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how godzilla killed mechagodzilla and not kong

how godzilla killed mechagodzilla and not kong

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g-man fan

Mothra LarvaeMember89 XPAug-28-2021 6:08 AMTeam Godzilla

okay so by now most fans have seen Godzilla vs kong but in that film kong and Godzilla work together to fight mechagodzilla but if Godzilla never charged up kongs axe kong could not kill mechagodzilla so do you agree? comment below!

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7 Responses to how godzilla killed mechagodzilla and not kong

Gojira Forces (Lim Chen Xi)

AnguirusMember1178 XPAug-29-2021 4:45 PMTeam Godzilla

Totally, Kong would be killed if Godzilla didn't charge up his axe. 


Mothra LarvaeMember14 XPAug-31-2021 1:36 AM

They didn't make this movie any clearer. I expected more. That they would kill each other.


TitanosaurusMember634 XPAug-31-2021 4:13 PMTeam Rodan

he didnt kill kong because adam wingard was to chicken to make him.


BaragonMember347 XPSep-01-2021 5:40 PMTeam Ghidorah

Even if Kong killed mechaG or not, can't we agree that Kong "won" the battle, but Godzilla won the war?



BaragonMember158 XPSep-02-2021 7:59 PM

Kong killed Mecha G. He delivered the final blow and chopped off the head. Kong had helped, but he was the one that physically did the act. It was the least he could do after Adam decided to make Kong ****in useless against Godzilla in a movie called Godzilla vs Kong. Like how do you introduce an anti-Godzilla axe and have it not seriously damage Godzilla when it hits him in the head? Why make Kong need help every fight when you build him up to be this alpha Titan that is going to finish a war between their ancestors. The next director better show Kong to be a beast like he always was and I don’t want to see a human anywhere near those fights. Kong handles his own fights and always has.


GiganMember2681 XPSep-02-2021 10:23 PMTeam Ghidorah


He did beat Godzilla in round 2 without help with the axe and Godzilla was out for a while.

"I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer.”  


BaragonMember158 XPSep-03-2021 11:59 AM

Yeah, it was told like that. But then Adam came out and said Godzilla was just playing with Kong the whole time and finally took the fight seriously when he got hit in the head. So basically the director just said Godzilla didn’t take Kong seriously at all and when he snapped he took Kong out in quick manner. 

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