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Godzilla Wars: Final War- Part 2: Revolution

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Sci-Fi King25

Jul-30-2017 7:19 PM



     Mechagodzilla leads Godzilla and his allies across the Pacific Ocean, eventually reaching a long beach near the middle of Vancouver Island. Mechagodzilla lands on the beach and is quickly followed by Mothra and Rodan. Godzilla and Anguirus soon exit the water, but are followed by two other monsters.


     Leatherback and Otachi, two other kaiju bought from the Precursors, roar at their new adversaries. Mechagodzilla is the first to attack, firing its Mega-Buster Ray at Leatherback. However, the kaiju quickly retaliates by discharging an EMP blast from the organ on his back. Before Mechagodzilla can attack again, its eyes fade and it stops moving. As Godzilla and Anguirus face Leatherback, the King of the Monsters notices the other kaiju is gone.


     Godzilla and Rodan go to search for Otachi as Anguirus and Mothra battle Leatherback. Godzilla enters the ocean while Rodan looks down from the sky. As Godzilla gets two hundred feet into the sea, he feels a sharp pain in his side. He turns and sees Otachi dive back underwater. Godzilla grunts and looks up to Rodan. The giant pterosaur looks around and swoops down a hundred feet in front of Godzilla. As Rodan flies away, Godzilla notices Otachi just below the surface. As she leaps out, Godzilla whips her with his tail. The stunned kaiju falls back into the ocean and swims off.


     Meanwhile, Anguirus and Leatherback roar at each other. The two had attacked each other for a couple minutes, but are evenly matched. Mothra breaks the tie by shooting Leatherback with a blast of energy from her antennae. Leatherback roars in pain and looks up. Mothra flies around, distracting the kaiju as Anguirus burrows underground. About a minute later, he reappears behind Leatherback and quickly attacks. He slashes the kaiju’s back and legs with his claws. Leatherback roars and turns around. However, Anguirus rams into the kaiju’s underside and pushes, eventually flipping him over.


     Otachi quickly exits the ocean, hearing her ally’s cries. She swims out of the water and spreads her wings. She slowly takes off and flies toward Anguirus, grabbing him by his tail. However, she only flies up about four hundred feet before being shot down by a powerful blast of Godzilla’s Atomic Breath. Anguirus quickly rolls into a ball and lands safely, narrowly missing Leatherback. He unrolls himself and attacks again. However, Leatherback fights back, punching Anguirus with his large hands. Mothra flies in to help her disorientated ally and rips off Leatherback’s EMP generating organ.


     Rodan flies in fast circles around the slower Otachi, occasionally flying in to slash her with his talons or jab her with his beak. After enduring a few attacks, she lands. However, Godzilla quickly attacks, kicking the smaller kaiju. She retaliates by spitting a blast of acid at the King of the Monsters. She suddenly screeches in pain as two missiles strike her. Godzilla looks and sees the reactivated Mechagodzilla. The mecha and Godzilla watch as Anguirus and Rodan finish off the weakened Leatherback. Godzilla fires a blast of his Atomic Breath, killing Otachi. Mechagodzilla fires its Mega-Buster Ray at Leatherback’s head to make sure he’s dead.


     The five regroup and regain their lost energy. Godzilla and Mechagodzilla lead the other three back into the ocean as they continue their journey south, eventually reaching their next location- San Francisco Bay.




   Godzilla and his allies swim into San Francisco Bay, where they quickly notice flames coming from the city. A couple minutes later, something almost as large as Godzilla rises from the depths and begins attacking him. The King of the Monsters attempts to shake the creature off by diving underwater. Eventually, Anguirus assists him by slashing the creature and biting its neck. The monster swims off, and Godzilla pursues it.


     The creature, nicknamed Clover, soon resurfaces and walks towards the city of Oakland. However, Mechagodzilla quickly intervenes. He blasts the creature with lasers from its eye. The creature looks up at Mechagodzilla and roars, unharmed by the blast. Mechagodzilla lands and fires its Mega-Buster Ray. Clover roars in pain and charges. He hits Mechagodzilla with his large hands, almost knocking it to the ground.


     Rodan swoops down at the creature, hitting it with his spiked chest. However, the spikes do little damage to Clover’s thick skin. Rodan slashes him with his talons, doing visible damage. The attack gets Clover’s attention. He attempts to swat Rodan out of the sky, but the giant pterosaur dodges. He begins flying in circles above the creature, occasionally swooping down to attack.

     The distraction gives Anguirus enough time to curl into a ball and roll towards the monster. He hits him in the side, almost knocking it over. Clover turns his attention towards Anguirus, trying to figure out how to get around his spiky carapace. Before he can attack, he feels a burning pain on his legs and tail. He turns around and sees Godzilla standing about a hundred feet behind him. The creature charges, but Godzilla stays still.


     Clover swings one of his long arms at Godzilla, but he grabs it. He grabs the creature’s other arm as he swings it. Godzilla charges his Atomic Breath as the creature struggles to free itself. As Clover frees one of his arms, he quickly dies as a long, powerful blast of Godzilla’s Atomic Breath makes contact with his head.

