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G theorist

MemberBaragonApr-15-2021 4:05 PM




Known individuals:

Name: Godzilla

Status: Alive

Note: Godzilla is theorized to be the last of his kind and the current alpha of the titans.Name: Dagon

Status: Deceased 

Cause of death: killed by Muto Prime

Note: This creature was likely an ancestor to Godzilla.





Known individuals:

Name: Kong

Status: alive

Note: The Kong species are the only titans whove not only seemed to have a cohesive culture, but also made custom weapons for themselves.




Unknown Kong family

Status: unknown. Likely deceased.

Note: not much is known about this group, however, they most likely went to war with the Titanus-Gojira species, but were later wiped out by skullcrawlers, with Kong being the last known Titanus-Kong.


Titanus muto

Known Individuals:

Name: commonly referred to as "male muto"

Status: deceased

Cause of death: slammed into a building by Godzilla and impaled through the chest.

Note: This muto and his mate were direct descendents of M.U.T.O Prime


Name: commonly referred to as "female muto"

Status: deceased 

Cause of death: Atomic breath through the throat.

Note: while unconfirmed, since this muto was a direct descendent of M.U.T.O Prime and was a female, she was very likely going to molt into a M.U.T.O queen. However, she was killed before this process was complete.


Name: Queen or M.U.T.O queen

Status: unconfirmed, though likely alive

Note: This Muto has no male to mate with, thus likely making this muto the last of its kind.(above ground). 


Name: none. Reffered to as "muto eggs" 

Status: deceased 

Cause of death: blown up by Ford Brody

Note: These mutos seemed to be able to take in nuclear energy by themselves, with the biggest eggs able to absorb more, leading to some eggs being visibly malnourished and underdeveloped.


Name: Jinshin-Muchi 

Status: deceased 

Cause of death: Head stomped in by Godzilla.

Note: Though this creature is very closely related to Titanus muto, it is still classified as a Separate species. This muto is also the parent of the female and male muto who fought Godzilla in 2014.



Titanus Ghidorah 

Known individuals:


Name: Ghidorah or King Ghidorah 

Status: Deceased 

Cause of death: chest stomped in by Fire Godzilla, then head blown apart by atomic breath.

Note: Ghidorah is the only known titan not originating from earth.




Name: Mechagodzilla.

Status: disabled

 cause of "death": disabled through the efforts of both Kong and Josh.

Note: This mechanical titan is technically a Ghidorah, since it has the mind and/or soul of one.



 Name: Mothra

Status: deceased 

Cause of death: blown up by Ghidorahs gravity beams.

Note: Since Mothra was the only member of this titan species, Titanus-Mosura is currently extinct.

Titanus Rodan

 Name: Rodan

Status: unconfirmed, though presumably alive.

Note: This Rodan is the only known titan of his kind.


Titanus Cranium Reptant

Known individuals:

 Name: none

Status: deceased 

Cause of death: blown up by Manson Weaver

Special attributes: Due to the consumption of a malfunctioning camera, a bright flash was seen coming from the insides of this creature occasionally.


 Name: The Big One.

Status: deceased 

cause of death: insides pulled out by Kong.

Note: This skullcrawler is believed to be responsible for making the Titanus-kong species extinct.

 Name: number 10

status: deceased 

Cause of death: split in half by Mechagodzilla 

Note: This skullcrawler was born and bred to be essentially a training dummy for MechaG





 Name: Scylla

Status: unconfirmed, though presumably alive.

Note: Scylla was one of many titans that awakened and attacked human cities due to the Ghidorahs call event.





Status: unconfirmed, presumably alive

Note: Behemoth is one of few mammal Titans. He and kong are the only publicly known mammal titans currently. He also participated in attacking human cities with Scylla.



Name: Methuselah

Status: unconfirmed, though presumably alive.

Note: This Titans cover as a mountain and previously dormant nature allowed monarch to keep it under wraps and unaware to the general public for a long time. It also participated in attacking humans with Behemoth and Scylla.

Unknown species:

Note: There are no noteworthy individuals of the following species.


Spore mantis.

 Note: the only seen spore mantis was a juvenile.


Mire squid 



Note: also called "ugly ass birds"



Mother long legs


Sker Buffalo.




Unidentified Hollow earth lizard



unidentified Hollow earth Bug


Unidentified hollow earth creature




"Hell hawks"

 Final note: These are only from the movies, there are many more seen in other media.







"Well of course gay men dress well, we don't spend all that time in the closet for nothing"
16 Replies

G theorist

MemberBaragonApr-15-2021 4:05 PM

I strongly encourage mods to delete the Previous thread.

"Well of course gay men dress well, we don't spend all that time in the closet for nothing"


MemberGiganApr-15-2021 4:07 PM


“Calling yourself a hero make you a self-mythologizing narcissistic autocrat!”


MemberGiganApr-15-2021 4:12 PM




MemberGiganApr-15-2021 6:12 PM

Hey, u didn’t do every single egg. I counted about 12,706

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst

G theorist

MemberBaragonApr-15-2021 6:31 PM






. NO

"Well of course gay men dress well, we don't spend all that time in the closet for nothing"


MemberGiganApr-15-2021 7:08 PM

Why not, It’d be fun. You write in the dimensions of each egg and name them all

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst

G theorist

MemberBaragonApr-16-2021 8:20 AM

If its so easy, why don't YOU do it and I'll try to put it in there :) (if I can edit it correctly)

"Well of course gay men dress well, we don't spend all that time in the closet for nothing"


MemberGiganApr-16-2021 8:44 AM


expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst


MemberAnguirusApr-16-2021 9:29 AM

but the eggs dont really count as titans seeing as there so smol

"Do you love it that much? That... monster graveyard?"


MemberGiganApr-16-2021 9:34 AM

Baby titans tho. I’m still counting, I wanted to recheck

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst


MemberMothra LarvaeApr-16-2021 9:39 AM

The Fact that Rodan is still alive gives me hope that he's going to come back at one point.

"It's kind of fun to do the impossible." -Walt Disney


MemberGiganApr-16-2021 10:12 AM

Yay! A MonsterVerse verison of Godzilla junior would be awesome just don't make him look like Minilla



MemberGiganApr-16-2021 10:17 AM

No Little Godzilla please

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst


MemberAnguirusApr-16-2021 3:04 PM

I would be fine if a MonsterVerse Baby Godzilla had some resemblance to Minilla (As a way of referencing the older movies), as long as they don't make him too goofy looking.

If they mixed small traits from Minilla, Baby Godzilla (1993), Godzilla Jr (1995) and the MonsterVerse Godzilla I think the design could work.

"Neither beast nor man. Something monstrous."

G theorist

MemberBaragonApr-17-2021 10:40 AM

Oh, if i missed anyone, tell me so I can put their profile down here, then add them when edits are back up.

"Well of course gay men dress well, we don't spend all that time in the closet for nothing"

Trash panda

MemberAnguirusApr-19-2021 5:12 PM

Behemoth is still my favorite

Ah shit I’m using my wrong eye again. Sorry that was meant to be behind your back
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