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Ghidorah Can Come Back

Ghidorah Can Come Back

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AnguirusMember1415 XPApr-09-2021 9:22 PMTeam Ghidorah

I REwatched GvK today.... and noticed something. Ghidorah's skull and brain werent destroyed. So this means GHidorah MIght come back if the monsterverse continues.


I think the regeneration of Ghidorah could be jumpstarted orhe could be used to create a different kaiju.


What do you think?

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17 Responses to Ghidorah Can Come Back

G. H. (Gman)

GiganAdmin3914 XPApr-09-2021 10:04 PMTeam Ghidorah

I think bringing King Ghidorah back at some point would make sense. I didn't particularly care for the portrayal in King of the Monsters, so it would be nice to see him more aggressively domineering and less reliant on other monsters.


GiganMember2523 XPApr-09-2021 10:14 PMTeam Mothra

Reminds me of when I resurrected Ghidorah's severed head in my Gojiverse (this was before GVK came out).

Would like to see other members of Ghidorah's kind like Desghidorah, Cretaceous Ghidorah, and Keizer Ghidorah/Monster X


TitanosaurusMember906 XPApr-10-2021 5:07 AM

With Ghidorah's regenerative ability, it seems possible. As long as there's sufficient radiation and a least a single cell intact, I believe Ghidorah can regenerate and resurrect. Like Majin Buu from Dragon Ball Z

\"SKREEONGK!\" -Godzilla


BaragonMember493 XPApr-10-2021 5:14 AMTeam Godzilla

Actually a thought I recently had. Due to Ghidorah's severed head being in the range of the Oxygen Destroyer in KotM, maybe the head would eventually mutate/regenerate into Destoroyah (DesGhidorah as an alternate title?)

I'm actually thinking of writing my own version of GvK which would expand on this concept to replace MechaGodzilla's storyline. I'm still working out the details, but you get the idea.

Long live the king...


BaragonMember183 XPApr-11-2021 8:01 AM

Instead of ressurecting Ghidorah, I think that they should focus on a prequel origin story. KOTM established that he and Godzilla have been in conflict for thousands of years. A prequel movie or comic explaining how Ghidorah came to Earth would probably be a good way of bringing him back, without feeling forced. (Also, Hi I'm new!)


GiganMember2523 XPApr-11-2021 8:15 AMTeam Mothra


Welcome to!


TitanosaurusMember834 XPApr-11-2021 8:42 AMTeam Mothra

wait wouldn't desghidorah just be...desghidorah? like that one ghidorah that was in rebirth of mothra? ig that'd be kinda interesting as a comeback for him, but wouldn't make a whole lotta sense (rebirth was a lot more fantasy based)

the way ant colonies work would make an awesome adventure book


GiganMember2523 XPApr-11-2021 9:02 AMTeam Mothra

I love Desghidorah


BaragonMember493 XPApr-11-2021 9:46 AMTeam Godzilla

@Kattozilla Eh, I wouldn't imagine it actually being the same as DesGhidorah from Rebirth. It's just a neet little pun, combining the names of Destoroyah and Ghidorah into one.

Destoroyah would probably just be it's name ones fully regenerated with DesGhidorah briefly being it's middle fase which I'd imagine would look something like this!

Long live the king...


BaragonMember183 XPApr-12-2021 12:19 PM

Another potential way to bring back Ghidorah could be if they introduce an alien race. The aliens manage to get there hands on titan DNA (including Ghidorah's), they then create a new monster using that DNA. The new titan turns out to be Monster X, however the Ghidorah DNA begins to take over and slowly mutates Monster X, causing his transformation into Keizer Ghidorah.


GiganMember2523 XPApr-12-2021 12:28 PMTeam Mothra


Thinking of the same thing, would be great if we got both Desghidorah and Keizer Ghidorah/Monster X


AnguirusMember1415 XPApr-12-2021 12:29 PMTeam Ghidorah

That’s actually what I thought of when I started this discussion



BaragonMember183 XPApr-12-2021 12:42 PM

Rather than having a quick transformation like in Final Wars, Monster X could slowly mutate and evolve throughout the movie slowly becoming more Ghidorah-like each time he appears.


Desghidorah would be a cool addition as well.


GiganMember2523 XPApr-12-2021 4:05 PMTeam Mothra

Oh yeah I also would like to see a more drawn out metamorphosis for Monster X

I was going to include Grand King Ghidorah but Monsterverse King Ghidorah was already like Grand King Ghidorah. 

If we get Desghidorah, hopefully we get Rainbow Mothra/Mothra Leo or even Battra


BaragonMember183 XPApr-12-2021 6:03 PM


Yeah, I feel like a slow transformation would be much creepier.


Also, aliens genetically creating their own titans could be an easy way to bring in other classic monsters like Gigan, Orga, or maybe even SpaceGodzilla.


GiganMember2523 XPApr-12-2021 6:21 PMTeam Mothra

Oh yeah, I would like to see Gigan, Orga, and even SpaceGodzilla having a monsterverse incarnation. Also you forgot an alien kaiju.... HEDORAH and DOGORA!


AnguirusMember1415 XPApr-14-2021 2:48 PMTeam Ghidorah


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