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Hilarious Critic Review Claims that KOTM sides with the villains!

Hilarious Critic Review Claims that KOTM sides with the villains!

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Titan of Water

BaragonMember458 XPJun-02-2019 7:03 AM

The critics are really starting to pull stuff out of their butts now. On a review I saw on YouTube, without naming names, the critic claimed that the movie agreed with the eco-terrorists. He claims that the only reason the movie portrays Ghidorah destroying civilization as a bad thing is because he was an alien and not from earth. If Godzilla or any other Titan did the same it would be completely hunky-dory. There are plenty of reasons why this logic is completely retarded. Even before they found out Ghidorah was an alien it was still clearly portrayed as a bad thing for a giant monster to kill billions of people. Serizawa, the voice of reason and the role model through the series, is completely horrified at the thought of committing genocide  just to save the planet. Madison is clearly portrayed as doing the right thing when she becomes horrified by what her mother has done. Godzilla is also clearly portrayed as the better King by how he goes about ruling. While Serizawa tried to get his species to try to coexist peacefully with the Titans, Godzilla was shown doing his part during the credits by keeping the other titans docile. So in conclusion, the critics are officially now just making things up because  they want this movie to fail.

Angering the Godzilla fan base one take at a time


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4 Responses to Hilarious Critic Review Claims that KOTM sides with the villains!

Titan of Water

BaragonMember458 XPJun-02-2019 7:05 AM

Btw, on the Godzilla marathon forum is my review of KOTM review. Go check it out.

Angering the Godzilla fan base one take at a time



BaragonMember307 XPJun-02-2019 9:12 AM

Titan of Water: With youtube reviewers you have to be a little careful, some are quite decent and knowledgable (like Mr H), but some reviews are just pure nonsense by people who simply want more views. They take extreme views and go off on  rants and weak arguments to attract more hits, but they don't fundamentally care about the thing they are talking about. Bottom line, be careful in giving too much credibility to social media reviewers, they may not deserve it.


RodanMember1630 XPJun-02-2019 10:37 AM

Well that's so blimmin stupid! I mean, I can kinda see the initial idea, but as you pointed out, with a little bit of thought you realize "Huh, I guess I was wrong about the villain thing". Seriously... I hope I never stumble upon this youtuber...

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.


RodanMember1789 XPJun-02-2019 11:44 AM

Critics are st00pid

Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.

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