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An Idea on how to Include Battra in the Monsterverse

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MemberMothra LarvaeMay-03-2019 6:21 AM

The idea I have is that in the distant past mothra and battra were near identical twins except battra has different markings on his wings and horns. When humanity arrived the 2 began to have arguements. Mothra saw the good in humanity and the potential for them to live among the titans, battra however saw the destruction humanity caused and wanted to destroy them. Eventually they disagreed so much they fight and battra is defeated. battra leaves and absorbs the energy from another titan to gain more power, this is where he gains his traditional design and colors from. He and mothra fight and both end up mortally wounded but both leave behind an egg that will one day awaken a new battra and mothra. And shortly after the events of kong vs godzilla, battra awakens and mothra must due battle with her enraged brother once again

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MemberBaragonJul-01-2019 5:55 PM

That’s a good idea, but one major problem with it. Battra is male so he can’t leave any offspring like Mothra. Why not have Battra be a member of another species that evolved around the same time as Mothra’s. There are many species on earth that evolved separately but by chance the same way as another. 

Battra and Mothra could have had a symbiotic relationship that later changed into a competitive one after some huge environmental change. Or they could have always been in competition.  I do like the idea that the two species could possibly, and have rarely, mate and produce offspring. Then we could have Mothra Leo be the cross with all the best genes of both. This would be an extremely rare occurrence though considering that mothra’s species are asexual.

I do think Battra’s species should have male and female members because that would mean at least one has an instinct and knowledge of mating.

A Battra egg should have sensed Mothra’s awakening and hatched in response to it. Then we let them fight.



MemberMothra LarvaeJul-01-2019 6:00 PM

My idea for battra laying his egg is that he effectively gives up all his energy in order to create an egg. So while the new battra is created old one dies. But I like your idea too


MemberGiganJul-01-2019 6:25 PM

Perhaps Battra is the male member of Mothra's species in the Monsterverse?



MemberMothra LarvaeJul-01-2019 6:26 PM

That's the idea. that mothra and battra are brother and sister


MemberGiganJul-01-2019 6:33 PM

I like this idea.


Gomi: Ninja Monster

MemberBaragonJul-01-2019 7:37 PM

I feel this idea has come up somewhere before, but what if the mystery egg from the credits has twin larvae in it, and one of them eventually turns out to be Battra? Like they start out almost identical aside from some defining color patterns(think the Raptors in JW), but one keeps being Mothra-like and the other starts getting increasingly aggressive and confrontational until they finally cocoon and pop out very different-looking. Then we find out the mean one is the once-in-a-millenium male of the species called Battra, whose purpose is to stake out and reinforce the lineage's territory by wiping out any potential competitors or threats, and the humans just happen to be in the crosshairs. That could be a neat way to let Mothra have twins in the MonsterVerse, and give Battra a useful, if misguided motivation.

Gomi: Ninja Monster

MemberBaragonJul-01-2019 7:38 PM

And I now realize this is pretty much the original idea, just pushed forward in the timeline. Whoops.


MemberGiganJul-01-2019 8:12 PM

well Battra being male should retain in his larval form his horn and tusks



MemberMothra LarvaeJul-01-2019 8:14 PM

Oh of course. Like I said he has horns and his traditional strips to help differentiate him from mothra before his transformation.


MemberGiganJul-01-2019 8:22 PM

Yeah, I was just commenting to what Gomi: Ninja Monster said


Gomi: Ninja Monster

MemberBaragonJul-01-2019 9:06 PM

Well Mothra's 2019 larval design strayed pretty far from the classical facial structure, so I'd imagine to sell the illusion that they are both Mothra Battra's larval design would keep the differences to a minimum, at least at first. Maybe they could grow over time as he matures, as most insects aren't particularly sexually dimorphic in the early stages. That way the diverging character traits get an extra visual layer to track his metamorphosis into Mothra's opposite.


MemberMothra LarvaeJul-01-2019 9:08 PM

That would be perfect


MemberGiganJul-01-2019 9:32 PM


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