     The King of the Monsters drops the corpse. He looks around, scanning the city of Oakland for any signs of another giant monster. Suddenly, a cluster bomb hits Mechagodzilla’s back. Godzilla looks up and sees a flash of dark blue and gray. A familiar creature lands in front of him. Godzilla recognizes it as Gigan. However, the cyborg has been improved.


     Gigan’s horn and mandibles are longer, his neck has a brace around it, and his hands have been replaced by dual-pronged chainsaws. The upgraded cyborg screeches at Godzilla. The King of the Monsters roars back. The two watch each other, both planning their moves. However, Mechagodzilla intervenes. The mecha fires its eye lasers and Mega-Buster Ray at him. Gigan turns around and fires a cluster bomb. Before the cyborg can attack again, Mothra grabs his tail and shocks him. Gigan is disabled by the attack, allowing Godzilla to force him to the ground with his long, whip-like tail. Anguirus moves in and clashes the cyborg with his claws. Suddenly, Gigan reactivates and slashes Anguirus with his chainsaws. Anguirus backs off as the cyborg stands up. He fires another cluster bomb and flies off. Rodan and Mothra fly after him, but it’s too late.


     Godzilla and his allies stop and rest in the bay for a few minutes before Mechagodzilla roars. It begins flying and the monsters follow. Eventually, they leave the bay and begin they journey southwest.





     Godzilla and his allies swim to the island of Hawaii. Godzilla senses the monsters and knows the fight will be different. When they reach the island’s eastern shore, Godzilla watches as the two MUTOs notice the group. Mechagodzilla flies away and lands further down the shoreline, as the female MUTO’s naturally emitted EMP could disable the mecha. Godzilla knows his Atomic Breath could cause him pain if he used it. The two sides would have to fight hand to hand.


     One of the male MUTOs hooked appendages begins to glow and he slams it on the ground, creating an EMP blast. Godzilla roars at the MUTOs. The female roars back and charges. The King of the Monsters sidesteps and slashes her back and legs with his claws. As she screeches in pain, the male flies in to assist her. However, Mothra and Rodan intervene. Mothra attempts to hold him still as Rodan slashes his wings with his talons and beak.


   The female MUTO screeches angrily at Godzilla and Anguirus. She charges again, but Anguirus steps in between her and Godzilla. He stands on his hind legs and roars. However, she simply pushes through him and continues her charge. Godzilla attempts to prepare an attack, but the MUTO lunges and grabs his neck with her jaws. Godzilla roars in pain and tries to pry her jaws off of him. Suddenly, he feels a sharp pain on his back.


     The male MUTO escaped Mothra and Rodan’s attack and immediately attacked Godzilla by jabbing his back with his hooked appendages. Before he can get a second blow in, Mothra grabs him and pulls him off of the King of the Monsters. Rodan attacks his wings again, doing significant damage by the time the MUTO frees himself from Mothra’s grip. The MUTO falls to the ground. He runs to attack Godzilla on the ground as he is focused on the female, who he just pushed away from him. However, Anguirus notices him and rolls into a ball. He rolls towards the male. Seconds later, his spiky carapace pierces the MUTO’s skin. The MUTO screeches in pain as Anguirus unrolls and mauls him.


     Godzilla pushes the female MUTO back again. The two stare at each other for a few seconds, planning their next moves. Godzilla whips her legs with his tail, causing her to stumble. As she regains her balance, Godzilla shoves her to the ground. The King of the Monsters stomps on her chest, severely wounding her. Eventually, she stops moving. Mechagodzilla flies over to the monsters and fires its Mega-Buster Ray at the female’s head to make sure she’s dead.


     Minutes later, the group is back in the ocean. They swim south, eventually reaching South America. They keep moving until they reach their destination- the city of Lima, Peru.





     Godzilla and his allies reach the beaches by the city of Lima, Peru, specifically the Miraflores district, by dusk. The group sees nothing at first, but soon hears the buzzing of insects. The setting sun makes it difficult for the group to notice the swarm of two dozen Meganula flying towards them from the city above them. Beam attacks are unnecessary against the small group, and the monsters simply crush or swat at the insects.


     The second wave is five times as large as the first one. Godzilla and his allies are able to crush a few of them, but by the time one is crushed, another is already attacking. The Meganula drain energy from Godzilla and his allies, making it slightly harder for them to fight. Eventually, a few more insects join the battle. Once they finish their attack, the sixteen that remain fly away. Rodan follows them, but quickly retreats as a swarm of seventy insects fly at him.


     As Rodan rejoins the group, an insect much larger than the others is spotted on the edge of the cliff. It quickly darts away, but soon Godzilla feels a burning pain on his back. The insect, known as Megaguirus, fired a fireball at him. Before she can attack again, Mothra grabs her from behind and shocks her with an electric charge. The giant insect screeches in pain and squirms around in Mothra’s grip. Seconds later, the remaining two hundred Meganula fly to her. Some are taken out by Godzilla and his allies, but twenty fly to attack Mothra while the rest battle the other four. Mothra is forced to release Megaguirus as the Meganula stab her. She fires lightning from her wings, killing most of the insects and forcing the rest to retreat.


