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MemberGiganFeb-08-2021 1:38 PM

This is a cartoony image of my Godzilla Design.

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst

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MemberBaragonFeb-08-2021 6:28 PM



MemberBaragonFeb-09-2021 6:51 AM

That's cool. My Godzilla design would be a fuse of 2019goji & 2004goji. And a lil design of the 2002 spikes. The mouth will split like shin's, a spike at the end of the tail like Gorosaurus, the atomic breathe will sound like the 2019, 2002, 2016, 1954 fuse sounds. And stands 154.14m tall. Roar is fuse of 2014, 2004, heisei's, & 1954


MemberGiganFeb-09-2021 8:50 AM

That sounds cool!
I try to emulate 1954 Godzilla in my design, but this image kind of fails to show that. 

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst


MemberGiganFeb-09-2021 3:20 PM

Do every Gojira combined!

“Calling yourself a hero make you a self-mythologizing narcissistic autocrat!”


MemberGiganFeb-09-2021 5:25 PM

I've been toying around with some Godzilla designs in my own Homebrew Godzilla setting separate from my Gojiverse. Kind of bouncing back and forth between a crocodilian origin or a traditional theropod origin 



MemberGiganFeb-09-2021 5:41 PM

I’d say the Theropod because of how they are built is closer to Godzilla. But a crocodilians one could be interesting. But  so could and Theorpod. But then again, a crocodile. But, Dinosaur, umm... I dunno, maybe you could do both and see what you like better

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst


MemberGiganFeb-10-2021 12:18 AM

well crocodilians in the distant past have achieved dinosaurian-like forms or at the very least bipedalism.

Initially in my homebrew setting it would be grounded closer to our reality as far as all non-avian dinosaurs would be extinct, so instead of godzilla mutating from a dinosaur, he would mutate from a crocodilian at a Japanese zoo during World War III's nuclear winter.

Logically a Salt Water crocodile would be the perfect Godzilla candidate but then I thought about my new Godzilla ending up with a longer snout than Toho's so I then thought about Godzilla mutating from an American Alligator for a more traditional Godzilla muzzle



MemberAnguirusFeb-10-2021 5:10 AM

That design's really cool! I like the 'tusk' on his mouth. I made my own design a little bit ago that kind of emulated the concept art of 2014 (basically, more Tyrannosaurus-y in the snout and such) with fairly long arms.

i've officially left. thanks for the memories!


MemberBaragonFeb-22-2021 11:49 AM

thats pretty cool! my godzilla design would be a mixure of the miregoji desin and hesei g desin but with the atomic breath and dorsal fins of the godzilla 1998 animated series desin

totally not monsterzero9,s alt account


MemberBaragonFeb-22-2021 11:51 AM

and its only melee attack is the vs megalon drop kick

totally not monsterzero9,s alt account


MemberGiganApr-26-2021 1:32 PM


expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst

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