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MemberRodanApr-10-2019 5:24 PM

Okay, I know that a lot of you will think this is fake, but that's okay.

Flashback to 2014 Godzilla movie

Mark Russell (Kyle Chandler) and Emma Russell (Vera Farmiga) are looking for their son in the midst of the San Francisco attack, when they see Godzilla looming over them. It is established that Emma and Mark have separated since 2014 due to Chandler blaming Godzilla for his Son’s death during the M.U.T.O. attack.


*Cut to the present*


Emma and Madison Russell (Millie bobby brown), With Emma as a Monarch scientist, go to China to investigate a massive egg found in an old Chinese temple. The egg soon hatches into a larval Mothra, who begins to freak out due to confusion. The larval Mothra begins to pin soldiers to the walls with webs, and generally wreaks havoc until Emma uses her new telepathic device called “The Orca” to calm Mothra down using bioacoustic frequencies.


Later, Eco-terrorists attack the Monarch facility, and “kidnap” both Emma and Madison. Their terrorist leader, Jonah Alan (Charles dance), an ex-british special forces agent, resents humanity for the amount of death and destruction they caused with all their wars. Mothra manages to escape in the mayhem, and builds a cocoon under a waterfall.


Many Monarch operatives like Dr. Serizawa (Ken Watanabe), Dr. Vivienne Graham (Sally Hawkins) and Sam Coleman (Thomas Middleditch)  are at a senate hearing of whether the U.S. military should take over operations at Monarch, but is abruptly cut off after Monarch hears news about the “kidnaping” of Emma and Madison.


Monarch reaches out to Mark because he can track the terrorists due to the frequencies the Orca leaves behind. He doesn’t fully warm up to the organization due to their involvement with Godzilla and the other titans.


Monarch takes Mark to an underwater facility known as Castle Bravo (named after the nuke that attempted to kill Godzilla back in the 1950’s) in Bermuda.  Chandler is then educated by Dr. Graham in what Monarch does, and that there are many facilities for hidden titans around the world. Soon, out of nowhere, Godzilla approaches the base, flashing his intimidation factor through his dorsal plates. The flashing stops and the facility goes dark. Then, in a jumpscare, Godzilla swims past the bases massive viewing window, and swims away.


They soon figure out that Godzilla is heading toward Antarctica. They also discover that the terrorists are heading there as well to free a titan known simply as “Monster Zero”. The terrorists lay a trap, and kill most of the G-team, a military branch that specializes in dealing with Titans, led by Barnes (O’shea Jackson Jr.). Mark sneaks into the facility to free his ex-wife and daughter, only to find Emma as she detonates the ice herself.


Monster Zero breaks free of his icy prison, and rampages around for a while, even using his gravity beams to vaporize some of the remaining G-team. Monster Zero is about to kill the main characters, but Godzilla appears breaking out of the ice, and the two monsters fight. The opening is Godzilla blasting Monster Zero with his Atomic breath, with Monster Zero dodging and retaliating with Gravity beams.  The two seem evenly matched until Monster Zero gains the upper hand and knocks Godzilla into the ocean. Monster Zero even swoops down and eats Dr. Graham. Suddenly, Monster Zero is than swallowed up by a freak tropical storm.


Emma contacts Monarch, and reveals she was working for the terrorists all along. Jonah then has Vera to go wake a titan called Rodan up using the Orca. Monarch, realizing that the terrorists are headed for Mexico, ready themselves to head there.


The terrorists get to Rodan first, and they release him. Rodan explodes out of his containment chamber, and causes the Volcano to erupt. Monarch then employs the use of the ARGO Jet to lure Rodan to Monster Zero in the hopes of them killing each other.


By doing this Monarch accidentally exploits Rodans aggressiveness to jet sound. They also send several fighter planes to try direct him away from the cities. However, Rodan does happen to destroy several cities along the way. This is when Madison begins to doubt her Mothers beliefs.


Monarch realizes that Monster Zero wasn’t lost in the storm, rather, he is causing the storm. Rodan is successfully lured into the storm, and him and Monster Zero have a short fight with Monster Zero easily defeating him. Rodan falls into the ocean afterwards. Monster Zero then turns his attention to the ARGO Jet…


But Godzilla appears in the nick of time, blindsiding Monster Zero from the side. But Monster Zero gains the upper hand once again, constricting Godzilla with his heads and necks.


Admiral William Stenz(David Strathairn) makes an appearance via monitor and says that things are getting out of hand, issuing the use of a new experimental weapon known as the the “De-Oxygenator”. Serizawa pleads with him to not use the weapon and says that Humanity must “trust in Gojira”, but he is overruled.


Meanwhile, Godzilla manages to tear off one of Monster Zero’s heads, but the military fires the De-Oxygenator anyway. Godzilla seemingly dies and sinks into the ocean. Hundreds of fish float to the surface. But Monster Zero survives the missile unscathed.


Monster Zero flies over to Rodan’s Volcano and perches atop it, and draws energy through his storm, regrowing his missing head. Rodan appears, then flies over to Monster Zero and bows. Monster Zero then lets out a blood curdling screech, and around the world, Titans everywhere begin awakening. One in Germany, One in Japan, and many others.


Monarch realizes through Dr. Chen’s (Zhang Ziyi) reading of ancient mythological texts that Monster Zero “Was a demon who fell from the sky”, alluding to an Alien origin. Serizawa decrees Monster Zero “A false king of the monsters”. It is then revealed that Godzilla and Monster Zero had fought in the past. Monster Zero is then re-named King Ghidorah.