    As his allies battle the smaller Meganula, Godzilla fights their queen, Megaguirus. Although he’s much stronger than the insect, she overpowers him with her speed and agility. She lands on his back and tail to drain energy as he occasionally attempts to swat her away. Eventually, Godzilla charges his Atomic Breath. However, he doesn’t fire. As Megaguirus faces Godzilla and prepares to fire a fireball, Godzilla fires at her stinger. The blast takes out half of her tail. The giant insect screeches in pain as Godzilla fires another blast at her wings. She falls to the ground and is quickly killed as Godzilla crushes her head with his foot.


     The monsters regroup, but soon hear a familiar screech. A cluster bomb illuminates the night sky near them, and they soon notice Gigan land. He screeches at the group and fires another cluster bomb. He immediately attacks Godzilla, slashing the King of the Monsters with his dual-pronged chainsaws. As Anguirus runs to assist his ally, Megalon bursts out of the ground. He kicks Anguirus, forcing him back. However, he stops as Mechagodzilla fires its Mega-Buster Ray at his chest. Megalon burrows underground, but Anguirus follows him. The giant beetle resurfaces in front of Mechagodzilla, but Anguirus immediately attacks from behind. Megalon quickly shoots Mechagodzilla with a blast of lightning from his horn before turning around to face Anguirus.


     Meanwhile, Godzilla attempts to land an attack. With some of his energy drained, it’s harder for him to fight against the cyborg. However, Mothra and Rodan assist him. They grab the cyborg’s tail and pull him to the ground. Godzilla charges his Atomic Breath and fires it at Gigan’s wings. Mothra shocks him with her Electric Grab. The three maul Gigan as he attempts to stand up. Eventually, Mothra and Godzilla fire beam attacks at his arms and head, finishing him off.


     Megalon is quickly losing the battle against Anguirus and Mechagodzilla. Anguirus was biting and slashing him and Mechagodzilla would occasionally fire lasers or missiles. Eventually, Mechagodzilla electrocutes the giant beetle with its Shock Anchor Cables. He falls to the ground and stops moving. Anguirus and Mechagodzilla notice the burning remains of Gigan as Godzilla, Rodan, and Mothra approach them.


     The group rest for forty-five minutes before Mechagodzilla roars. The mecha hovers above the group and leads them to the ocean, which they must cross to face their next opponents in the country of New Zealand.




     Mechagodzilla leads the monsters to the city of Auckland, New Zealand. Once they arrive, Godzilla notices two familiar robots- two different versions of Mechagodzilla. Godzilla and his allies leave the ocean and watch as the Mechagodzillas destroy a large building. Godzilla roars a challenge to the robots as they face him. One Mechagodzilla, the robot Godzilla and his allies fought a couple years prior, roars back and fires a few missiles from its hands at him.


     The other Mechagodzilla, known as Kiryu, has a different reaction. Being built around the skeleton of an organism similar to Godzilla, it remembers being a living organism. Its eyes turn red as it overrides its control. The robot is now controlled by another Godzilla, not the alien alliance. He roars and fires the rocket launchers on his back. The rockets hit the nearby buildings as well as the Mechagodzilla constructed by the humans. Mechagodzilla responds with its Mega-Buster Ray. Godzilla and his allies back off as the three Mechagodzillas face each other.


     The alien Mechagodzilla fires more rockets from its hands and feet at the other two Mechagodzillas. Kiryu fires the Maser Cannons in his mouth at his attacker. Mechagodzilla backs off and fires a rainbow beam from its eye at Kiryu. The human-built Mechagodzilla fires missiles from its shoulders at the two, damaging them. The two Mechagodzillas fire their beam attacks, but Mechagodzilla absorbs the attacks. Eventually, it fires its Plasma Grenade, knocking the other Mechagodzillas back. Mechagodzilla fires a few more missiles from its shoulders, temporarily stopping its adversaries.


     A minute later, a warship enters the battle. The alien Mechagodzilla fires its eye beam at it. The warship, known as the Garuda, attaches itself to the human’s Mechagodzilla, turning it into Super Mechagodzilla. The alien Mechagodzilla immediately fires its missiles. Super Mechagodzilla responds with the Maser Cannons from the Garuda and its Mega Buster Ray. However, MechaGodzilla begins rapidly rotating its head in a circle, creating a forcefield. Super MechaGodzilla fires its eye lasers, but the beams fail to penetrate the forcefield.


     Suddenly, Kiryu attacks Super Mechagodzilla from behind. He fires the Maser Cannons in his mouth at the Garuda. Super Mechagodzilla turns around and fires its eye beams. Kiryu lunges towards the mecha and stabs its abdomen with its right hand, which turned into a drill. The alien Mechagodzilla fires missiles from its hands, damaging Super Mechagodzilla even more. Eventually, the two knock Super Mechagodzilla to the ground. As Kiryu kicks the mecha, Mechagodzilla fires its eye beam at Kiryu’s head. He roars in anger and faces the alien robot.


