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Kong: Skull Island Casting Call Reveals Movies Plot!

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Universal and Legendary Pictures forthcoming Kong: Skull Island will begin principal photography in Atlanta, Georgia this October, before moving production to Kauai, Hawaii. After losing Michael Keaton and J. K. Simmons from the cast due to scheduling conflicts, the production, which is holding auditions in Los Angeles, California has issued a casting call sheet for lead and supporting actors for the movie, that can be found here. Amidst the many correspondance addresses for prospective actors and production crew, is a detailed premise of the movie; the most in depth yet released...

"Kong: Skull Island" takes place years after the original film. In 1933, American showman, Carl Denham returned from a mysterious, hidden island with a priceless treasure. A treasure not gold or jewels, but the island's barbaric god, a monstrous anthropoid called "Kong." The savage giant escaped and wreaked havoc among the man-made canyons of Manhattan, but within hours of the giant apes death his body, and Carl Denham, disappeared. Many years later, the son of Carl Denham makes a shocking discovery that leads him back to the site of his father's greatest adventure and to the answers that will unlock the century's greatest mystery and history's greatest miracle.

This premise suggests that the movie will be a sequel to Peter Jackson's 2005 epic, whereby the character of Carl Denham was portrayed by Jack Black. We here at Scified speculate that long time cast member Tom Hiddleston is likely playing the role of Denham's son, while further speculating that Jack Black may have already, yet secretly signed on to star in the movie.

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G. H. (Gman)

AdminGodzillaAug-14-2015 3:22 PM

Or it could be a soft reboot that simply pays homage to the same basic story both the 1933 and 2005 film played on. I don't think there's anything to suggest that this is a sequel to the 2005 version any more than it could be a sequel to the 1933 version. (Which would actually be a lot cooler.)

I think the best way to go about it is standing on its own though.

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