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Joe Cornish To Direct Skull Island?

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British director Joe Cornish, formerly of the British comedy duo Adam (Buxton) and Joe, amazed audiences with his 2011 directorial debut Attack the Block. Cornish has enjoyed his share of the spotlight since, having co-written both The Adventures of Tintin and forthcoming Marvel Studios movie Ant-Man. Although Guillermo Del Toros name was quickly rumored to be attached to the project upon its unveiling at this years San Diego Comic Con, Deadline claims that Legendary Pictures have approached Cornish to direct.

This unsourced claim, if true is interesting considering Cornish's directing ability, of which Attack the Block was a perfect showcase of, but taking into account that the movie is Cornish's only directing gig to date and the sheer magnitude of a Skull Island movie, which may or may not dovetail into a face-off against Toho's number one monster, we expect Legendary Pictures will instead prefer a more experienced and profitable director.

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MemberMothra LarvaeAug-03-2014 12:19 PM

Sounds like Legendary is trying to repeat what Gareth Edwards did for Godzilla and allow another up-and-coming director to tackle a major creature like King Kong. Personally, I like this approach of using unknown directors to create big budget Hollywood films. These directors often have ideas that we don't necesarily see in Hollywood films and use tactics that some may question (i.e. Edwards' decision to tease Godzilla throughout the film). I'd love to see Cornish direct Skull Island and see where he can take the King Kong character.

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