right please comment so i can fix the list

and also i fixed do too people how didnt like it so i hope i fixed just for you guys too enjoy it

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MemberBaragonNov-27-2013 11:00 PM

Destroyah should be much higher on this list, arguably in the #1 spot. He took on Godzilla at his strongest and still was winning the fight until Godzilla hit critical, and was releasing so much heat that even his spines were melting. Take note that this was the Godzilla who's meltdown was shown to be so catastrophic it could potentially destroy the whole world, and Destroyah was beating him till the very end.


You have every mechaGodzilla except mechagodzilla 2, which was the closest of all the MechaGodzillas, and any monster in general to killing Godzilla.


SpaceGodzilla isn't on this list even though it took both Godzilla and Moguera to beat him. He's the only monster in the heisei era that Godzilla needed help beating. Even though Rodan and Godzilla both fought MechaG they fought at different times so it's not the same, SpaceGodzilla 1v1ed Godzilla beat him, inprisoned his son then took on both him and moguera destroying Moguera in the process of getting beaten. He easily takes a top 5 spot for hardest enemies.


King Ghidorah isn't on this list either, and I shouldn't have to point out all the reasons as to why he should be.


Personally I don't think Megaguirus should be on this list, as he was just a basic enemy, nothing special when compared to most others, the same being said for Monster X.


G. H. (Gman)

AdminGodzillaNov-28-2013 1:42 AM

The problem with making these lists is which version of what monster are we talking about here? And then of course that's typically measured by its battle(s) with Godzilla and no one agrees which one is the most powerful. Who is to say the Heisei Godzilla at critical mass is any stronger than Final Wars Godzilla with his Kaiser powers? It'll never have a definate answer. (And truthfully, they're debates I grow weary of after all these years.)

"'Nostalgic' does not equal 'good,' and 'standards' does not equal 'elitism.'" "Being offended is inevitable. Living offended is your choice."


MemberMothra LarvaeNov-28-2013 1:21 PM

Stupid thing posted twice so ignore this post.


MemberMothra LarvaeNov-28-2013 1:22 PM

I realize this is all opinion, but I think EVERYONE will be able to agree that the following list is much more accurate as to who Godzilla's strongest enemies are and why. So here goes.


Number One - The Oxygen Destroyer

Why? - This weapon, created by human beings, is the one thing that has killed Godzilla outright without him even standing a chance. Many will argue that it's not a true enemy because it's a device, but it's because it's a human made weapon that makes it Godzilla's most powerful foe.

Again, it's the only thing that's killed him outright and not one of the other Kaiju can boast that honor.

Number Two - Destoroyah

Why? - Because as was stated by DURP004, Destoroyah was able to kick Godzilla's ass for most of their fight even when Godzilla was at his strongest. If Godzilla was not in critical mass, he would have been killed without a doubt.

Number Three - Mechagodzilla II 

Why? - Because this is not only the largest of the Mechagodzilla incarnations. It's not only the strongest. But this version actually came closest to killing Godzilla. Had it not been for Fire Rodan sacrificing his life energy to revitalize Godzilla's secondary brain, Godzilla would have been killed.

Number Four - King Ghidorah (Heisei)

Why? - This is the single largest enemy that Godzilla has faced, and to be honest I think that his capabilities in combat were downplayed in the film. At 150 meters tall, King Ghidorah easily trumps Godzilla in sheer physical might, and would not have so easily lost his fight with Godzilla had he been a monster in control of his own actions. The fact that the futurians were controlling him actually weakened him in my opinion because humans don't have any sort of knowledge or understanding of Kaiju thought processes. King Ghidorah would have fought better on its own.

Number Five - Spacegodzilla

Why? - This monster's ability to create and draw power from crystals makes it one of Godzilla's most enduring foes. Had Godzilla not had the help of Moguera to figure out where Spacegodzilla's power was being drawn from, he likely would have been defeated. Godzilla is powerful and has a lot of stamina, but he doesn't have a potentially infinte power source.

Number Six - Biollante

Why? - Biollante, despite being a cross between a plant and Godzilla, is one of Godzilla's largest and heaviest foes. At 120 meters, she's as tall as Spacegodzilla, Mechagodzilla II, and Destoroyah. Godzilla, still only 80 meters tall at the time, won the first fight against the rose form without  too much difficulty. But later, against the larger and more powerful monster form, he got his ass kicked. He had both his left hand and his left shoulder sqewered by Biollante's vines, and only managed to really put a hurting on Biollante when he fired his heat ray into her mouth. Had he not done that, he likely would have been defeated outright.

Number Seven - Kaizer Ghidorah

Why? - Despite its ability to royally own Godzilla, the monster itself was, in my honest opinion, a very contrived and poory thought out character. The transformation from Monster X to Kaizer Ghidorah was nothing but a Deus Ex Machina in my eyes for Godzilla to begin really losing to make his final victory more dramatic. All of Godzilla's otehr more powerful foes beat him down without needing a transformation or some other kind of special power to force them to have the edge for dramatic effect. When they held the edge, they held the edge.

