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An update on my last year's game dev announcement..

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MemberBaragonMay-21-2021 5:50 PM

So a few of you may remember I announced a passion project I wanted to start. It was an in-depth 1 on 1 Kaiju fighting game. There was a lotta love put into the idea and my small team of friends at the time were interested. Unfortunately, my team and I had way too much going on and development halted a month into it and was ultimately cancelled. The models were very low-effort as combat was the primary focus and unfortunately I never kept the files archived for them. There wasn't much to show off anyhow. 
However, from this cancellation came a thought that I want to utilize in the near future. I still want to use those concepts I had, but since my small area of knowledge applies to 3D animation and sculpting I thought "why not just do that?" So that's what I've been working on. The game will be turned into a animation by me instead. I'm not going to go too into it as I change how I plan out sequences here and there. I do however, have a model concept I can put here instead.


Not much to look at, but its only the beginning. I want to get the hang of modelling my monsters and putting them in actual renders before even thinking about animating. If you guys would like, I can make update topics showing progress once there is enough content to showcase :)

6 Replies

Die-hard Spino Fan

MemberBaragonMay-21-2021 6:29 PM

Dang! I’m SUPER excited for this! This is gonna be AMAZING!

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MemberBaragonMay-21-2021 6:46 PM

Great job! Looking forward to your work.


MemberAnguirusMay-21-2021 7:08 PM

Looking pretty cool so far.

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MemberGiganMay-21-2021 7:38 PM


TEACH ME HOW YOU DO THAT! I’m literally dying. Is Z brush easier to use than blender?

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst


MemberAnguirusMay-21-2021 8:19 PM





i've officially left. thanks for the memories!


MemberBaragonMay-22-2021 8:57 AM

Thank you all haha, I'm honestly excited too! 

@SarcasticGoji ZBrush has more to offer in terms of sculpting tools than Blender. Blender does have some great tools for a free program so its also worth the effort. HOWEVER, there is a ZBrush to Blender workflow available. Sculpt in ZBrush, polypaint and rig the model in Blender :).

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