     Mechagodzilla fires again, but Kiryu responds with the rocket launchers on its shoulders and the Maser Cannons in his mouth. Mechagodzilla flies off and fires missiles at the other two Mechagodzillas. Kiryu, low on battery, doesn’t follow it. He fires his oral Maser Cannons again, hitting Mechagodzilla.


     As the other Mechagodzillas fight each other, Super Mechagodzilla stands up. It fires its eye beams at Mechagodzilla. Eventually, the alien robot is forced to land. It fires its eye beam at Super Mechagodzilla as Kiryu lunges towards it. He stabs its neck with his drill hand as the robot fires its eye beam again. Mechagodzilla shoots a couple missiles from its hands and feet, damaging it but forcing Kiryu back. It fires its eye beam at Kiryu’s head, forcing him to retreat.


    Super Mechagodzilla shoots the last of its shoulder missiles at Mechagodzilla and Kiryu. The two respond with their beam attacks. Super Mechagodzilla absorbs the blows as the three face each other again. Super Mechagodzilla powers its Plasma Grenade as Kiryu powers his Triple Hyper Maser Cannon and Mechagodzilla prepares its eye beam and more of its missiles.


     The three fire at the same time. The devastating blast destroys an entire city block and damages the surrounding area. Super Mechagodzilla sees Kiryu deactivated and heavily damaged. Mechagodzilla lost an arm and its head in the attack. However, it continues to fire a laser from its neck. Super Mechagodzilla fires its Mega Buster Ray and the Maser Cannons from the Garuda, finishing off the robot.


     Super Mechagodzilla returns to Godzilla and his allies. Its pilots notice something different about Rodan. During the battle, he mutated and became Fire Rodan. The group leaves the country of New Zealand and moves to the city of Brisbane in the neighboring country of Australia, where they will face their next opponent.




     The helicopters lead Zilla, Manda, and Titanosaurus away from the island. About an hour later, they reach their destination. The three monsters know where to go. They dive underwater, and after a few minutes they reach the bottom of the ocean, Challenger Deep. A minute later, Godzilla Junior arrives. The four follow a submarine to a small building connected to what looks like a radio tower.


     The monsters charge, but are stopped by three approaching kaiju- Raiju, Scunner, and Slattern. Raiju darts to the right as Scunner swims to the left. Slattern faces Godzilla Junior. The two are pretty evenly matched, as Godzilla Junior is almost identical to his father- large, stocky, and short, dark dorsal fins. He snarls and slashes Slattern’s neck. The kaiju winces and attempts to bite his opponent’s neck. Godzilla Junior dodges and kicks Slattern back.


     Meanwhile, Manda curls around Scunner. The kaiju is large and strong, but Manda’s speed and agility quickly give him the upper hand. He wraps around Scunner’s neck and arms as Zilla bites and slashes him. Eventually, a cry for help distracts both sides. They look over and see Raiju biting Titanosaurus’s neck. Zilla swims over to help his ally as Manda continues his fight with Scunner.


     Zilla attacks Raiju from the side, biting his neck and slashing him with his claws. Being weightless underwater, he kicks Raiju away and swims over him. He grabs the kaiju’s arms and bites his neck. Titanosaurus punches Raiju’s head and chest as he attempts to squirm free of Zilla’s grip.




     Godzilla and his allies reach the shore of Australia, just south of the city of Brisbane. Once they reach the damaged city, they see Bagan. The monster turns around and roars at the group. Super Mechagodzilla fires its Maser Cannons at Bagan, who quickly generates a forcefield. Fire Rodan swoops down from above and slashes Bagan’s back with his claws and jabs him with his beak. This distracts Bagan long enough for Godzilla and Anguirus to move in. Anguirus attacks from behind, biting Bagan’s tail. Godzilla slashes the slightly larger monster’s neck and kicks him back. Bagan roars in anger and fires his Plasma Beam at the King of the Monsters.


     Godzilla winces and steps back. As Bagan fires again, Mothra grabs his neck and shocks him. Bagan roars in pain and shakes her off. Godzilla fires his Atomic Breath at Bagan’s head. The monster responds with his Diamond Storm, which cuts Godzilla and Mothra and forces them back. He turns around and fires his Plasma Beam at Fire Rodan and Anguirus.




     Slattern notices his allies struggling against Manda, Zilla, and Titanosaurus. He swims off to help them, but Godzilla Junior attempts to stop him by grabbing his tails. Slattern swings his tails at Godzilla Junior, cutting him with the sharp edges. Slattern slams into Titanosaurus, knocking him down. Zilla leaves the wounded Raiju and bites Slattern’s neck. However, the significantly larger kaiju shakes him off and tears his side with his long, sharp claws. The water turns red as Zilla quickly swims away. Raiju follows him.


     Manda leaves Scunner and swims as fast as he can towards Slattern. He wraps around the kaiju’s three tails and roars to Godzilla Junior. Godzilla Junior swims as fast as he can towards Slattern. He pushes the kaiju to the ground and stomps on his neck. Suddenly, Raiju bites Godzilla Junior’s neck, getting his attention away from Slattern.


