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Mothra LarvaeMember71 XPAug-11-2020 3:56 PMTeam Godzilla

So a new Leak came out a week or so ago with new rumors which brought forth some hopeful news that Godzilla would not go down, that it will possibly be a stalemate? Hmmmmm.  I won’t give forth the link, user name or website, but with a little Google fishing you can pull up the same info I got.  I thought it was entertaining.

Here it is in a nutshell. The Apex is rumored to be MechaGodzilla, and he has an Orca as well. Not sure if MechaGodzilla will be piloted though.  The ones behind the construction of this Mecha is by some biotech company, and the premise behind its construction is to kill Godzilla and rule the Titans. (Monarch is supposedly fighting this project)  So big G heads towards the Mecha’s calling on Skull Island to destroy it, which pisses Kong off to no end. This Orca not only is luring Godzilla, but also all the other Titans to skull island as well.  And it also awakens another new type of flying serpent on Skull Island called a Warbat, which Kong eventually destroys.  It’s also worth mentioning that Kong supposedly lives in hollow earth, taking in radiation, which is why he grew so much. Hmmmm…interesting. It was stated that round one would take place on that carrier or close to it, and whether the battle is actually on the carrier or beside it in water remains to be seen.  Hard to tell on what little CCXP clip/image we see and if it’s actually docked by skull island or not.  Now, according to this leak, round one goes to Godzilla, and rightly so.  If any battle between those two takes place in or around water, Godzilla would have the upper hand as this is his domain.  Remember he was kicking Ghidorah’s ass all over the place when they were battling under the sea before they dropped the oxygen bomb.  Round two supposedly takes place in Hong Kong where Kong would have the upper hand and was wearing out the big G man pretty good. On land Kong would have the advantage as he would be faster and stronger as land is Kong’s domain as well.  Oh yes and Kong would be reeling his axe type weapon. It was stated that Mecha-G was set loose when Godzilla was at his most vulnerable as Kong supposedly was wearing him down.  Enter the Mecha…weather Mecha-G disrupts round 2 or not, both Kong and Godzilla realize this Mecha is very dangerous and they must work together to destroy it.  The ending statement on this leak was kind of interesting though.  I’ll just include it here:

“Who wins? There’s “No clear winner,” like we’ve been hearing, “but there is an implication that…Kong would win by wearing Godzilla down,” if the battle was longer.

Their slugfest and the film, essentially, end in a stalemate. Godzilla is still King of all Monsters and Kong maintains rule over Skull Island which becomes the home of the Titans again. Most leaks and theories say the same thing.”

I read into that in different ways.  If the Titans remain on Skull Island, and Kong rules Skull Island, then how can Godzilla be King of the Monsters? Hmmmmm very interesting.   I do believe that Kong wants’ nothing to do with these Titans.  If Godzilla and Kong take down the Mecha-G, will they be ok with one another afterwards?  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see in May 2021 right?  I’ve stated this before in previous post’s that I hope the producers and Legendary get’s this movie right, because there’s  a few more worthy adversaries to clash with such as Gigan,  Megalon, Destoroyah, and who knows…maybe Mecha- Ghidorah could even make an appearance in future films if this movie does well. Let’s hope! Peace Out!

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BaragonMember162 XPAug-12-2020 5:41 PM

Sounds interesting.

BTW - possible spoilers don't bother me.  I'm a "read the book, see the movie" type, so knowing plot points doesn't spoil it for me; it how it's executed that counts.

That said, it will be whatever it will be.

Trash panda

AnguirusMember1265 XPOct-20-2020 9:07 PMTeam Godzilla


Ah **** I’m using my wrong eye again. Sorry that was meant to be behind your back
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