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Godzilla Extinction Chapter 10: Memories

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RodanMember1630 XPSep-26-2019 9:37 AM

Original Idea By Dantefrancis

Made In Collaboration With:


Titan Of Water





Location: San Francisco Bay

Kraken swims towards the ruins of San Francisco. He sensed Goliath there, so he figured that they would meet sooner rather than later. However as he gets closer, he can sense 4 other signatures. Why are there others?! I thought that the moth was the only one.

As Kraken nears the shore, he can sense the exact type of titans that are there. So there’s the Moth, Goliath… Is that a fat spiky lizard? And… two spiders? Interesting. Kraken reaches the shore and walking into the city. Taking in his surroundings, he sees the ruins of the city, which, he figureds, had been destroyed long ago. But there is still some things that appeared to have been destroyed quite recently. But how? In the distance, he sees the figure of Goliath, the wings of the Moth, and the spiky lizard. Dang that lizard is huge. Here we go. Kraken approaches the three titans and sees Goliath look towards him. “What the-? Kraken?”

“Hold up, I can-” “Hey look, it’s Kraken-””Cut the crap. I want to know what the actual hell is going on.” Kraken was pleased to see Goliath, but was wary of both the Moth and the lizard thing. “Moth- what’s your name? And who is the fat lizard?” “FAT LIZARD? WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?” “Calm down Goji, he doesn’t have his memory back yet.” “Well, he better have them back soon. I’m tired of everyone not sleeping…” Goliath leans on a building and yawns, ”I’m tired of this. Can you guys just tell me and Kraken what the hell is going on?” “Well… You remember-”''I’M TIRED OF HEARING THAT JUST TELL ME ALREADY!!!!” Mothra and Godzilla look at each other, knowing that some serious **** is about to go down. “All right, we’ll tell you and Kraken some things, but not the WHOLE Story.” “Aw ****, here we go again.” “So, basically, We all have special bonds that link us all together. Godzilla is bonded with you, Goliath, I’m bonded to Kraken, Rodan is bonded with Wraith, and Ghidorah with Behemoth.” “Wait, so how do these bonds work?” “Well, the bonds give a sense of… connection. Wraith and Rodan’s bond is extremely strong, and as a result, they won’t even remember each other.” “Hold up, so the bonds are sort of… symbiotic relationships?” “Exactly, Kraken, Me and Goji here are connected in a symbiotic relationship as well, because I happened to practically raise him.” “Wait a minute, this rebirth thing that happened to me, Goliath, Wraith, and Behemoth… How did we die?” “Well uh…” “What Mothra is saying is that we shouldn’t tell you.” “Awwwwww…” “Trust me, you don’t want to know…” Godzilla starts to snicker a little. “Christ, it was that bad?” “For you, yes. For us… it was a very funny few months afterwards… ANYWAYS, lets just say that you guys died a VERY gruesome, yet hilarious death.” “GOJI!” “What? They’ll remember in a month!” “Fine, if you want to talk about blood and gore, remember Monster X?” “Oh yeah, I remember when he literally eviscerated Rokmutul, that was BRUTAL!” “Please don’t remind me Goji- “His guts were EVERYWHERE, I never saw a grosser sight!” Godzilla said this with a massive grin on his face, which severely worried both Goliath and Kraken. “Yes yes, that’s nice and all (gag) but can we get back to the bond explanations?” “-And Monster X’ death was so satisfying too! GABARA of all kaiju strangled him to death with his own tails!” “Wait, actually?” “Yup! Seeing that Monster X lying there dead with Gabara standing on his dead body was SO satisfying!” “CAN WE PLEASE GET BACK ON TOPIC NOW?” “Huh? Oh, yes!” “Ugh, alright, anyways, the bond links your emotions and strength, so you know where each other are, how each other are doing, and are basically Brothers/Sisters in the mind and spirit, not the flesh.” “Wow, this is some deep **** I ain’t never heard before!” “Yeah, well, you’ll remember it all in a month or two.” “Hol up, I heard that there are two Behemoths?” “Well yes, but actually no. OUR Behemoth’s species is technically called Neobehemothus, but I digress, so we all just call him Behemoth.” “And the other is a... Sloth-ape-Mammoth thingy?” “Yup! And he’s FIRE-proof!” “Goooooooji…” “What? It’s cool to have fire-proof fur!” “Ignore him, he likes to start WACK conversations.” “Hey!” “Well, it’s true! Anyways, does that explain enough?” Kraken contemplates this information. He’s not entirely sure if he should trust Mothra yet, but he felt that it was the right thing to do. “Alright, that explains enough.” “Good, now we should probably go and meet up with Rodan and Wraith.” “Wait, I sense… Ghidorah and Behemoth! And is that… Krystalak?” “Wait, there are so many monsters. What are their names again?” “Well, there are a LOT, so i’ll just list a few. Not including you guys! So, there are GodzillaMothraAnguirusRodanGhidorahZillaZillaJuniorMandaKumongaSmolaciaKamacurasBehemothScyllaMethuselahMutoMokele-MbembeKomoditoraxBaragonKingCeasarGorosaurusEbirahHedorahGabaraBattra and Kong. Oh, also Gamera, and-” “HOLY FUUU-”


If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

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