     Zilla attacks Raiju’s tail, getting his attention. He swims away, but Raiju follows him. Zilla swims as fast as he can and eventually swims right into the base. He slams through the wall, which is about as thirty feet tall. The facility explodes, killing Zilla. It’s too late for Raiju to swim away as he hits Zilla. He is electrocuted in the blast from the antenna’s power source being destroyed. The tower falls, disorientating Scunner and Slattern.


     Titanosaurus takes the opportunity to attack Scunner. He mercilessly punches and slashes his opponent, ignoring its occasional attack. Eventually, Titanosaurus is joined by Manda, who wraps around Scunner’s neck and arms. Together, the two defeat Scunner. Titanosaurus moves on to help Godzilla Junior fight Slattern as Manda stays wrapped around Scunner.


     Slattern bites Titanosaurus’s arm and cuts Godzilla Junior with his tails. Eventually, Godzilla Junior grabs the tail to the right and pulls. He tears it off and whips Slattern with it. The kaiju turns around and punches Godzilla Junior. Titanosaurus attempts to help by slashing Slattern’s back with toe claws and swimming up. Slattern follows him, giving Godzilla Junior time to plan his next attack. He follows Slattern and grabs his throat with his jaws. He thrashes around, doing even more damage. As the water turns bright blue, Godzilla Junior and Titanosaurus continue their assault until Slattern stops moving and slowly begins sinking to the bottom of the ocean. A minute later, Manda joins them.




     Godzilla roars at Bagan. The two weakened kaiju stare at each other. Bagan charges like a bull. Godzilla sidesteps and bites one of the large spikes on Bagan’s back. He attempts to hold the monster still as Fire Rodan and Super Mechagodzilla fire their beams. Bagan summons a forcefield, but the power eventually gets through it. Anguirus adds to the attack by mauling Bagan like a dog. Mothra grabs his tail and delivers an electric shock. A minute later, he falls to the ground. The monsters continue their attack to make sure he won’t get up.


     Godzilla lets out a victorious roar and leads his allies back to the ocean. He senses a new threat on the other side of the continent.




     Godzilla and his allies enter a bay, eventually reaching the remains of the city of Perth. They hear a roar above them and watch as a three-headed dragon lands in front of them. Godzilla and his allies instantly recognize it as King Ghidorah. Although the dragon towers above Godzilla’s team, it’s one monster against five.


     King Ghidorah instantly fires his Gravity Beams. Mothra and Fire Rodan attempt to avoid the attack, but King Ghidorah simply turns two of his heads to face the flying monsters. Super Mechagodzilla fires the Maser Cannons from the Garuda at the dragon, getting its attention. He fires his Gravity Beams again, but Super Mechagodzilla absorbs the attack. It charges its Plasma Grenade and fires it at King Ghidorah’s abdomen. King Ghidorah roars in pain and looks down at his abdomen. There is a small hole in it. He growls and charges.


     Fire Rodan fires his Uranium Heat Beam at King Ghidorah’s back. The dragon ignores the attack and bites down on the Maser Cannons on Super Mechagodzilla’s shoulders, eventually snapping them. As he pulls on them, Godzilla fires his Atomic Breath at King Ghidorah’s right head. He turns his head and roars at Godzilla. He begins to fly and shoots Godzilla with lightning from his wings. Super Mechagodzilla fires lasers from its eyes at the dragon, but he barely notices the attack. King Ghidorah fires his Gravity Beams at the monsters, specifically Godzilla and Super Mechagodzilla.


     King Ghidorah flies behind Super Mechagodzilla and kicks it to the ground. Mothra and Fire Rodan fire their beam attacks at Ghidorah’s heads. However, King Ghidorah ignores the attacks and continues to stomp on the mecha. Eventually, Anguirus rolls into a ball and hurls himself towards the dragon. He hits him in the chest, knocking him off of Super Mechagodzilla. Anguirus unrolls and bites King Ghidorah’s middle neck. He thrashes his head around, dealing even more damage, but is forced back as King Ghidorah fires his Gravity Beams.


     Godzilla stomps on the dragon’s chest, knocking the wind out of him. As Godzilla charges his Atomic Breath, King Ghidorah fires his Gravity Beams again. However, Godzilla still fires, burning King Ghidorah’s right head. The dragon screeches in pain and attempts to escape. Mothra grabs one of his tails and delivers an electric shock. King Ghidorah thrashes around, eventually escaping.


     The dragon lands closer to the city and creates a large dome in front of him. The dome slowly transfers the life energy of whatever is caught inside to him. However, only a few animals are caught inside, giving King Ghidorah very little energy. Super Mechagodzilla fires its Mega-Buster Ray at King Ghidorah’s middle head, severely damaging it. The dragon flies at the mecha, firing his Gravity Beams at its head. He kicks the damaged mecha to the ground and crushes its head with a few stomps of its foot. During the attack, the remaining monsters fire their beam attacks at the dragon’s heads and wings. Eventually, the dragon explodes, destroying the remains of Mechagodzilla. Godzilla and his allies look around before looking down at where Mechagodzilla once was. Godzilla grunts mournfully and returns to the sea with his allies.


