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MONARCH Sciences: Awaken Titans Yourself with the ORCA!

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TitanosaurusMember729 XPMay-16-2019 5:25 PM

Hey guys, new viral marketing goodies!


The ORCA Communicator sub-tool of the MONARCH Sciences allows you to pinpoint signals for the 4 main Titans, bringing up a video clip that comes with some stats on our monsters. I've summarized the contents of those clips here:

King Ghidorah:

  • Height: 521 ft
  • Weight: 141,056 t
  • Flight Speed: 550 kn
  • Three-Headed Terror (Each head exhibits an individual personality)
  • Special Ability: Gravity Beams (Bio-Electrical Devastation)
  • Behaviour: Destroyer (Godzilla's Ultimate Nemesis)


  • Wingspan: 803 ft (Fully Evolved)
  • Special Ability: Silk Attack (Natural Defensive Ability)
  • God Rays (Beta Wave Bioluminescence)
  • Behaviour: Protector (Mother of the Natural World)


  • Height: 154 ft
  • Weight: 39,043 t
  • Fire: 1200 degrees Celsius
  • Wingspan: 871 ft (A volcanic rock layer acts as armor-plating for Rodan's wings)
  • Supersonic Flight (At top speed, Rodan's wing can generate cyclonic drift streams capable of leveling cities)
  • Behaviour: Destroyer (Airborne Devastation Unleashed Upon the Natural World)


  • Height: 393 ft
  • Weight: 99,634 t
  • Swimming Speed: 40 kn
  • Energy Surge: Dorsal Fins (Godzilla's protective backspines also serve as energy reserves for his extraordinary power)
  • Special Ability: Dominance Display
  • Behaviour: Protector (Ancient Guardian of the Natural World)
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12 Responses to MONARCH Sciences: Awaken Titans Yourself with the ORCA!


RodanMember1789 XPMay-16-2019 5:51 PM


Ghidorah is a THICC boi

But oh man, Rodan's fire being 1200 celsius? Holy macaroni

Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.


RodanMember1789 XPMay-16-2019 5:57 PM

So i went on the website and i'm having some technical difficulties. I can't seem to do anything. It says to pinch and drag control points but uh.... where are these control points? i'm so confused

Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.


TitanosaurusMember729 XPMay-16-2019 6:00 PM

They're the little circles. When you hover over them, they get the 4-direction move symbol like when you move an image in MS Word.

And yeah, this version of Ghidorah is most definitely the largest live-action film incarnation to date.


RodanMember1789 XPMay-16-2019 6:14 PM


Thanks for the help, but it does not work for me. It's really weird

Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.


TitanosaurusMember926 XPMay-16-2019 6:27 PM

That was fun. I unlocked everything quickly. Can we talk about the fact that Mothra can use her silk in her adult form in the Monsterverse incarnation? That's cool. So can her larva form still use the silk too? So many questions. 15 days until I can get answers.

\"SKREEONGK!\" -Godzilla


RodanMember1789 XPMay-16-2019 6:32 PM

It might not be working because i'm using a chromebook?


Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.

Titan of Water

BaragonMember458 XPMay-16-2019 7:06 PM

This was a really cool site.

Angering the Godzilla fan base one take at a time



TitanosaurusMember729 XPMay-17-2019 5:10 AM

I got links to all 4 videos on YouTube for anyone looking for ease of access.

Rodan's profile

Ghidorah's profile

Mothra's profile

Godzilla's profile


RodanMember1789 XPMay-17-2019 7:10 AM


Thanks very much

Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.

MDK 2 (MinecraftDinoKaiju)

BaragonMember375 XPMay-17-2019 10:57 AM

It's awesome. But it just sucks that we don't get more than just the main four. Still cool, though.

"Let's just wait and see." - MinecraftDinoKaiju


TitanosaurusMember729 XPMay-18-2019 2:05 PM

Alright, here's a video that compiles all the profiles in addition to the short clips that play before them and the necessary signal locations to find these yourself.



BaragonMember204 XPMay-21-2019 6:43 AM

Sooooo.... Still No details on Ghidorah's wingspan? 

Also Rodan's fire is 2192 degrees Farenheit, which is about a third of the sun's 9941 Farenheit temperature. 

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