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Would you have changed Joe Brody's death? If so, how?

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Top Hat Gyaos

Mothra LarvaeMember9 XPJun-05-2014 10:00 PM

Basically what the title says. If I had the choice to change his death, it would've been much more dramatic and saddening. First off, Joe must have taken the family photo he found at his old house for this death to strike you straight in the gut. And this scene takes place during when Godzilla is attacking the M.U.T.O.'s full force in San Francisco. 

Joe Brody is running to save Sam's wife who is still stuck in the subway station. All the while, Godzilla is getting his a** handed to him by the female and male M.U.T.O.s above-ground. He succesfully manages to rescue Elle and many other civilians, but has to stay behind in order for everyone to make it to safety. (Don't ask how or why, I'm sure you guys could make up your own reasons.) Right before the ceiling collapses, he takes out the photo and looks at it, saying,"I'm sorry, Ford. I'll be with your mother soon. Please forgive me." The ceiling then promptly caves in, killing him. (Cue the sad music and slow-mo of his death and Godzilla getting beaten up)


After the battle ends, Ford is reunited with his family, although he can't seem to find his father among all the people. He notices something under his shoe, bends down to pick it up, and sees that it's the photo that his dad took from Janjira with Joe, his mother, and himself. (Feel free to envision how he reacts, I couldn't).

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6 Responses to Would you have changed Joe Brody's death? If so, how?


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPJun-05-2014 10:19 PM

No specific ideas, but I would've made his death a lot less unceremonious... seriously, I didn't even realize he had did on my first viewing, until a while later, sort of like what happened to Destoroyah.


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPJun-05-2014 11:10 PM

My personal death for Joe Brody:

He goes to the hideout of neo-Nazis and uses a remote-control turret to take them down, but not before saving Jesse and accidentally shooting himself in the gut. Bleeding to death, he admires the art of chemistry one final time before collapsing, dead!



Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPJun-05-2014 11:24 PM

NOOOOOO! I was just about to watch the finale! (Not really, I already finished the series.)



Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPJun-05-2014 11:27 PM

I hate spoilers but personally, if you haven't seen the whole Breaking Bad series by now, you deserve them. Ha

Something Real

GodzillaMember5639 XPJun-06-2014 12:55 AM

DERPY BATTRA - Were I in the position to pen Joe Brody's death, I believe it would have been a bit more emotional. Perhaps, as the Male MUTO was emerging and destroying everything around it at Janjira, Joe would have been pinned beneath something substantial - such as a support beam from one of the cranes as they were collapsing. In that moment, Ford would have seen his father's dire situation and, naturally, would have begun making his way at break-neck speed to save him. As Ford ran to save his father, Joe would have been yelling for him to stop running, to come no closer and to leave him, in a pained reversal of the manner in which he lost his wife ("Don't you dare come any closer, damn it! Ford!"). However, Ford would have ignored his father's protests and continued to advance as debris and ruined machinery continued to rain down from the research site. Yet, just as Ford came to within only a few dozen or so meters of his father, one of the Male MUTO's massive claws would have suddenly thundered down upon the ground as the creature was beginning to pull itself up from the containment pit. Stunned, both father and son would have stared out at the titantic monster as it slowly rose. Moments later, Joe and Ford would have looked back to one another - sharing an expression of understanding that Joe had been right all along. With that, an expression of resigned peace - the first one Ford would have seen in decades - would have slowly washed over Joe's face - just as the ground upon which he was pinned crumbled away beneath the weight of the MUTO's hooked limb - taking him down with it. After this, the moment in which Ford was stunned and knocked unconscious as the Male MUTO unfurled its wings and took flight would play out. However, as Ford lost consciousness, his mind would be greeted by fleeting images of his family at home - just hours prior to the Janjira incident when they were still a whole family. If that had taken place, I'd have cried myself to sleep three nights in a row after watching the film! :)

Sci-Fi King25

GiganMember4297 XPJun-15-2014 8:19 AM

My death idea for him: He doesn't die at all.  :P


If he had to die, I'd have him saving as much civilians as possible. After he does, he notices the MUTO nest being blown up. He then notices the female MUTO chasing Ford. He then picks up an SMG from nowhere and starts shooting at the MUTO. After he runs out of ammo, he shoots a flare at the MUTO's face. After that, the MUTO's foot comes crashing down at him in slow motion as he faces death.


In a post-credits scene, we see him emerging from a pile of rubble.

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