     Soon, Godzilla picks up another scent, which takes them to Cape Town, South Africa.




     Godzilla and his allies reach the city of Cape Town, South Africa that evening. Godzilla hears a shriek and watches as a monster lands in front of him. He recognizes the monster as the Bane of all Life, Destoroyah. The monster roars at him and his allies. Godzilla roars back.


     Destoroyah charges the King of the Monsters. It slices through his shoulder with its horn. Godzilla roars in pain as he punches Destoroyah’s throat. The monster steps back as Godzilla charges. He bites the monster’s throat and slowly pushes it back. Fire Rodan fires his Uranium Heat Beam at Destoroyah’s neck and Mothra fires blasts from her antennae at its back and head. Eventually, Destoroyah breaks free from Godzilla’s grip and jabs him with its claws. Godzilla winces at Destoroyah’s claws eventually pierce his abdomen. Suddenly, a robot appears to his right.


     A silver, orange, yellow, and blue robot runs at Destoroyah and punches it in the face. As Fire Rodan, Mothra, and Anguirus fight Destoroyah, the robot faces Godzilla. It grabs the puzzled King of the Monsters’s hands and shakes it. The robot, known as Jet Jaguar, flew to the scene to assist Godzilla. The two watch as Destoroyah fires its Oxygen Destroyer Ray at Fire Rodan, Mothra, and Anguirus. Godzilla fires his Atomic Breath at Destoroyah’s wings and neck, getting its attention.


     Destoroyah turns around and roars at Godzilla. Godzilla roars back and charges. He slashes Destoroyah’s sides and arms as he pushes it back. Eventually Destoroyah kicks Godzilla back and turns around. He wraps the pincher on his tail around Godzilla’s neck and takes flight. It drags The King of the Monsters around, crashing him through the buildings. Fire Rodan, Mothra, and Jet Jaguar attempt to pry Destroyah’s tail off of Godzilla. After a minute, they succeed.


     Destoroyah lands and faces his adversaries. Jet Jaguar punches Destoroyah’s face, throat and chest as Anguirus attacks its tail. However, Destoroyah grabs his foot with its tail and delivers an electric shock. Godzilla assists Anguirus, stomping on Destoroyah’s tail. The Bane of all Life shrieks in pain. As Jet Jaguar steps back, Destoroyah stabs it with its horn. Jet Jaguar wraps one arm around the monster’s neck and grabs its horn with the other. However, Destoroyah blasts the robot with its Oxygen Destroyer Ray, forcing it back.


     As the five attack it, Destoroyah suddenly falls disintegrates. However, Godzilla and Anguirus notice the hundreds of small, crab-like monsters. They crawl all over the two like fire ants and stab them with appendages in their mouths. As they inject Micro-Oxygen into their adversaries. Mothra and Fire Rodan destroy as many of the creatures as they can. Anguirus kicks dirt and rubble at them, attempting to knock them off. Godzilla fires a light blast of his Atomic Breath at his ally, destroying some of the creatures and scaring the rest off. The heat from the blast forced some of the creatures off of Godzilla. As Maser jets and cannons equipped with freezing weapons to combat the monsters. Suddenly, the creatures congregate in one area and grow. They evolve into five larger creatures, each one reaching Godzilla’s knees in height. As the monsters and military blast them, they mutate into Destoroyah’s final form again.


     The monster fires its Oxygen Destroyer Ray, taking out the military vehicles. Mothra grabs the monster’s tail and delivers an electric charge. Destoroyah turns around and fires his Oxygen Destroyer Ray at her head. Mothra continues to fire electricity as Destoroyah continues to fire. Eventually, she dies. However, Destoroyah suddenly recognizes sharp pains all across his body. It turns around and sees military reinforcements, Fire Rodan, and Godzilla firing at it. The monster attempts to fly away, but his wings no longer support him.


     It charges Godzilla, but Jet Jaguar steps in front of the King of the Monsters. Destoroyah knocks the robot to the ground and stomps on it. However, it hears something break and looks up. It sees Godzilla holding its horn. The King of the Monsters stabs it into the middle of the Bane of all Life’s chest as the military reinforcements blast the monster with their freezing weapons. Godzilla fires a powerful blast at his opponent’s head, finishing it off. He lets out a victorious roar and looks around. Jet Jaguar shrinks and flies away. The military is surrounding Destoroyah’s corpse. Fire Rodan and Anguirus are waiting for Godzilla to lead them back into the ocean.


     Godzilla, Anguirus, and Fire Rodan swim away from the city. Maser Jets circle above them and fly off, presumably leading them to their next opponent.




     The Gotengo makes it way towards the Ronne Ice Shelf. It leads the Maser Jets towards the alien base stationed on the shelf. The crew on board assists the Maser Jets in firing at the alien fighter ships approaching them. Eventually, the Gotengo reaches the edge of the ice shelf and takes flight. It hovers to the top of the ice shelf, enduring the occasional hit from an alien fighter.