By this point, Madison is fully convinced that her mom and the Terrorists are wrong.


With Godzilla “dead”, and nothing standing in their way, King Ghidorah, Rodan, and several other titans rampage across the world, destroying major cities. King Ghidorah even starts to roost in Washington D.C..


Mothra hatches from her cocoon under the waterfall, and flies over to Castle Bravo, and uses her “God Rays” to reveal Godzilla, who’s still alive, and is in the middle of an ancient underwater city. It is stated that Godzilla’s and Mothra’s species regularly allied with each other in prehistoric times, and that they have a special bond.  Monarch finds out that Godzilla is leeching radiation from the sea floor just to stay alive. Mark also begins to have a growing affinity for Godzilla. Monarch decides to send a nuke to Godzilla, but due to technical difficulties, the nuke won’t launch, and has to be manually detonated. Monarch officials start arguing if whether to save Godzilla or not, but Serizawa  says it HAS to be done, and volunteers himself .


Serizawa drags the nuke down an ancient staircase to Godzilla who is barely alive. Serizawa places the nuke next to Godzilla, sets the timer on the nuke, places his hand on Godzilla’s snout and says “Goodbye old friend” in Japanese, and the nuke explodes…


And Godzilla rises out of the water, rejuvenated, bigger and stronger than ever before, having a blue glow to his eyes and scales, and sporting dorsal spines similar to the 1954 design. Godzilla and Mark look into each other’s eyes, sharing a moment. Then Godzilla releases an ultra powerful blast of atomic breath into the sky.


As it turns out, the terrorists base is in Boston, and Madison steals the Orca and uses it to lure all the Titans to Boston. Emma realizes that King Ghidorah will destroy Earth far worse than humans could ever do but Jonah ignores her pleas.

King Ghidorah arrives at Boston first, and starts tearing stuff apart looking for the Orca, but Mothra and Godzilla appear, aided by an entire entourage of fighter Jets. The duo tag team Ghidorah for a bit, but Rodan also appears to help King Ghidorah by intercepting Mothra in mid-air. Godzilla and King Ghidorah square off with each other by acting as the heavy hitters, while Mothra and Rodan fight their own aerial dogfight.


Rodan initially comes off as the stronger of the two,  dive-bombing Mothra with his talons, Mothra is able to take out Rodan by stunning him momentarily with her poisonous powder, then stabbing him through the chest with a hidden stinger.


Monarch realizes that Godzilla is expending too much energy, and will go thermonuclear and explode, so everyone has to get out of Boston as quick as possible.


Even with his new atomic power-up, Godzilla is STILL incapable of defeating King Ghidorah, who chomps down on some power lines and absorbs power through them, which causes a city-wide blackout. Ghidorah then beats Godzilla down again by picking him up and dropping him from the stratosphere.


Mothra flies in to battle the supercharged Ghidorah to protect Godzilla, sacrificing herself, taking a gravity beam barrage meant for the downed Godzilla. As she burns up, she transfers her life force and energy to Godzilla.


Mark is reunited with his ex-wife and daughter, but in a noble sacrifice, Emma uses the Orca to capture King Ghidorah’s attention and lures him away from Godzilla and her family, but she is killed when King Ghidorah destroys her car. Her last words are “Long live the king”.


During the Ghidorah-Emma car chase, Mothra’s ashes rain down on Godzilla, and he slowly turns into Fire Godzilla.


Godzilla, back up and ready to fight, is determined to finish off King Ghidorah, uses a newfound ability to generate multiple nuclear pulses through his stomps to incapacitate King Ghidorah. Godzilla than blasts fiery atomic energy outward to burn and melt King Ghidorah away in a MASSIVE NUCLEAR explosion.


When the smoke clears, it seems Ghidorah is still alive, but it’s a psych-out, as reveals Godzilla with Ghidorah’s severed head in his jaws. Godzilla then eats the whole head, and “burps” golden lightning out of his mouth.


The movie ends with an injured Rodan flying over to Godzilla. Instead of attacking him, he bows. 4 of the 17 other Titans, which include a titan with a mountain on it’s back, a spider-like titan, a mammoth, and a prehistoric-looking M.U.T.O. with crustaceous protuberances on it’s back, all lured to Boston through Madison’s use of the Orca, bow to Godzilla as well. Godzilla roars into the sky in victory in the middle of the bowing monsters.


*Roll credits*


Newspaper clippings claim Godzilla to be the protector of humanity, and shows the awakened Titans around the world, like Rodan resting in Fiji. A titan named Scylla is resting in a lake. Also, EXTREME SPOILER: A cave painting of Godzilla and Kong fighting is also seen.


In a mid-credits scene, Jonah Alan meets with a mysterious fisherman who sells him the severed head of King Ghidorah…

Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.

33 Replies


AdminSpaceGodzillaApr-20-2019 10:44 AM

@Raiga, Were you using your email to log in? Please contact us to sort out your account issue, as duplicate accounts are against the rules here.

Hyped for: Alien: Romulus | Badlands (Predator 6) | Cloverfield 4


MemberRodanApr-20-2019 11:32 AM


If duplicate accounts are against the rules, how come Minecraftdinokaiju can have 2 accounts?

Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.


MemberMothra LarvaeApr-21-2019 6:46 PM

@Chris, I tried contacting you, but even though I fill the name, email and the text to associate with that, it reads the following: "Error - One or more fields were not filled out, please go back and try again"

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