Number Eight - King Ghidorah (Showa)

Why? - Of all the monsters Godzilla faced in the Showa era, this is the one he was never faced with on his own. Every time he defeated Ghidorah, Godzilla had help and vey much needed it. Further proof lies in the movie Destroy All Monsters when Ghidorah manages to hold off Earth's monsters by himself and still put up a good fight. Had it just been Godzilla and one or two others, Ghidorah may have lasted even longer and fought that much better.

Number Nine - Mechagodzilla (Showa)

Why? - This monster was able to make Godzilla bleed more than any other Showa era enemy. Even Gigan, cool as he was, could not make Godzilla bleed as much as Mechagodzilla did, nor did Gigan push Godzilla to the brink as Mechagodzilla did. This monster is, and remains to this day, one of the Showa era Godzilla's most powerful foes.

Number Ten - Humanity

Why? - Because no matter what Godzilla throws at it, humanity always bounces back. It was humanity that created the Oxygen Destroyer. That brought King Kong to Japan to fight Godzilla. That beseeched the natives of Infant Island to convince Mothra to fight Godzilla. That caused the freeze which forced Godzilla into hibernation at the end of Son of Godzilla. That cuased the pollution that allowed Hedorah to grow and mutate to become a powerful foe that Godzilla had to defeat with the help of humanity. That woke King Cesar to help Godzilla face Mechagodzilla. That created the sonic weapon that helped Godzilla topple Titanosaurus after he dealt with Mechagodzilla again. That lured him to the volcano to lock him away (albeit temporarily) in Return of Godzilla. That created Biollante. That created King Ghidorah and Mecha King Ghidorah. That created Mechagodzilla II. That created Moguera who helped Godzilla face Spacegodzilla (despite being made to fight Godzilla himself). That created the Super X III which was one of the true heroes for defeating Destoroyah. That created Kiryu. That gave Godzilla Kaizer power to defeat Kaizer Ghidorah.

Humanity might be the bane of his existence, but it's also earned a spot on the list for its own reasons and endurance. As much as humanity hated Godzilla, they themselves posed one of the greates threats to his life on numerous occasions.

Many people might wonder why certain other monsters were not on the list. That's because I was going by monsters that pushed Godzilla to the brink, or should have been able to do so more than they were able to in the films. Most of the other Kaiju, cool as they were, posed no such threat to Godzilla as those on my list. Again, it's a list created based on opinion, but an honest one and one that examined the monsters on it critically before choosing them. If you'd like to argue, then make your own list and explain it thoroughly. If you just list monsters without explanation, we know you're just listing them because you like them. In my opinion, a biased opinion based on personal entertainment rather than objective analysis means nothing when creating a list like this.

And for GMAN2887, Kaizer power Godzilla in Final Wars could only access his red spiral ray after the power had been transfered. Critical Mass Godzilla could have destroyed the world in either an explosion or his meltdown. No matter which way you look at it, Critical Mass Godzilla is far more powerful and dangerous than Final Wars Godzilla, even with his Kaizer power.

G. H. (Gman)

AdminGodzillaNov-28-2013 4:05 PM

But who's to say Final Wars Godzilla isn't just as capable of destroying the world on his own merits? What about production crew from Final Wars stating the Godzilla in that movie was the strongest version of all of them? For that matter, who's to say Showa Godzilla isn't stronger than either one? See, it's these blind assumptions and over-analyzation that start the goofiest debates. For example the only thing I really agree with on your list is The Oxygen Destroyer. Everything else is hit or miss depending on how you look at it. I could make the argument that the Showa MechaGodzilla is his strongest opponent, but there's finite evidence to support one era of monsters is stronger than another. Just fan conjecture. (Which, I'll be honest, I part of the fun of fan forums, but I've grown tired of it, personally.)

"'Nostalgic' does not equal 'good,' and 'standards' does not equal 'elitism.'" "Being offended is inevitable. Living offended is your choice."


MemberMothra LarvaeNov-28-2013 4:30 PM

okay guys first I choosed mechagodzilla 3 because Godzilla had a hard time destroying him i watched the movie tokyo and aganist and Godzilla was getting fucked up buy mechagodzilla and third Kaizer Ghidorah was like a tough enemy too godzilla Godzilla allmost died! so i putted Kazier for number 1 and also i fixed the list because motra was not a big threat too godzilla


MemberMothra LarvaeNov-28-2013 4:38 PM

Oh and Dur I putted Kaizer Ghidorah in number 1 spot because Kazier allmost had godzillla dead so im going too put destroyah in second place 


MemberBaragonNov-28-2013 4:55 PM

Nevermind I commented when it wasn't refreshed; still think Destroyah should be #1 but list is correct for the most part now or close enough

Heisei King

MemberMothra LarvaeNov-28-2013 5:29 PM

@kyero About Biollante, no. Godzilla was weakened by the ANEB when they fought at the end of the movie, and he still did much more harm to her than the other way around.


MemberMothra LarvaeNov-28-2013 6:39 PM

Heisei was right Godzilla got weakened by the ANEB and at the end he dunk his head in the water that was the funniest part i ever seen lol


MemberMothra LarvaeNov-28-2013 11:48 PM

10  hedorah 1970's

9 orga 2000's

8 mech 2 1990's

7 mecha king ghidorah  1990's

6 gigan 1960's

5 biolante 1990's

4 mechagodzilla 1 1970's

3 king ghidorah 1960's

2 space godzilla 1990's

1 destroyah  1990's

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