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Godzilla vs Gamera, who would actually win!

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Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPJun-04-2014 3:23 PM

Godzilla, no doubt, but, 95% of all his version would beat him. If they do Godzilla Showa and Gamera Showa, it might be close. But, if they do Godzilla Showa vs Gamera Heisei, Godzilla loses. KiryuGoji would lose and MosuGoji would lose this as well. LegendaryGoji is used then Gamera loses because, The meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs landed next to him, Atomic Bomb right next to him as well, and it just powers him up! Gamera cannot and won't win. They will get so much hate if they do make him win

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31 Responses to Godzilla vs Gamera, who would actually win!

Gojira 2014

Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPAug-02-2014 6:26 PM

I have been reading all of the comments in this topic at least twice and from all the data I have researched about Gojira and Gamera I have finally come up with the winner of this compitition. AND THE WINNER IS.....Gojira. I'm not even going to explain why it came down to that vote. I have seen most of the Gamera movies and all of the Gojira movies, but Gamera fighting godzilla is the equivalent of a human peasent throwing rocks at a giant. Gamera is the peasent and Gojira is the giant. Gojira is the king of the monsters hands down. And the reason why the MUTO claws hurt godzilla were not only because they were sharp but if you looked really closely you could see that the muto's were also shocking godzilla with thier EMP powers. Gojira was being electricuted and clawed at at the same time. But when ever I hear anybody say that Gamera has any hope of laying a scratch on godzilla, it just makes me want to laugh tell the point were i'm crying. And yes the muto's can wistand missles I have seen the movie 4 times now that I saw the japanese version. Gamera on the other hand can't. Oh **** I just explained why gojira won, YOU DIDN"T SEE ANYTHING!

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