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MemberBaragonApr-11-2021 8:45 AM




Known individuals:


Dagon(deceased. Killed by M.U.T.O. Prime)




Known individuals:





Unknown Kong family(not much is known about these individuals, they are likely deceased. Killed by either Titanus Gojira species or skullcrawlers.)


Titanus muto

Known Individuals:

male M.U.T.O.(deceased. Killed by Godzilla)


Female M.U.T.O.(deceased. Killed by Godzilla)


M.U.T.O. queen(unconfirmed, though likely alive)


M.U.T.O. eggs(deceased. Killed by Ford Brody). No I will NOT classify each egg as its own individual >:(


Titanus Jinshin-Muchi (deceased. Killed by Godzilla)

Note: Though this creature is very closely related to Titanus muto, it is still classified as a Separate species 



Titanus Ghidorah 

Known individuals:


King Ghidorah(Deceased. Main body killed by Godzilla)




Mechagodzilla(deceased. Initially killed by Godzilla, later disabled by Kong.)

Note: though this creature doesn't take the usual appearance of Titanus Ghidorah, Mechagodzilla has the mind of a member of its species.



Titanus Mosura. (Deceased. Killed by King Ghidorah)

Note: Only one individual of this species is currently known



Titanus Rodan

Note: Only one individual is known at this time

"Rodan" or "Radon"



Titanus Cranium Replant

Known individuals:

Camera flash skullcrawler(deceased. Killed by Manson Weaver)



The big one(deceased. Killed by Kong) Note: This skullcrawler is believed to be responsible for the killing of most of the Titanus Kong species.


number 10(deceased. Killed by Mechagodzilla)



Unknown species:

Note: There are no noteworthy individuals of the following species.




Unidentified Hollow earth lizard



unidentified Hollow earth Bug


Unidentified hollow earth creature


Note: due to its surroundings and general skull shape. This creature is likely a member/ a variant of Titanus Gojira.


"Hell hawks"






If I missed anything, let me know below so I can add update the list. 


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31 Replies


MemberGiganApr-15-2021 12:52 PM

well for english wikis there is Gojipedia and Wikizilla

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