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MemberMothra LarvaeAug-10-2014 1:00 PM

This is a creative thread for fellow fans to express their ideas for the sequel. Feel free to share your ideas for new characters for the Godzilla sequel here, actors to play those characters and which characters you would have returning from the first movie, if any. And no, these new characters don't necessarily have to have names, just a casting choice and mini-bio/description of them would be nice. 

Here's mine (*=new character), I believe I've put together a nice group with interesting story archs for each and actors to play them and I've already worked out names and bios for each of them a long time ago as a lot of you may already know:

-Lt. John Reaver* (Chris Hemsworth): Ex-Delta Force Lt. Col., ex-fiance of Cap. Orlovsky, working on a "top secret project" (**SPOILER ALERT:      revealed to be MechaGodzilla in the 3rd film) at an engineering company, called back into action following an explosion on Monster Island, where he once owned a resort with his Dad as a child, who detained several kaiju there (revealed in flashbacks). Very imposing, enigmatic and charismatic, like his Thor character or Captain Kirk from Star Trek.
-Cpt. Natalia Orlovsky* (Emily Blunt): A no-BS ex-Delta Colonel and new female Navy Captain after Cap. Hamilton is presumed KIA after the first film. She may be a chick, but she don't take no crap from no one.
*-Com. Jay Voort* (Idris Elba): Cocky, brute Commander in the Navy, his split personalities with his fellow military colleagues and taking Reaver's old spot as Orlovsky's highest-ranking officer causes the two to butt heads in a battle for leadership.
-Dr. Ishiro Serizawa (Ken Watanabe): Reprises his role as Monarch scientist and defender of Godzilla while explaining the new wave of monster attacks, including the scattered bodies of dead MUTOs along the Caribbean at the beginning of the film.
-Dr. Kraven Novak* (Cillian Murphy): Husband of Cap Orlovsky, part of an expanded branch of Monarch, crucial to the team as his knowledge surpasses even Serizawa's, locating the sonar transmitter that sent Ghidorah's meteor back to earth and creating a genetically-engineered MUTO with super advancements: Mothra.
-Ex-Lt. Ford Brody (Aaron Taylor-Johnson): Retires from the Navy following the events from the first film due to PTSS, gets a new job aboard the new "top secret project" revealed at the beginning of the film, which allows him to spend more time with his family and introduces him to the male lead, an ex-soldier like himself (giving him someone he can easily relate to and build strong characterizations around).
-Elle Brody (Elizabeth Olsen): Reprises her role from the first film as a nurse, tries to get her son out of the city in the wake of monster destruction. She also co-sponsors a victim relief fund, reaching out to families devastated by the attacks from the MUTOs and Godzilla in the first film.
-USSOD Chad Kristoferson* (Laurence Fishburne): As stated a few pages back, SoD for the military, defender of Godzilla in the media and at Senate hearings, reveals he lobbied against the warhead in SF, butts heads with Admiral Stenz. 
-FBI Special Agent Matt Strauss* (Frank Grillo): A brash, hotheaded FBI S.A. (like Jon Hamm's character from The Town), sent to investigate the leakage of a Ghidorah video gone viral in the media causing mass panic (basically a "M.U.T.O. Research" found footage vid of Ghidorah turning Venus into a geyser) and makes several arrests in the film.
-Rear Admiral William Stenz (David Strathairn): Rear admiral of the US navy from the first film.
-Vivienne Graham (Sally Hawkins): Reprises her role as Serizawa's Monarch aid/assistant.
-Elise Romanna* (Eva Green): Satanistic leader of a cult performing a demonic ritual in downtown Sacramento hyping the eventual arrival of King Ghidorah

 And yes, I think the duo of Thor/Captain Kirk and Rita Vrataski would kick butt together (no pun intended) as the new armed forces leads in this. Heck, Godzilla actually fought the Avengers in the comics once and they were going to make a Godzilla vs. The Wolfman movie at one point, so it'd be an interesting dynamic having the actor for one of the Avengers and the female lead from The Wolfman in this, respectively. BTW, I decided to swap Wahlberg for Hemsworth after giving it some thought, I think he'd be more authentic there.

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ModeratorGiganAug-10-2014 1:11 PM

I like that you changed the main character from wahlberg. But the Ford familys story is over they dont need to return!

Good grief.

The King of the Monsters

MemberMothra LarvaeAug-10-2014 1:22 PM

I honestly think that Serizawa should become the main character for the sequels. But in reference to casting, there are some actors from the Toho films I would love to see make some kind of appearance in the sequels. First of all, I would love to see Koichi Ueda (who had at least a bit role in every Godzilla film from Godzilla vs. Biollante to Final Wars) make some kind of cameo in a sequel, and my favorite actor from the Godzilla films, Akira Nakao (G-Force Commander Aso in the Heisei series and Prime Minister Igarashi in the Kiryu saga) have a role as an authoritarian military figure. Heck, I'd love to see Don Frye get thrown in for some laughs with a cameo role.

"When man falls into conflict with nature, monsters are born." - Professor Hayashida, The Return of Godzilla


MemberMothra LarvaeAug-10-2014 1:33 PM

I like this cast, actually. And I, unlike most, would like to see the Brody family again.


MemberMothra LarvaeAug-10-2014 6:14 PM

I like it, apart from Idris and Chris, Idris already played a character like this in pacific rim and I just think it wouldnt be a great move again. 

Other than that it's good, although I'd love Lena Headly from Game of thrones (Cersei) to play a role aswell. 

How far can we push nature before it pushes back?

Mecha Rodan

MemberMothra LarvaeAug-10-2014 6:20 PM

I want Ken Watanabe to come back as the main character. Other than that possibly two twins that are leaders in a religon focused on the monsters in general but belive Mothra is their monster like how crtain greeks would worship certain Gods.


MemberMothra LarvaeAug-11-2014 12:37 PM

Cue the George Kirk reference, I think a better comparison would be Jed Ackert now that I think about it. And yes, just like they went the "I'm gonna take my toys and play with it" approach to monsters in this, I think they should do the same for new cast invigorations as well. Hemsworth and Blunt are both great actors, and have both shown they can play the tough guy and tough gal in the past (both very recently, as a matter of fact). And both have their share of credentials: people who see the first trailer for Godzilla 2 in this scenario know Hemsworth from playing Thor, so he brings a little recognition and marketability from that (so that way they won't have to deceive in the marketing just to draw crowds to it on OW) and Blunt is coming off her amazing performance in EoT. Plus, I like me some hot chicks who can also act in my movies, Megan Fox is absolutely beautiful, but she can't act for crap.

And I'd be perfectly okay with Godzilla's version of the Tumbler (MechaGodzilla) in the 3rd along with, wait for it... Destroyah, he's the one monster Godzilla should get to ride off into the sunset against in the 3rd to close out the series. IMO, they should continue to raise the stakes by introducing integral G monsters, including the ultimate one, in the 3rd.

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