     A few minutes later, the ship and the remaining Maser Jets fire at the base. It’s slightly larger than the base at Challenger Deep, but it’s very similar in design. However, the firepower does nothing. It simply explodes. The blasts eventually reveal a forcefield surrounding the base. Suddenly, three monsters rise from the ice- a giant cuttlefish, a giant lobster, and a giant turtle. The three roar at the humans and swat at the jets and the Gotengo. As the jets fire at the monsters, Jet Jaguar appears. It grows to his kaiju size and shoves the giant cuttlefish, Gezora, to the ground. The giant turtle, Kamoebas, bites Jet Jaguar’s ankle. As it attempts to free itself, the Gotengo fires at it. Kamoebas is unaffected by the attack and bites down harder on the robot’s ankle.


     Eventually, Jet Jaguar frees itself and kicks the giant turtle back. He bends over and grabs its neck. As he attempts to snap it, Gezora pulls it to the ground. However, the Gotengo comes to the robot’s aid, drilling a hole through Gezora’s chest with its drill.


     The giant lobster, Ganimes, attacks Jet Jaguar from behind. It grabs his legs with its claws as alien fighters shoot at it. However, the Gotengo assists the robot again, slicing the giant lobster’s back with a razor blade on its lower side. Ganimes retreats and joins Kamoebas. The two have no chance at surviving the battle and are called back. However, a third monster resembling a dragon suddenly joins the fight. It fires blasts of energy from its shoulders at Jet Jaguar and the Gotengo. The Gotengo fights back, firing missiles at the beast. However, the missiles do little damage. The monster, known as Dagahra, fires acidic sea stars at the ship and robot. However, the sea stars, known as Barems, do little against the metallic exteriors of their targets. The Gotengo approaches Dagahra, but the monster fires a beam from its mouth damaging the ship.


   After firing at the Gotengo, Dagahra notices Jet Jaguar is gone. He looks around and assumes the robot retreated. He continues to fire his Irabushan Beam and blasts of energy from his shoulder cannons, damaging the Gotengo and destroying the remaining Maser Jets. The Gotengo fires at Dagahra, but the ship’s conventional weaponry does little damage. The Gotengo switches to its Electric Particle Cannons, injuring the monster.


     Suddenly, Dagahra feels something grab his tail. He turns his head and notices Jet Jaguar. The robot pulls, lifting Dagahra off the ground. The monster attempts to fly away, but Jet Jaguar slams it down on the forcefield, shattering it. He slams the disorientated monster into the base, heavily damaging it. The Gotengo arrives and fires its Absolute Zero Cannon, killing Dagahra and destroying what remains of the base.




     Godzilla, Anguirus, and Fire Rodan eventually reach an island. The island is Tristan de Cunha, the most isolated island in the world. The first thing the trio notices are the large, crystalline formations around a large dome. Godzilla immediately recognizes the crystals as the work of one monster- SpaceGodzilla. The trio reaches the shore and prepares to fight.




     Godzilla roars a challenge to SpaceGodzilla. However, the monster is nowhere to be found. The area is eerily silent. Godzilla backs off as a large spacecraft appears. SpaceGodzilla appears beneath the ship and roars at Godzilla. He immediately fires his Corona Beam at the King of the Monsters. Godzilla winces as SpaceGodzilla fires again. Once SpaceGodzilla stops firing, Godzilla charges.


     Fire Rodan and Anguirus quickly follow Godzilla. SpaceGodzilla quickly raises more crystals out of the ground, surrounding himself. Fire Rodan fires his Uranium Heat Beam from above, hitting SpaceGodzilla’s shoulder crystals. SpaceGodzilla fires his Corona Beam at the giant pterosaur, but he dodges. SpaceGodzilla telekinetically throws crystalline spikes at Fire Rodan, hitting him. Fire Rodan screeches in pain and falls to the ground.


     SpaceGodzilla feels a sharp pain in his tail. He shakes it, but feels even more skin tear. He turns around and sees Anguirus inside his crystalline shelter. Anguirus roars at the space monster and stands on his hind legs. SpaceGodzilla telepathically lifts Anguirus and slams him down. He fires his Corona Beam, forcing Anguirus to retreat.


     Godzilla fires his Atomic Breath, hitting SpaceGodzilla’s crystals. The blast destroys them. Godzilla fires again, hitting SpaceGodzilla’s crystals. The alien turns around and roars angrily at the King of the Monsters. However, Fire Rodan fires his Uranium Heat Beam at SpaceGodzilla’s head, distracting him. As SpaceGodzilla fires at the giant pterosaur flying over him, Godzilla approaches from the side. He slashes the space monster’s side with his sharp claws. As SpaceGodzilla faces him, the King of the Monsters grabs a crystal and stabs him with it. SpaceGodzilla roars in pain and anger as the crystal hits his chest. He telekinetically lifts Godzilla in the air and begins telekinetically throwing crystals at him.


