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Godzilla vs. Kong (Huge spoiler) - What could be Mega Godzilla ?

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MemberBaragonFeb-20-2020 6:27 AM

Along with the discovery of the new Mechagodzilla, we also had this strange "Mega Godzilla". What do you think about it ? What could it be ? Share your thoughts !

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MemberBaragonFeb-20-2020 1:06 PM

Godzilla dorsal fins getting destroyed..?

Mecha godzilla artificial skin..?

There are alots of theories


MemberAnguirusFeb-20-2020 2:06 PM

This is not the true Mega Godzilla...


THIS is!

Lol. Ok in all seriousness, I do not know. I could be a new power up? Maybe a metal upgrade made by Monarch to aid Godzilla? Could be like Legendary's version of Super Godzilla. We'll just have to see what happens.

i've officially left. thanks for the memories!

G. H. (Gman)

AdminGodzillaFeb-20-2020 3:17 PM

Godzilla's spines/powers deteriorating after using the Burning form (hence the white tips on his spines). His nerfed abilities are how Kong is able to stack up against him. Monarch attempts to help Godzilla by putting a gizmo on him to combat MechaGodzilla.

"'Nostalgic' does not equal 'good,' and 'standards' does not equal 'elitism.'" "Being offended is inevitable. Living offended is your choice."


MemberTitanosaurusFeb-20-2020 3:36 PM

I've said it before and I'll say it again; this is probably just a toyline thing, like all the crazy hybrid dinos Hasbro made for their Jurassic World line. Or on a more Godzilla-related note, Trendmasters' Power-Up Godzilla line.

A true fan can acknowledge the bad while still appreciating and cherishing the good.

plasma beam

MemberMothra LarvaeFeb-21-2020 1:10 AM

Apparently, there's a leak that is stating that Kong smashes Godzilla's dorsal plates off with his mace, then he gets this (temporary) man-made power-up (red mechanical jacket/spine thing) to help him use atomic breath again until his dorsal plates grow back (Megagodzilla).  The only sucky thing about this is that it kind of alludes to Godzilla being the one that "will fall."

plasma beam

MemberMothra LarvaeFeb-21-2020 1:20 AM

Phil Fett

MemberMothra LarvaeFeb-22-2020 6:19 PM

I honestly think that the toy itself reveals a really important spoiler of the movie because if you look at the images more closely you can see something that look like white dorsal plates beetween the blades/spines of the armor. Maybe Mechagodzilla destroys Godzilla's dorsal plates because he knows that if he destroys Godzilla's dorsal plates Godzilla can't shoot his atomic breath and then the humans help Godzilla by putting him an armor that helps him to regenerate faster or heal faster and then he regenerates his dorsal plates and that's why they're white and have a different shape.


MemberMothra LarvaeFeb-23-2020 5:09 PM

My guess is that due to damage taken from the nuclear overload in the battle of Detroit, I assume that Godzilla’s spines are either damaged or destroyed by Kong or possibly MECHA Godzilla, and so Monarch create a rigged machine capable of storing radiation and using it at Godzilla’s will so he can combat his opponents, almost like he’s getting a prosthetic.


MemberMothra LarvaeFeb-23-2020 5:09 PM

My guess is that due to damage taken from the nuclear overload in the battle of Detroit, I assume that Godzilla’s spines are either damaged or destroyed by Kong or possibly MECHA Godzilla, and so Monarch create a rigged machine capable of storing radiation and using it at Godzilla’s will so he can combat his opponents, almost like he’s getting a prosthetic.


MemberBaragonFeb-25-2020 8:27 AM

I see it like this.

After the pulse, Godzilla dorsal plates need to take time to heal. So when he faces against Kong, they're fragile. He can't use the atomic breath too much, for he fears they'll break. Mecha-Godzilla then fight him and breaks the dorsal plates,making the atomic cloud coming out of his back we seen in Aftershock.

So the armor on his back in this case for me is to replace and protect the dorsal plates. Which might give him the Spiral Heat Ray. 


MemberAnguirusFeb-25-2020 11:22 AM


i've officially left. thanks for the memories!


MemberMothra LarvaeFeb-29-2020 4:03 PM

Might be a Godzilla figure with parts for MechaGodzilla to show what its finished form will look like in the next monsterverse film, as from the artwork MG dos not look like it is in a finished state. 

as to spine damage, Godzilla's healing factor is fast enough to let Godzilla heal from spinal cord damage after The false king dropped him from the edge of earth atmosphere to the ground as if he were some giant plasma/fire breathing turtle. so I do not think his spines are at risk from his thermal pulse, given 3 years have passed since filming KOM miss brown is older now 16 when she was 13 so 3 years have passed sins Kom that is far more than enough time for Godzilla's plates to have healed

the other option is the back thing is a crystalline life form that infects Godzilla, with kong removing it from Godzilla and defending the king from a forming space Godzilla. 

Rift Rat

MemberMothra LarvaeMar-02-2020 9:41 PM

Sick toy!

Wait, Kong destroys Godzilla's dorsals to neutralize his Atomfire blasts? Excuse me.

YaAahghkt. Mnum-mih. Milmpf. Plerval.



