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Godzilla x Symphogear chapter 6: Rise of the titans

Godzilla x Symphogear chapter 6: Rise of the titans

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RodanMember1789 XPDec-21-2019 8:43 AM

On the winter solstice, the darkest day of the year, I thought I would post an apocalyptic chapter. Enjoy!


Rodan and Ghidorah slammed into each other so hard, the humans aboard the Argo felt the impact. Godzilla slowly got up as Rodan and Ghidorah battled in the sky. Godzilla charged up his atomic breath and spat it at Ghidorah. Ghidorah roared angrily, and gravity beamed Rodan into the ocean. Ghidorah flew down to engage Godzilla, the golden dragon slamming his feet onto Godzilla’s face and neck. Godzilla grunted, then swiped at Ghidorah with his claws. Ghidorah hissed, biting Godzillas shoulders. The atomic saurian snarled as he tried to push the larger titan off of him. Rodan came hurtling out of the ocean, slamming into Ghidorah’s back. The hydra screeched, sending several gravity beams in both Godzilla and Rodan’s direction. The two titans retreated slightly, but Ghidorah wasted no time. The golden dragon spat his gravity beams at Godzilla, downing the leviathan while Ghidorah’s tails smacked Rodan away. Rodan cackled in fury, flying up and attempting his dive bomb again. But he would fail once more. Ghidorah spat his gravity beams at Rodan sending the titan into the sea...again. Godzilla recovered, and body-slammed Ghidorah. Ghidorah snarled, snapping at Godzilla with his heads. Godzilla sucker punched Ghidorah’s left head, then bit down on it. Ghidorah screeched, biting Godzilla, but the leviathan kept his jaws on the left head. With a brutal crunch, Godzilla tore off the left head, roaring. Ghidorah howled, the remaining heads blasting Godzilla with their gravity beams. Ghidorah than bit down on Godzillas neck, ripping the titans gills. Godzilla howled in agony, trying to dislodge Ghidorah. Ghidorah lifted Godzilla into the air and threw him into the ocean, then gravity beamed Godzilla's body. Slowly, as steam and smoke rose from the water, Godzilla disappeared under the waves. Ghidorah cackled, his remaining two heads screeching in victory as lightning flashed around his form. 


“Truly the devil incarnate…” said Hibiki under her breath as she watched Ghidorah roar in victory.


Ghidorah flew over to Rodan’s volcano and perched atop it. Leaning down, the hydra slowly regenerated his missing head. A skull formed over a tongue, with flesh slowly forming over the head as it regenerated fully. With his left head fully regenerated, Ghidorah roared, spreading his wings as he gave an alpha order. TITANS! RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISE!


Rodan flew near Ghidorah, eying the dragon with hatred. Ghidorah hissed, ordering the titan to bow. Rodan snarled, refusing. Ghidorah leaned in closer, and re-ordered Rodan to bow. Rodan roared angrily, spreading his wings. Ghidorah hissed, before glaring at Rodan. Rodan’s eyes widened in fear, before he finally bowed before Ghidorah, the new king of the monsters. 


Across the world, the titans woke from their slumber. The rise of the titans was here. Every titan heard the command. Rise, and hunt together. One by one, the Titans rose, breaking out of their containment facilities. 

Scylla’s legs erupted from the ground as she woke, with Kirika looking on, ready for battle. Behemoth smashed his way of of his containment facility, Tsubasa bracing herself for combat. Abbadon broke out of Devils Tower, with Shirabe holding her relic in case things went wrong. In Munich, Maria looked on at the rising body of Methuselah, shocked at how large the titan really was. All around the globe, the Titans awakened, and followed Ghidorah’s orders. Rise, and hunt. But two titans in particular did not heed Ghidorah’s call. 


A titan sat on the ledge of his cave. He had been in the dream for a long time, and hoped that the nightmare would never come again. But then he heard a command. Rise, and hunt. The titan snorted. Who did this being think he was? The titan huffed, wondering what this being could be. He had never experienced the companionship of another titan, and he longed to not be alone anymore. But his solitude was a blessing as no intruders would threaten his island. Suddenly, the ground rumbled. The titan knew exactly what was happening. The demons were emerging for the first time in many years. The nightmare was about to happen again. The titan slid off his ledge and landed below. Pounding his chest, the titan roared. He was King Kong, ruler of skull island! No demon would threaten the peaceful world he lived in. 


Beneath a waterfall, a large cocoon pulsed. The being inside was ready to emerge. Slowly, a claw ripped through the outer layer of the cocoon. Two blue eyes could be seen as the titan slowly stepped out of her cocoon. And with a grace and majesty unknown to most titans, the titan spread her beautiful wings, shining with light. Mothra, queen of the monsters, had risen!

Please leave suggestions. Thanks.

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AnguirusMember1268 XPDec-24-2019 1:39 PMTeam Mothra


Also Ghidorah's left head be like "why is it always meee?"

she/her/herself, dino/saur/dinoself, robo/bot/roboself
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