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What do you think would make a good Monsterverse movie.

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BaragonMember150 XPNov-01-2022 8:29 AMTeam Godzilla

Probably one with destroyah

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15 Responses to What do you think would make a good Monsterverse movie.


GiganMember2074 XPNov-01-2022 10:52 AMTeam Godzilla

This is something I was thinking about, here's my ideas:

1. A good script

2. Interesting human characters

3. Lots and lots of Titans

4. Tons of Titan action

5. A medium-sized cohesive plot

6. A great score

"Look at us.  We are not heroes."


TitanosaurusMember929 XPNov-01-2022 10:59 AMTeam Rodan

one without destroyah

what about monsterzero10?


AnguirusMember1234 XPNov-01-2022 11:04 AM

Since it's established that the Titans are ancient creatures that have existed on the planet for millions of years, I would love to see a movie (or series) that explores the Titans living in ancient times and co-existing with early civilizations. Maybe they could set it in different time periods and locations, such as Ancient Greece (since Scylla has a connection to Greek Mythology), giving the movie a storyline reminiscent of "Jason & the Argonauts", "Clash of the Titans", or "The Odyssey", with Greek soldiers and sailors encountering the Titans and various other monsters (maybe even some that are modern reinterpretations of classic creatures from mythology).

I think it would be pretty interesting to see Godzilla or potentially other Toho kaiju in different time periods (since we haven't seen that idea used in the franchise that often), it would help to establish a much larger timeline and would help to keep the series interesting by adding some new ideas.

"Neither beast nor man. Something monstrous."


BaragonMember150 XPNov-01-2022 11:42 AMTeam Godzilla

Y'all would make good movie producers


GiganMember3868 XPNov-01-2022 3:45 PMTeam Mothra

I think a smaller cast of Titan/Kaiju would work better, this is the usual Toho approach. Not only this works for budget reasons but it allows the kaiju of the movie to shine. Why else do you think most of the godzilla monsters became so popular? 

Godzilla back in 1954, only had one kaiju, the King himself.

Godzilla was given a battle partner in 1955 in the form of Anguirus.

Rodan gave us two Rodans in his debut movie in 1956

Varan gave us Varan in his movie

Frankienstein vs the World again gave us two kaiju in the forms of Frankenstein and Baragon

Mothra gave us three kaiju, the skeleturtle, the man-eating plants, and Mothra herself. Also bringing in the idea of a benevolent kaiju to the series

Godzilla vs Kong introduced Kong to the Godzilla-verse

Then we had Godzilla fight Mothra in Godzilla vs Mothra

Then finally we had four kaiju grace the silverscreen in The Three Headed Monster Ghidorah which brought back Godzilla, Rodan, and Mothra to face the new enemy kaiju King Ghidorah.

The inbetween movies would have Godzilla mostly beat the crap out of some mook minor kaiju that were unremarkable until he faced a more impressive boss kaiju and some one-off kaiju movies in the interim. 

Fast forward to Destroy All Monsters. All kaijus that appeared in an earlier Toho movie were able to fight along side Godzilla in this movie to defeat King Ghidorah.

Then Toho went back to the more manageable four kaiju a movie strategy usually Godzilla (with a new Buddy or an old Buddy) and (Old Villian with a new Villian)



GiganMember2074 XPNov-01-2022 6:21 PMTeam Godzilla

How about a more stand-alone, nuclear metaphor Godzilla MV movie?

It'd be a perfect use for human characters like Madison 

"Look at us.  We are not heroes."


BaragonMember219 XPNov-01-2022 11:19 PMTeam Ghidorah

I get the faithfulness of the nuclear metaphor, but, theres a reason thats not the focus point of any of the themes of any newer goji films.

Kotm had environmentalism, Gmk had National Guilt, Shin had Politics and Eldritch monsters, The earth trilogy had politics and Eldritch monsters, And Gvk and Sp had nothing.

Have fun with it, nuclear metaphor can be good, but it shouldnt be done just for the sake of being faithful


GiganMember3868 XPNov-02-2022 8:04 AMTeam Mothra


i believe its your turn to post here Godzilla in the Fallout Universe



BaragonMember219 XPNov-02-2022 9:16 AMTeam Ghidorah





AnguirusMember1234 XPNov-02-2022 9:24 AM


Godzilla 2014 and Shin Godzilla did contain some themes of humanity's recklessness with nuclear energy. 

In 2014, the MUTOs were uncovered by an attempt to mine for uranium, which resulted The Male MUTO awakening and attacking the Janjira power plant in order to feed on the energy from the reactors. The government then carelessly stored the Female MUTO's spore in an area with large amounts of nuclear weapons and waste, allowing the Female to feed off of it and grow. The Military shows even more carelessness with nuclear weapons by attempting to use nuclear warheads in an attempt to kill Godzilla and the MUTOs (despite Serizawa's warnings), which ends up backfiring and making the situation worse.

Shin Godzilla had less connection to the nuclear narrative, but still contained some of it, with the fact that Godzilla was created after barrels of nuclear waste were dumped in the ocean, with Godzilla being mutated after feeding on it.

Also, I wouldn't say that GvK and Singular Point were completely devoid of any themes.

GvK had some themes dealing with technology and man's hubris (specifically with the Mechagodzilla plot), with humanity attempting to harness a power beyond their control as a way of "over throwing the gods" (in this case Godzilla and the other Titans) in order to remain as the "apex species", which not only summons Godzilla's wrath, but ends up backfiring, resulting in Mechagodzilla's rampage and the downfall of Apex Cybernetics. Godzilla and Kong's conflict was pretty much started by Apex building Mechagodzilla, with them taking Kong off of Skull Island in order to use him to find the Hollow Earth energy source, which caused Kong to cross paths with Godzilla (who's attempt to destroy Apex ended up leading him to Kong).

And Singular Point had a bunch of physics and math lectures that it continued to beat the audience over the head with.

"Neither beast nor man. Something monstrous."


GiganMember3868 XPNov-02-2022 10:03 AMTeam Mothra

So in other words had humans not messed with nature, the whole plot of Godzilla vs Kong could have been avoid. Those dumb humans but it goes to show that History shows again and gain how Nature points out the folly of man.



AnguirusMember1234 XPNov-02-2022 12:36 PM


Yeah, if Mechagodzilla wasn't built, Godzilla wouldn't have shown any aggression towards humanity and Apex wouldn't have taken Kong off of Skull Island to use him as a guide to get to the Hollow Earth energy source, which means that Godzilla and Kong wouldn't have crossed paths. So technically the events of GvK wouldn't have happened without Mechagodzilla.

"Neither beast nor man. Something monstrous."


GiganMember3868 XPNov-02-2022 5:39 PMTeam Mothra




BaragonMember219 XPNov-02-2022 6:07 PMTeam Ghidorah


I did that mostly for conciseness. But yeah I grew for the most part for GvK, I was going more for the intent than what could be interpreted, because both GvK and SP were explicitly meant only for entertainment. 

Also I just don’t like GvK that much. So if I treat it unfairly in the theme department, you know why

Cool Godzilla

RodanMember1818 XPNov-03-2022 2:57 AMTeam Godzilla

I have no idea.

As long as we set a goal and we are determined to achieve our passions and goals, our determination is limitless.
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