MemberMothra LarvaeMar-03-2020 10:21 AM

Here's what I think: the Monsterverse Mechagodzilla is built around the bones of the skeleton seen in the opening of Godzilla (2016). The red-spined "Mega Godzilla" is what happens after they manage to trigger the cloning/regen of that Godzilla, and Mechagodzilla becomes more of a Cyborg-Godzilla, kind of like the Cybergodzilla from Godzilla: The Series. That big red, metal structure of spines is the artificial reactor and energy weapon system for the beast. This would let Kong "beat" a full, flesh-and-blood Godzilla without killing off the Big H himself, and could lead to the movie having this structure:

Kong v Godzilla: no winner

Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla: Mechagodzilla wins

Godzilla and Kong v Mechagodzilla: G and K win

Godzilla and Kong v Mega-Godzilla: Mega-Godzilla beats Godzilla seemingly to death but is killed by Kong

Godzilla absorbs Mega-Godzilla's radiation, but doesn't finish off the injured Kong

Movie ends with Godzilla as the defacto Alpha, but both know Kong is strong enough to hold the position. Mothra will probably be involved, too, as will Rodan. Hopefully in more than appearing just to killed roles. 

 EDIT: Alternatively, "Mega-Godzilla" is what kicks the plot off. Bad guys manage to control/direct Godzilla using the red metal rig and Kong is either the first target as a rival Alpha they can't control, or as an attempt by Monarch to stop evil Godzilla. Kong wins, so Plan B, Mechagodzilla, is activated. Kong proves unable to beat the metal monstrosity, but then a "reports of my death were greatly exaggerated" Godzilla arrives and beats Mechagodzilla into scrap, maybe with an assist from Kong. This would also allow a loophole for Kong to "beat" Godzilla, but not kill him permanently. 

Though, personally I hope for a version where Godzilla wins. I think it would be appropriate to have Godzilla win in the US film where Kong won in the Japanese film. A gentlemanly tip of the hat to the other culture's greatest monster, and all. I guess we'll see.


MemberBaragonApr-02-2020 3:02 AM

Godzilla has to win. I faught my entire high school for 4 years and they weren't even Kong fans. They just knew how much that call in 62 upset me and if you wanted a fight when I was young all u had to do was say Kong can beat Godzilla and I'm putting up me freaking dukes. It was a tough time and I thought the nightmare was over... SO IT HAD BETTER BE. GODZILLA REIGNS SUPREME (except shin Kong can smoke that poser)

It also greatly upsets me to see how popular it is becoming to break Godzilla's indestructible dorsal plates.  Kong better not be able to do that and I'm gonna be pissed if Kong is able to wound the true King. 

Godzilla is immortal destined to walk the earth forever. Indestructible. A God of destruction that grows bigger and more powerful by the second forever. A true Dragon. 

Mega Godzilla should be Mecha-Godzillas first stage, a poser atting cities to fool people into thinking Godzilla is mean. 

Rodan should attack and the hero human should say "Something's wrong. Rodan shouldn't attack his friend Godzilla."

Mega Godzilla should get a piece of his artificial scales ripped off exposing shiny metal. MG makes Rodan retreat WITHOUT BREAKING HIS JAW OR WOUNDING HIM

Rodan tells Godzilla. MG base is skull island where MG beat Kong and they are gonna ship him off to NY in chains but Godzilla shows up waking him in aircraft carrier. Godzilla wins fight. Kong escapes to mountain.  Godzilla breaks MG bunker. Kong witnesses Godzilla beat MG who gets something knocked loose in fight. Robot berserker goes crazy to destroy cities and beat other kaiju into submission to take Godzilla's army and use them against him.

Godzilla and Kong battle thier ways through MG forces to eventually meet up in Hong Kong 

Final battle in Hong kong MG gets infiltrated and fixed by hero human who then saves Kong from Godzilla and flies him off to skull island to heal. Godzilla wins. No wounds or blood like in 64. Good clean fight. Lots of city smashing. No cheap after demolition shots. Godzilla and other kaiju breaking stuff on screen. SHOW US THE PROPERTY DESTRUCTION!!! No gore. They should have professional evacuations handy

After credits King Ghidorah regenerated bows and brings Godzilla evidence of Destroyah. Kong joins them and they start to hunt


Diego King of the monsters

MemberMothra LarvaeApr-11-2020 8:00 AM

Pues ami se me hace algo curioso, pero la verdad si en una figura extra, osea un nuevo producto, entonces no estará esa armadura en la película, pero si está en la película, es una película arruinada, y es imposible que Godzilla se deje llevar para que le pongan esa armadura, yo estoy en un 90% de que solo es un producto nuevo, y el 10% es de que puede que estaba esa armadura en la antigua grabación, y por eso se regrabo la película, pero también, puede que aparezca en la película, pero eso me molestaría mucho, y solo quiero que sea un producto nuevo, y que no aparezca en las REGRABACIONES!


MemberMothra LarvaeApr-23-2020 5:20 AM

i don't have a theory but let me point out nozuki has been leaked, and we're forgetting about ghidorah's head from the end credits scene in kotm


MemberMothra LarvaeJan-27-2021 12:32 PM

or is the godzilla that kong is fighting really mecha-godzilla and then the real godzilla appears to help kong destroy him?


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