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some names of kaiju that people often mess up on

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Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPDec-19-2014 10:45 AM

1.People sya godzilla 85 instead of godzilla 84 when the actual movie came out

2.Mechagodzilla 2  is actually callled supermechagodzilla acording to thejapenese title of the film .
The real M.G 2 is really th seond one from the shoa era.

3. Godzilla 2000 is actaully named Godzilla 1999 or godzilla Millennium.

4. Destroyah is actually pernounced Destroyer but they liscened it as destroyah so they could have the rights to his name.

(names given to me)

(these next four where given from Duratok. Thanks for the help)

1.'Anguirus' and 'Angillas'

2.'Rodan' and 'Radon'

3.'Ghidorah' and 'Ghidrah'

4.'Minya' and 'Minilla'

If there is any other names people mess up alot tell me below.

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14 Responses to some names of kaiju that people often mess up on


Mothra LarvaeMember2 XPDec-19-2014 10:50 AM

I've seen 'Anguirus' and 'Angillas', 'Rodan' and 'Radon', 'Ghidorah' and 'Ghidrah', 'Minya' and 'Minilla'.



Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPDec-19-2014 10:56 AM

Thanks duratok I'll add those in.


BaragonMember330 XPDec-19-2014 1:08 PM

Uhh.....Not to be rude but what is the meaning of this?

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BaragonMember330 XPDec-19-2014 1:09 PM

Are you saying that everyone here is getting the name's wrong? Some of us happen to know what others mean when they speak of these kaiju.

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Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPDec-19-2014 1:21 PM

they arent just pronounced wrong there japanese names for them


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPDec-19-2014 2:14 PM

All the "incorrect names" here are just different versions of the same thing.

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Mothra LarvaeMember2 XPDec-19-2014 2:35 PM

I wouldn't say that the names I listed are wrong, I've just seen both used.

Some are more common or more accepted by our community than the others, but as far as I know one isn't more canon than the other. That said, It's been a long, long time since I've seen King Ghidorah refered to as just 'Ghidrah'.


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPDec-19-2014 2:37 PM

It reminds me of when people say "It's Gojira, not Godzilla" and how, they are the exact same thing, and no one makes a fuss over "Mothra" really being called "Mosura" if you only wish to refer to Kaiju by their Japanese names.

We say Godzilla '85 because that's the name of the American release, when it was released in 1985.

And for Godzilla 2000, that's the name of the American release, once again, and even though it was released in 1999, wasn't it called "Godzilla 2000: Millenium" or something like that?


BaragonMember425 XPDec-19-2014 2:46 PM

I don't know how correct this is. the Japanese title for Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla 2 is ???VS????? which translates to Gojira vs Mekagojira. I don't see any "super" referenced in any title translation. A lot of these misconceptions are just American releases. The names are all English versions of the name, the titles are often when the US version of the movie came out. I wouldn't really count these as confusions moreso just preferences whether you choose to go with the Japanese version or the english names.


BaragonMember425 XPDec-19-2014 2:48 PM

Hm I guess I couldn't copy and paste japanese letters for some reason on the text bar. I'll try again to see if it works. "???VS????"

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GiganMember4297 XPDec-19-2014 2:52 PM

It annoys the heck out of me when my friend says "No, it's Gojira" whenever I say "Godzilla" near him.

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Mothra LarvaeMember2 XPDec-19-2014 4:33 PM

All three versions of Mechagodzilla are trademarked as just "Mechagodzilla" and are legally all the same character. Mechagodzilla 2 can refer to the second Showa Mechagodzilla or the Heisei Mechagodzilla. Super-Mechagodzilla is just a form of the Heisei Mechagodzilla. I prefer calling the Heisei Mechagodzilla Mechagodzilla 2 because that's what he was called in the games.

"Destoroyah" is the correct spelling of the monster's name. It's just a transliteration of "Desutoroia," the Japanese pronunciation of "Destroyer." It was done so that Toho could copyright the name in English markets, but he was still called Destroyer in the dub. But ever since the Atari games came out, most people just pronounce the name as Destoroyah.

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Mothra LarvaeMember75 XPDec-19-2014 9:06 PM

I always thought Destoroyah was a cooler name anyway. "Destroyer" is too ordinary.


Anyway, there is some truth to the popular names, nonetheless. For instance, though Godzilla 1984 came out in Japan in the designated year, it's American release was in 1985. As most of us are American (or are too lazy to search for the Japanese copy), 1985 is drilled into our heads when watching the movie. Same can be said for Godzilla 1999/2000; it's just another year it was released.



Something Real

GodzillaMember5639 XPDec-20-2014 5:19 AM

GODZILLA20010 - This is a very neat collection of informtaion! It is interesting to see the differences! Thank you very much for taking the time to share this with us! :)

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