     Anguirus curls into a ball and rolls towards SpaceGodzilla. He hits the monster’s back, getting his attention away from Godzilla. He drops the King of the Monsters and turns around. Anguirus stands on his hind legs and slashes SpaceGodzilla with his front legs. Godzilla and Fire Rodan fire their beams at SpaceGodzilla’s crystals, damaging them. SpaceGodzilla roars and forms a shield around himself, blocking the attacks. However, Angirius is caught in the shield. He continues to bat at SpaceGodzilla, but the monster kicks him to the ground. However, Anguirus continues his attack.


     SpaceGodzilla lowers his shield. He fires his Corona Beam at Anguirus, forcing him back. The space monster forms a crystalline prison around his adversary, trapping him. As SpaceGodzilla fires his Corona Beam again, he feels sharp pains in his back and shoulder crystals. Then he remembers Godzilla and Fire Rodan. He turns around and fires Corona Beams from his shoulders at the two. They stop firing and approach him. He can’t telepathically lift two monsters at the same times. He summons crystals out of the ground, but they don’t protect him as Fire Rodan slashes and jabs him with his talons and beak. Eventually, Fire Rodan breaks the crest on SpaceGodzilla’s head. The space monster roars in anger, realizing he can’t perform any telekinetic attacks without his crest. He attempts to escape, but Godzilla and Fire Rodan fire their beams at SpaceGodzilla’s crystals, eventually destroying them.


     SpaceGodzilla roars in agony as the monsters continue their assault. Eventually, his movement slows and he falls forward. Godzilla and Fire Rodan stop firing as their adversary is impaled by his own crystalline spikes. The two let out a victorious roar and go to free Anguirus. However, they’re stopped as a familiar monster enters the battle. They recognize it as Gigan, but he is different. He has much more armor and one arm is a double-pronged scythe. The other arm is two Gatling guns. The cyborg screeches and fires his gun at the two.


   Fire Rodan dodges the bullets and fires his Uranium Heat Beam at Gigan’s wings. As Gigan fires at the giant pterosaur, Godzilla approaches from behind. He grabs the cyborg’s tail and pulls. Eventually, he lifts him and slams him into SpaceGodzilla’s crystals. However, the crystals get through little of Gigan’s armor. He continues to fire his Gatling gun at Godzilla and Fire Rodan. As Fire Rodan flies in circles over the cyborg, Godzilla fires his Atomic Breath at Gigan’s Gatling gun, heavily damaging it.


     Gigan stands up and charges Godzilla. He fires his cluster bomb, disorientating the King of the Monsters. Then, he stabs him with his dual-pronged scythe and bats at him with his damaged Gatling gun. Eventually, Godzilla kicks Gigan back and knocks him to the ground with his whip-like tail. Gigan fires another cluster bomb, but Godzilla avoids the attack. As the cyborg attempts to stand up, Godzilla kicks him back down. Gigan fires his Gatling gun again, but Godzilla endures the attacks. He stomps on Gigan’s head, crushing it. The King of the Monsters lets out a victorious roar and grabs the dead cyborg’s tail. He drags him over to the dome and slams him into it. As Fire Rodan frees Anguirus from his prison, Godzilla fires his Atomic Breath at Gigan’s body, blowing it up. The explosion heavily damages the dome.


     Fire Rodan fires his Uranium Heat Beam at the dome as Anguirus throws some of SpaceGodzilla’s spikes. Eventually, the combined force of the three monsters destroys the dome. The three charge the base and mercilessly attack it. The base is significantly larger than the other two, about 90 feet tall, 150 feet long and 125 feet wide. However, the three monsters reduce it to rubble in less than a minute. The King of the Monsters searches for any additional threats, but sees none.


     As Godzilla, Anguirus, and Fire Rodan swim away from the island, Godzilla senses something unnatural coming from Monster Island...

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster

12 Responses to Godzilla Wars: Final War- Part 2: Revolution

Sci-Fi King25

Jul-30-2017 7:38 PM

^The next couple fights will be easy as well, but by the middle of the story the stronger monsters get to fight. ;)

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster

Sci-Fi King25

Aug-01-2017 6:35 PM

New chapter. The Cloverfield monster makes its first appearance in the series.

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster

Sci-Fi King25

Aug-07-2017 6:50 PM

MUTOs. Plus the first chapter in South America next. That'll be fun to write.

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster

Sci-Fi King25

Aug-10-2017 6:56 PM

New chapter. Plus a new country Godzilla and his allies have never been to.

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster

Sci-Fi King25

Aug-14-2017 7:07 PM

New chapter. Another new country and a three-way Mechagodzilla battle.

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster

Sci-Fi King25

Aug-16-2017 7:05 PM

New chapter. It's shorter than it looks.

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster

Sci-Fi King25

Aug-19-2017 5:08 PM

New chapter. King Ghidorah.

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster

Sci-Fi King25

Aug-21-2017 7:17 PM

New chapter with the second best robot in the Godzilla series.

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster

Sci-Fi King25

Aug-22-2017 7:18 PM

New chapter again. Antarctica.

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster

Sci-Fi King25

Aug-23-2017 6:42 PM

Last part of Part 2.

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster

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