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Happy 20th Anniversary to Godzilla 2000: Millennium

Happy 20th Anniversary to Godzilla 2000: Millennium

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G. H. (Gman)

Admin3734 XPDec-11-2019 11:54 AM

20 years ago today the Godzilla 2000 was released in Japan. The film spurred much division and ire from the fan base, but is today remembered more fondly.

Read how and why Godzilla 2000 was brought to life:

Before Shin Godzilla - Retrospect of the Last Era, Part 1: Godzilla 2000

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12 Responses to Happy 20th Anniversary to Godzilla 2000: Millennium


Member1789 XPDec-11-2019 11:54 AM

This was an...interesting film. 

Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.


Member968 XPDec-11-2019 11:59 AM

This was interesting. Well, Happy 20th Anniversary to Godzilla 2000: Millennium.


Member1629 XPDec-11-2019 12:04 PM

Happy Birthday Millenium!

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.


Member616 XPDec-11-2019 12:40 PM

This was the first non-MonsterVerse Godzilla movie I managed to get on DVD, and I absolutely loved it. My favorite of the Millennium era.

A true fan can acknowledge the bad while still appreciating and cherishing the good.

Gomi: Ninja Monster

Member251 XPDec-11-2019 5:57 PM

Ah, I just found this at a second-hand store, I already owned it as part of a collection but I couldn't pass up on the sick poster art. I'm surprised I missed the '98 callbacks with the cinematography, now that they've been brought to my attention it's so obvious. One of my favorite Millennium Era films, advantage to getting into Godzilla after it had reentered hibernation is you miss the brunt of the ire each movie gets. A very informative summary of the time and production G. H.(Gman), as per usual.

Gomi: Ninja Monster

Member251 XPDec-11-2019 6:08 PM

Oh, something I noticed though is that the link to Peter Robinson's version of Godzilla's theme no longer goes to a working video, any chance you have an updated link?

G. H. (Gman)

Admin3734 XPDec-11-2019 8:52 PM

Gomi: Ninja Monster,
The links to both Robinson cues should be working now.

Gomi: Ninja Monster

Member251 XPDec-12-2019 4:29 AM

G. H. (Gman)
Thank ye kindly! 

G. H. (Gman)

Admin3734 XPDec-12-2019 9:44 AM

Regardless of whatever objective tone I took with the Godzilla 2000 write-up on its background, I actually enjoy the movie quite a bit. Despite its flaws, I was one of the film's vocal defenders at a time when fans were at each other's throats about it. Also it was fantastic to see in theaters--Every Godzilla movie is meant to be seen that way and the fact this was one of the few put in American theaters was a huge treat - whether G-Fans realized it or not.

Gomi: Ninja Monster

Member251 XPDec-12-2019 11:27 AM

In total agreement there. Say what you will about KOTM, but having those footfalls and roars blasting from all sides in a darkened theater was a magical moment for me, makes me regret missing '14 and Shin even more. I'll be keeping my ear to the ground next time Japan makes a G-flick.


Member1789 XPDec-12-2019 11:43 AM

Honest to goodness, this film is one of my favorite millenium films.

Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.


Member616 XPDec-12-2019 11:48 AM

Gmkgoji Same. It's probably my absolute favorite of the Millennium era, although Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla is a close second.

A true fan can acknowledge the bad while still appreciating and cherishing the good.

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