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Which MonsterVerse Show Are You More Excited For?

Which MonsterVerse Show Are You More Excited For?

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Which Show Are You More Excited For?
Skull Island (Animated)
11% (1 Votes)
Untitled Monarch/Godzilla Series (Live Action)
89% (8 Votes)


AnguirusMember1322 XPJan-27-2022 9:35 AM

With the two MonsterVerse shows in development/production, which one are you more excited to see?

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AnguirusMember1322 XPJan-27-2022 9:49 AM

I'm really excited to see what the live action Monarch/Godzilla show will be like, but personally I'm more excited for the Skull Island series. The fact that it will be animated and set on Skull Island gives them less restriction with what they can show, which means it'll probably have more monsters, more action, and they'll be able to get more creative with how they explore Skull Island and the MonsterVerse mythology. Plus it's being created by the studio that did the Castlevania series, which had amazing animation (hopefully the animation for this show is in the same style). 

Also, I'm hoping that it ends the horrible track record that Kong has with animation...

"Neither beast nor man. Something monstrous."


GiganMember3193 XPJan-27-2022 10:03 AMTeam Ghidorah


I just like Godzilla more so…….

But I do wonder how they will handle the animation in the series. Will it be traditionally animated entirely or go the same route as Singular Point. I mean I think singular pig is the best Godzilla media we’ve gotten recently, but I  liked it best when Sarunga was hand drawn. (But I did appreciate how the Kaiju looked like the painted background)

And the studio involved has only really done traditional projects, so I’d assume it’s traditional.

I mean 3D can be done well, but in the Kaiju genre it is either amazing, or looks like Ultraman Netflix. (I only made it through one episode, the movement was so weird)

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst


AnguirusMember1322 XPJan-27-2022 10:15 AM


The studio animating the Skull Island series is Powerhouse Animation, which is known for Castlevania and Blood of Zeus, so I assume (and hope) that the animation will look similar to those series.

"Neither beast nor man. Something monstrous."


AnguirusMember1322 XPJan-27-2022 10:36 AM


Here's some screenshots of some of the monsters from Castlevania, the creatures in the Skull Island series will probably be animated in a similar style.

"Neither beast nor man. Something monstrous."


GiganMember2135 XPJan-27-2022 10:54 AMTeam Godzilla

I'm more excited for the live-action show, and Godzilla is cooler than the monke soooo--

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BaragonMember185 XPJan-27-2022 3:48 PMTeam Godzilla

I agree 100%


GiganMember4185 XPJan-28-2022 4:02 AMTeam Mothra

If only they made the new Devilman with castlevania's artstyle that would have been cool but NO! We got Crybaby's graphics instead for the new Devilman



SpaceGodzillaAdmin22520 XPJan-28-2022 9:19 AMTeam Ghidorah

Live action Monarch series for sure!

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BaragonMember101 XPJan-29-2022 6:25 AM

Always more exhilarated for a live-action series than an animated one.


GiganMember4185 XPJan-29-2022 9:00 PMTeam Mothra

I want to see more Godzilla

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